Considering the shortness of February and the general malaise that is the entertainment industry between January and March, it's impressive that Android received so many high-profile games during the month. And indeed we did: JRPG fans have no less than three new classics to check out, there's a new chapter of The Walking Dead for horror fans, and plenty of titles for more causal players to try. Below in no particular order, you'll find our picks for the seven best new Android games of February, plus a few honorable mentions.

Space Grunts

Android Police coverage: OrangePixel's Space Grunts Is A Roguelike Turn-Based Shooter, And It's 50% Off For The Launch

OrangePixel's specialty is old-school shooters with pixelated graphics, but the developers are getting out of their comfort zone with Space Grunts. It's a turn-based shooter - it has more in common with XCOM or Final Fantasy Tactics than other OrangePixel games - but naturally it keeps the old-school visuals. It's $4 with no ads or in-app purchases, which is more than worth it if you're hungry for some turn-based strategy.


Space Grunts combines fast paced arcade action with turn-based gameplay. The year 2476, Earth's space-federation has been building moon-bases across the galaxy. One of those moon-bases has been sending a distress signal. Space Grunts are a group of intergalactic "problem" solvers, sent to investigate. You play one, out of a team, of Space Grunts, and your mission is simple: find your way into the moon-base, and figure out what has happened. You'll have to fight your way through aliens, robots, security drones and base-systems.


Android Police coverage: Final Fantasy IX (The First PlayStation-Era Final Fantasy To Hit Android) Is Now Available On The Play Store For $17

Squaresoft fans have been waiting for a PlayStation-era Final Fantasy on Android for years... but most of them were hoping for a different one. Even so, Final Fantasy IX was highly praised when it was first released over 15 years ago, and Square-Enix have been steadily improving their mobile ports as of late. The Android version preserves the classic battle system and pre-rendered cutscenes, but adds some mobile-friendly features and external controls. Too bad it's so expensive for an older game.


Selling over five million copies since its release in 2000, FINAL FANTASY IX proudly returns on Android. Now you can relive the adventures of Zidane and his crew in the palm of your hands. Enjoy this classic FINAL FANTASY experience with no additional fees or purchases. Zidane and the Tantalus Theater Troupe have kidnapped Princess Garnet, the heir of Alexandria. To their surprise, however, the princess herself yearned to escape the castle.

The Walking Dead: Michonne

Android Police coverage: TellTale Begins Its Walking Dead: Michonne Mini-Series With Episode 1, Now In The Play Store For $5

Fans of the coolest character in The Walking Dead (the comics, not the TV show) now have a TellTale adventure game of their very own. The Michonne miniseries is a three-episode story that tells more of the character's backstory and represents a chapter of the comic books that wasn't previously covered. Like all TellTale games, this one is being released in $5 episodes, but you can get a discount by buying them all up front.


The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Miniseries stars the iconic, blade-wielding character from Robert Kirkman's best-selling comic books. Haunted by her past, and coping with unimaginable loss and regret, the story explores Michonne's absence between issues #126 and #139 of the comic book. In this three part miniseries, players will discover what took Michonne away from Rick, Ezekiel, and the rest of her trusted group… and what brought her back.

Dub Dash

Android Police coverage: Fiendishly Difficult Rhythm Game Dub Dash Now Dropping The Beat On Android

An endless runner and a dubstep mix wouldn't seem to be the most natural of bedfellows, but such is the case in Dub Dash. It's one of those super-simple runner games, and in that context it's not all that innovative, but the unceasing wub-wub soundtrack and the constantly shifting 3D perspective makes the experience a trip on a regular basis. Dub Dash is free to play with a $2 in-app purchase to remove ads.


Dub Dash is a fast-paced rhythm based action game. The tracks are decomposed into diverging game mode segments. The obstacles, tracks and visual effects are all adjusted to the music and in perfect harmony with each song. Dub Dash has a great soundtrack including music from Bossfight and the DJs of Geometry Dash – to enjoy the full experience the use of headphones is highly recommended.

Retro Shot

Retro Shot mixes elements of Marble Madness and miniature golf, tasking the player with moving around a 2D stage filled with obstacles. Different balls offer different physical properties, and 60 standard stages are offered within the main game. Each one gives you a limited amount of moves to collect coins and score extra points, so there's a bit of strategy along with the physics gameplay. IAP goes up to $10, but it's all optional.


Retro cities of neon lights filled with explosions and lasers await you as you take on the machine in an 80’s arcade flashback.

  • Blast along to an original synthwave soundtrack as you tackle 60 stages of arcade madness.
  • Over 24+ unique balls ready for combat and made for skill as you claim your place on the leader boards.
  • Travel with friends as you battle your way through 3 immense retro cities of glory.

Bombing Bastards: Touch!

Android Police coverage: Bombing Bastards (Previously Android TV Only) Launches For All Android Devices, And It's Completely Free

Bombing Bastards is an unabashed Bomberman clone, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It was previously limited to Android TV, where it could shine with multiplayer, but now there's a touch-based version for phones and tablets. Get rid of your enemies with various bombs while avoiding their explosives yourself. The game is completely free with no in-app purchases, but you do have to watch advertising to revive.


Have a blast. Bomb oodles of nasty critters in a series of 30 wicked mazes. Defeat hellish bosses in heroic fights. Embark on a hilarious journey with the witty Dr. Wallow to conquer the galaxy in this explosively fun arcade game.

• 5 picturesque worlds with 30 wicked mazes.
• A large bestiary of critters to blast.
• A multitude of items and power ups to collect.
• 5 hellish boss levels whose punishing difficulty will only be matched by the satisfaction you’ll get once you beat them.

This version of the game offers single player, touchscreen-based gameplay. It is totally free, supported with ads. You won't be pressured with in-app purchase offers.

GTA: Liberty City Stories

Android Police coverage: GTA: Liberty City Stories Comes To Android With More Mobile-Friendly Open World Gameplay

Liberty City Stories is a Grand Theft Auto game set in the same fictional "I Can't Believe It's Not New York" city as GTAIII, first released on the PSP over a decade ago before being ported to home consoles. The Android version looks and plays a lot like the GTAIII release from a couple of years ago, but it features new missions and stories. Appropriately, external controller support is included, and it's on sale for 40% off at the moment.


Get ready to head back to the East Coast as Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories returns to mobile devices. With shorter, streamlined missions designed with mobile gameplay in mind, this definitive open-world adventure has been remastered for Android with extensive graphic enhancements, rebalanced touch controls and cross platform saves.

Honorable Mentions

That's all for February. As always, we'll continue to write up notable games (and sometimes lamentable ones) as they arrive, and our bi-weekly roundups will provide you with more games than you could possibly play in a fortnight.