Local music players are apps that turn your phone into an MP3 player that also happens to make calls. That may not sound like something you can put on a box now that music streaming services are the new hotness, but some of us still prefer to build up our own libraries, stick them on a ridiculously large microSD card, and jam using an interface of our choice.

PowerAmp is one of the most popular options for Android. A major update is in the works, showing that this piece of software remains live and well long after its initial debut. This is one of those apps that gives you your money's worth many times over as you install it on one Android device after another.

Rather than in-app purchases, PowerAmp still uses a traditional free trial model. You try the app for 15 days, then if you like the experience, you buy the $3.99 unlocker app from the Play Store. Boom, you're good to go. Except right now, you only have to pay 99 cents. Now you're even better to go.

A similar deal for the Nova launcher is available in many countries, so there's a chance this one is too. Hit up the link below and let folks know in the comments.