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Rayman Classic

Android Police coverage: Ubisoft Releases The Original Rayman On Android

I've been waiting for this one for a while. Rayman recently led a revival of classic 2D platforming on consoles and Steam, and now the original game (which debuted way back in the PlayStation era) is available on the Play Store. The first game set the tone for some of the most colorful and creative platformers ever made, and now it's available in pixelated mobile glory. Five bucks gets you in with no ads or in-app purchases.


To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the original Rayman is back… and for the 1st time on your mobile. Embark on epic adventures with Rayman in one of the most influent platform game of all times and relive the experience of playing the original version of the 1995 hit. The evil Mr Dark has stolen the Great Protoon and captured the Electoons. Play as Rayman, the legendary limbless hero, free the Electoons, defeat Mr Dark and restore the world’s harmony.

Total War Battles: KINGDOM

Android Police coverage: Sega Releases Total War Battles: KINGDOM On Android

SEGA's Total War series of PC games is known for unflinchingly realistic classical strategy on an epic scale. Total War Battles: Kingdom is... well, similar. It has a bit of the original series' battle management sensibilities, but the larger game is a base-builder in the style of Clash of Clans and its innumerable imitators. There are a few interesting changes, including cross-platform multiplayer and a landscaping element, but it doesn't escape the usual free-to-play trappings.


Shape the land, build sprawling towns and recruit and train a powerful army. Conquer new territories to expand your realm and defeat rival lords and other players in epic real-time battles.

• Build and expand your Kingdom, with farms, quarries, blacksmiths and more.
• Alter the land by creating rivers, lakes and mountains.
• Command your army in large-scale battles.
• Battle other players in real-time.
• Cross-Platform - Play on Phones, Tablet, and PC, whenever you want, wherever you want. Actions in your Kingdom will carry over onto any device you play on.
• From the creators of the award-winning Total War™ games.


Disney Magic Kingdoms

Android Police coverage: Gameloft And Disney Team Up For The Magical Park-Building Game 'Disney Magic Kingdoms', Out Now

Walt Disney's dream was to make a real-life Magic Kingdom where children of all ages could let their imaginations roam. Now you can share that dream... without the "real life" part. Gameloft's mobile expertise is well in evidence, with some fantastic 3D graphics faithfully recreating a ton of classic Disney and Pixar characters. But at the end of the day this is just another mobile village-building game, complete with massive in-app purchases - something we never like to see in a game that's so clearly aimed at children.


WELCOME TO THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON MOBILE. When Maleficent casts an evil spell on the Kingdom, ridding it of all of its powerful magic, can you help bring it all back? Relive the thrill of Disney Parks and create the most fantastical Park of your dreams in Disney Magic Kingdoms.

• Charming attractions such as "it's a small world," the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor and Space Mountain from Disney Parks from around the world, including Disneyland, California Adventure, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.
• Dazzling new attractions such as WALL-E’s House and Cyclops Sushi -- all uniquely inspired by their movies.
• Relive magical moments from the Parks with the entire family through lively Parades featuring beautiful floats and fireworks.

Super Mega Baseball

Android Police coverage: Casual Sports Favorite Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings Is Now Available On SHIELD Android TV For Twenty Bucks

Super Mega Baseball is a baseball fan's baseball game, which dispenses with the glitz and glamour of the bigger licensed games for something more pure and fun. It's only for NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV device, at least for now, and the Play Store price is the same $20 ticket as on other platforms. But for that, you get some fantastic multiplayer options, colorful 3D graphics, deep difficulty settings, and some surprisingly faithful in-game physics.


Tight controls and a smooth learning curve will have you knocking it out of the park in no time in this awesome arcade baseball simulator optimized for NVIDIA SHIELD. Polygon’s 2014 Sports Game of the Year. Realistic Simulation and Physics: Don’t be fooled by the light-hearted/comical presentation; the fundamentals of baseball are well represented and if someone isn’t familiar with the rules, they will be after playing Super Mega Baseball.

Skyforce Unite!

If you identified with the teachers and commanders in Top Gun rather than the ace pilots, then this game is for you. Kairosoft's latest game mixes the studio's signature management style with a little bit of aerial warfare, allowing players to collect different aircraft and pilot cards to form an elite fighter and bomber squadron. The only downer is that Kairosoft has made Skyforce Unite a free-to-play game with the usual in-app purchases that that implies.


Get yourself a plane and fly through the wild blue yonder. Take on missions for the Hunters Association, explore the world and battle monsters. Create your very own team of helpers, mercenaries and apprentices, and head out on expeditions. If a monster appears during an expedition, choose a card and attack. Will you use a Recovery Card? Maybe an Attack Card? Refine your strategy and fight wisely.

Super Arc Light

Super Arc Light combines a bit of Asteroids and a bit of Tempest into a simple but visually impressive shooter. Your tiny turret moves in a radial path, defending from different kinds of ships and missiles while shooting back at the same time. The vector-style effects are surprisingly engaging in this game that's little more than shapes and lines, and the one-button setup means you can play it more or less anywhere. The game is yours for one dollar.


Are you ready for pure relentless survival? Super Hexagon meets Geometry Wars in this stylish arcade shooter. Super Arc Light is a minimalistic, arcade radial shooter where you must defend your base to the death against waves of challenging enemies. Super Arc Light features a unique one button control system, delivering a fast-paced, retro shoot-em-up gameplay experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Survive for as long as you can, taking down tough enemies with speed and accuracy for the ultimate high score.

Headshot Heroes

No, this isn't a game about shooting adorable pixelated characters in the head. This is the soccer kind of headshot (that thing where they headbutt the ball into the goal). Chillingo's latest casual game is all about timing, tasking the player with getting down a nigh-infinite field with a one-tap control scheme. As usual with this sort of simple game, the point is to unlock a gigantic collection of costumes.


Tap, tap, tap, HEADSHOT. Headshot Heroes is the sports game with a wicked twist. Lead a host of crazy teams to victory and use power shots to collect the heads of the opposition keepers. Game Features: Headshot Heroes couldn’t be easier to play. Just one tap does everything. Tons of crazy teams to play as including monsters, sushi chefs, cats and more. The more of your friends play Headshot Heroes, the more REWARDS you receive. Get your friends involved.


Hex Defender

Hex Defender takes the conventional tower defense game and puts it on a hexadecimal roulette. It's an interesting spin (see what I did there?) on a somewhat tired genre, allowing for a surprising amount of strategy when it comes to placing different weapons on the mounting points and reacting to waves of enemies coming from different directions. There's some dense sci-fi lore behind the concept too, and at the moment it has no in-app purchases.


Hex Defender is a tower defense game with a difference. With most tower defense games the turrets are placed and the position of that specific turret is fixed. With Hex Defender the six turrets are rotatable around a hexagon. There are six colors to choose from for your turrets which will all be effective against six different colored enemy ships; red destroys red for example. Enemies spawn from the left and right of the screen and attack the hexagon to reach the crystal in the middle.

Rope Racers

Rope Racers puts a new twist on the endless runner standard with, well, ropes and also races. The simple mechanic is to swing from the ropes like Tarzan and beat the ghosts that are racing alongside you. Swinging isn't the only way to progress, but it's the best way to surpass obstacles and get to higher platforms for quickly outpacing opponents. Graphics and controls are simple, and the only real objective outside of the stages it to collect power-ups and currency.


SWING, RUN and RACE against other players across the world. Win high-speed races for great rewards. Collect all characters, race in awesome locations and be the best Rope Racer of all time.

• ADDICTIVE rope-swinging gameplay
• FAST racing with EASY controls
• AWESOME GRAPHICS in locations such as PARIS and LAS VEGAS
• COLLECT 30 cool characters
• COMPETE asynchronously against nine REAL PEOPLE in each race
• EARN coins, experience and cash from the races
• CHALLENGE FRIENDS to exciting tournaments


AstroSucker is not a game about sucking things in space. Nope, it's a fairly typical top-down space shooter with some very old-school sensibilities. The updates are a collection of fancy lighting effects (BLOOOOOOM) and a mechanic that allows you to activate a super-slow-motion mode to wipe out a bunch of enemies at once. Super attacks and upgradeable weapons aren't exactly anything new in the genre, but they're more than enough for an entertaining freebie.


AstroSucker is a fast-paced, old skool space shooter with a twist: slow down the time to perform awesome attacks and evasions against all the aliens in space. You have been equipped with the most advanced spaceship available: your mission is to save the galaxy from the biggest alien invasion ever. Use one single finger to both move and fire with your weapon, use the second finger to slow down the time and perform awesome attacks and evasions against the aliens.


Exit Hero

Exit hero is a zombie game, but only in the strictest definition. You play as a heroic office worker collecting your coworkers on a grid and guiding them to the exit. There isn't much to it except timing and positioning in a sort of Snake style, but something about the super-simple 3D graphics and sound effects is surprisingly appealing. The 99 stages grant you plenty of opportunity to unlock pop culture-inspired skins, even if the advertising and IAP are a little heavy-handed.


Emergency. Zombies have appeared in the building out of nowhere. Rescue all the people in terror. Play escaping puzzle action, Exit Hero. New style of escape puzzle action game. Rescue all the people within the time limit and escape through the exit.

  • Dodge & avoid zombies and rescue normal people
  • Escape faster using boosters and other items
  • Total of 99 polished zombie-filled levels
  • Collect over 30 unique heroes and hidden characters
  • Compete globally to become the top gamer with shortest time

Will you be the one to rescue all and become the hero?

Monster Mountain

Monster Mountain is a card-based action RPG with some appealing and unique character designs. The basic setup isn't all that compelling, but seeing just what kooky elements will be added with your next hero unlock or boss battle is more than enough to keep things interesting. An online battle element and endless mode are included, but the freemium setup is a bit of a downer.


Immersive RPG, FREE to Download. An enchanting world of dark fantasy, Monster Mountain is an astounding journey of skill and wit. Collect characters, level up, and take down Monster Mountain.

  • Countless unique characters and monsters to recruit
  • Challenge other players in the Arena (PvP) and become the master
  • Enchant your characters to gain extra power
  • Build up your team and explore the endless world
  • Unique ATB battle system
  • Endless fun and great storyline

Zombie Maze: Puppy rescue

Bulkypix's latest game seems like it was titled by someone who wanted to get a lot of karma on Reddit. The "maze" aspect of the game isn't so much the stage design itself as it is the use of strategic movement, since your grid-based steps are limited in each level. This isn't really a puzzle, it's a slow-paced beat-em-up. That said, the strategy is oddly compelling, and the only in-app purchase is to get rid of advertising.


Zombie Maze: Puppy rescue is a new turn based strategy puzzle-adventure game. Years after a plague decimated most of humanity and transformed the rest into zombies, the sole survivor struggles valiantly to save his best friend. Swipe and hold to move and slash zombies along the way. Can not fight? You should better run and hide then.

  • Experience nice pixel art with funny soundtrack
  • Navigate using simple swipe-to-move controls
  • Fight smart zombies, overcome dangerous trap and escape deadly bosses
  • Solve more than 48 puzzles split into 3 Chapters

Loopy's Train Set

This game comes from the Melbourne Metro service, which gained Internet fame with the delightfully macabre Dumb Ways to Die videos. It's odd that their next project is a game that encourages kids to play with trains, but here we are. This game is a super-simple train set simulator that allows kids to build, test, and operate an adorably tiny rail system. It's a bit over two bucks with no in-app purchases.


Before the Dumb Ways characters grew up, they were already making mischief in all sorts of places – kitchens, planes, and of course, trains. Take Loopy and his friends on a train trip. Pick them up and drop them off at different stations. Build your own train track and add fun items to the scene. Pull the handle to hear the train whistle. Toot, toot – let’s go. Loopy’s Train Set draws on the inherent fun of train sets, engaging children in open-ended play and problem solving.

StirFry Stunts - We Bare Bears

We Bare Bears is a charming little Cartoon Network show that's already spawned at least one mobile game. This one has the titular bears making food for patrons in a sort of cross between a Japanese Hibachi restaurant and a Subway, instead of eating them like you would logically think bears would. The gameplay is all about timing, managing your cooking surface and customers' orders before they get fed up and leave. This one's free with no in-app purchases.


Use Ice Bear's awesome cooking skills to serve up some delicious dishes in Stirfry Stunts. Working the grill at a teppanyaki restaurant is no easy task. You've got to juggle ingredients and orders to satisfy a nonstop rush of hungry customers. Luckily, Ice Bear is the coolest chef around. With him manning the spatulas, everybody will leave happy. Unlock new foods like shrimp, scallops and lobster to cook your culinary masterpiece. Use more exotic ingredients to increase your multipliers and really rack up the points.

Krosmaster Arena

Krosmaster Arena calls itself a board game, but in fact it's more of a super-simple tactical RPG, turn-based combat, grid movement, action points and all. (In fact the Android version is based on a real board game, with an actual board, but there's no way to avoid the comparison.) Unfortunately it's all presented as both a collection game and a multiplayer battle arena, which means it double-dips into the freemium bucket, though you can import your "real" figures if you've already bought them.


Challenge players the world over in a tactical board game that seamlessly blends strategy and epic battles. Discover more than a hundred COLLECTIBLE fighters, ready to face down your enemies in ruthless battles where anything can happen. CREATE YOUR TEAM of heroes and prepare to rule the battlefield. Against the Krosmaster bosses or player versus player, plan your move... and HIT HARD.

YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble

Yo-Kai Watch is the latest anime sensation that's sweeping the nation, or so all the kids tell me. This mobilized version of the popular franchise is a sort of a puzzle matching game with physics elements, because it doesn't adhere to the conventional grid. It's all set up in a "battle" system, with a collection mini-game that tasks the player with befriending more and more of the titular Yo-Kai. Naturally the in-app purchases are rather heavy-handed.


YO-KAI WATCH has “wobbled” its way into an exciting puzzle game available on mobile devices. Jibanyan, Komasan, and all your favorite Yo-kai have turned into adorable little Yo-kai Wib Wob. Connect them. Tap them. Pop them. Befriend them. Once you catch the fever, you’ll feel wibbly wobbly, too.

  • Swipe to connect matching Wib Wob and watch them grow. Pop them to deal damage to your opponent. The bigger the Wib Wob, the bigger the damage.
  • Befriend enemy Yo-kai and add them to your roster. You can collect over 200+ Yo-kai.
  • Utilize Soultimate Moves to unleash powerful attacks and take out your opponent.
  • Complete missions to earn rewards, and participate in special in-app events to stay up-to-date with the world of YO-KAI WATCH.

I Dig It Remastered

I Dig It's Dig-Dug inspiration couldn't be more obvious if it were written on its sleeve, but in this more modern interpretation of the vertical digging game, there are no enemies to fight or pop. Nope, the only real point is to dig up resources and use them to upgrade your equipment so that you can dig for more resources. There's a surprising amount of strategy in the resource management, but early reviews say that the controls are pretty awful. $4 with no in-app purchases.


The classic I Dig It arrives on Android. Fallen on hard times, farmer Lewis converts an old bulldozer into a fantastic high-tech “diggin” machine. In I Dig It Remastered, Help him dig up stuff to sell (60+ unique diggings) in a race against the clock to pay the mortgage and save the farm (campaign mode). In I Dig It Remastered there are additional 4 mini-game challenge matches, plus open-ended free play mode, offering hours of game play.


DestructSUN (get it?) is a simple little one-button game wherein the player blows stuff up by waiting for it to fall into the sun. You have to tap as comets pass the sun, but only when the colors match, making the game a sort of odd take on Simon Says. The only real objective is to get the score as high as possible before inevitably getting your timing wrong, but if that's your kind of casual game, check it out.


destructSUN is a one touch, minimalist, color matching, high score chaser where the more you destroy the more challenging the game becomes. The game features two modes, Zen and Insanity. Zen is more casual and the difficulty slowly ramps up. Insanity is a shorter game that will challenge your skill after the first couple of moves.

  • The sun becomes activated when you touch the screen. Touch anywhere to activate the sun and destroy orbs.
  • Earn bonus points by destroying multiple orbs without lifting your touch.
  • Sun and orb colors must match. Tap the screen to cycle colors.
  • Patience is a virtue. ;)

Doomsday Clicker

Doomsday Clicker is one of those clicker games, which I never really understood, with a maniacal supervillain theme, which I can certainly get behind. As you click a billion different times on various portions of the screen you can upgrade your villainous lair with new rooms and extra kooky characters. All this is in service of destroying the world, which you can do multiple times. Nice.


Push the big red button and DESTROY THE WORLD, then profit from the destruction.You’ve spent years developing the technology to withstand the total destruction of the earth’s surface, and Doomsday survivors will have no choice but to turn to YOU—their rescuer, their benefactor, their SUPREME LEADER. Tap the buttons to build your underground shelter, then tap some more to expand it with luxurious rooms and upgrades. The bigger your bunker, the more people you hold, and the more coins you make.

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars takes the tap-and-swipe battle setup from some games like Infinity Blade and applies the mechanics to basketball. That's not all that interesting on its own, but adding in a multiplayer element is, allowing for online battles in a series of "one on one" basketball minigames. Of course the "Stars" name is a bit of a misnomer since everything is unlicensed, and it's easy to run out of cash (and therefore playing time) pretty quickly.


The world’s best multiplayer Basketball game on mobile, from the creators of multiple smash-hit online sports games. Dribble, shoot, score, WIN. Grab the ball and take on the world with BASKETBALL STARS.Play fast-paced, authentic 1v1 multiplayer basketball. Show your skills, moves and fakes to juke out your opponent and shoot for the basket. On defense, stay in the face of the attacker, steal the ball, and time your leaps to block their shots. All in REAL-TIME.


Imagine if someone tried to combine a colder version of Mad Max's generic wasteland with the setup and controls of any top-down strategy you'd care to name. That's Winterstate, a strategy title with a focus on customized armored vehicles over base-building. Not that there isn't base-building. There is. And a Clash of Clans-esque multiplayer setup. Of course.


Knuckle Sam needs YOU - download now to reclaim the nation.Take command of a convoy of deadly fighting vehicles, as you hit the road with the legendary Knuckle Sam and his band of Runners. Under the banner of Sam's Winterstate you’ll build a powerful force, repel the raiders and take the fight back to The Code - a mysterious, deadly threat emerging from the West.

Kung Fu Panda: BattleOfDestiny

Kung Fu Panda is a Dreamworks kid's franchise that's all about simple humor and sanitized Hong Kong-style martial arts action. So clearly the most appropriate genre for a licensed mobile game is... a collectible card battler. Good grief, it's like these gigantic studios only have five developers and are sharing between them. It doesn't help matters that this game, ostensibly for kids, includes in-app purchases up to about fifty bucks.


Woah. These Cards Know Kung Fu. Legend tells of an ancient card battle game, whose hundreds of cards and strategic kung fu card battles were the stuff of… legends. In this game based on Dreamworks ""Kung Fu Panda"" both beginner and bodacious kung fu warriors will train to master their skills and achieve PURE AWESOMENESS. Get your kung fu on and go head-to-head with friends and other players as you battle for card fu supremacy.

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