It took a few months, but developers are finally getting in line and adding support for fingerprint readers in Android 6.0. We've seen a few popular apps get support recently, including Chase and Bank of America. The latest app to get support is State Farm's Pocket Agent app.

The fingerprint sensor support isn't the only thing coming in this update to v5.9. The app also gets a slightly redesigned claims interface and other little tweaks.  You can elect to use fingerprint logins when entering your account details. Just check the box to allow fingerprints, and you're done. However, the fingerprint reader support is a little bit sketchy right now.

So far, I've only confirmed this works on the LG G5 and Nexus phones. It won't work on the GS7 or HTC 10. The app description claims that Samsung phones don't use the standard Android API, but it's my understanding they support both Samsung's legacy API and the Marshmallow one now. This doesn't explain why the 10 is not working. At any rate, at least it works on some devices.