Almost every update of Google Docs and Sheets brings us closer to feature parity between the web and mobile versions of the service. The most recent update to version 1.6.232 of both apps falls in that category and although it might seem like it's just two trivial changes, it will be great for those who had to deal with these annoyances in the past.

First, Google Docs will now let you edit a document while you're checking it in the Print layout view. You can easily tap the edit pencil to make your changes. That should simplify the process of fixing alignments and page breaks and so on if you're preparing a document to be printed.

Second, Google Sheets is finally adding support for conditional formatting. When I was looking for an apartment a few months ago, I made a spreadsheet with conditional formatting to color the attributes in each apartment that fit my requirements in green and those that didn't in red. I was often consulting the sheet on my phone, but I soon realized that I could only make changes to those attributes' conditional formatting from the web. I'm so happy to see it's now part of the mobile app, though I've already found an apartment. I'll have to figure out some other spreadsheet to use it with...

google-sheets-conditional-formatting-1 google-sheets-conditional-formatting-2

The updates to both apps are gradually rolling out — Google says they might take more than 3 days to reach all users. If you're impatient, you can grab them from APK Mirror at these links: Google Sheets 1.6.232 and Google Docs 1.6.232.