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Featured App

Internet Radio - PlayTime

This week's roundup is brought to you by Playtime Internet Radio from HandyApps. This useful all-in-one radio manager allows users to search for specific songs or shows streaming on thousands of live channels all across the Internet, or use the more conventional recommendation engine for a more random experience. Local FM radio stations can be streamed through the app, and there are no charges or subscriptions. Playtime is also compatible with Chromecast.


PlayTime Internet Radio re-invents the online radio experience by offering a whole new way of discovering new music, artists, shows and radio stations. Using this smart internet radio app, you can search for specific songs and live talk shows currently streaming in over 50,000 live internet radio stations worldwide via it's powerful online radio search engine.

1) Search for any song or talk show currently playing from more than 50,000 online radio stations worldwide and stream it immediately from the best source.

2) Discover New Songs, Artists and Radio Stations:

Listen to new songs or remixes of popular songs before others. Our song recommendations engine will also suggest songs for you based on your current song selection.

PlayTime Internet Radio also comes with Top Charts that list songs, artists and stations that are trending across different music genres, ranging from pop, country, hip hop, jazz, oldies, EDM, alternative, rock, classical, metal, soul, world and more.

3) Personalized Radio Experience

4) Four different Playback Modes:

PlayTime Internet Radio comes with different playback modes to suit all listening needs:
▶ Artist Mode: Play songs by selected artist only
▶ Favorites Mode: Play songs from your Favorites List only
▶ Recommended Mode: Automatic playlist of recommended songs based on what you are currently tuned in to
▶ Stationary Mode: Stay tuned in to the current online radio station

5) Local FM Internet Radio Stations

6) Material Design

PlayTime Internet Radio features an intuitive and beautiful interface following the latest Android design guidelines.

7) 100% Free Music.

No listening limits, no paywall - listen to your heart’s content.

8) Listen through Chromecast

Stream your internet radio, music and talk shows over Chromecast.




Public Speaking for Cardboard

Android Police coverage: Public Speaking For Cardboard Lets You Practice Speaking In Front Of A Virtual Audience

Does the idea of public speaking send shivers down your spine? Then give this app a try. It's meant to simulate a meeting, a speech, a presentation, and similar stressful speaking situations, allowing you to test out your engagement on a virtual audience before getting to the real one. You can even import your own slides in to simulate your own talking points. Very cool.


The VirtualSpeech app will help you practice for public speaking events, by providing a photo-realistic environment to train in. Works with Google Cardboard.

  • Animated Audience - the audience move and behave as they would at a real event, adding to the level of distraction and recreating the fear of public speaking.
  • Stunning 360 3D Environments - selection of high quality conference rooms to train your public speaking skills in. Currently both a large and small conference room are available.
  • Sound Distraction - ambient sound in all conference rooms adds to the immersion and makes you feel like you are at the event.
  • Add Your Own Slides - Add your slides into the virtual conference room so that you can practice for an upcoming event. A short video tutorial on how to do this can be found here:

Guides by Lonely Planet

Android Police coverage: Guides By Lonely Planet Walk Into The Play Store, Maps In One Hand, Booklet Of Tips In Another

Lonely Planet is a popular source for local travelling guides and other information. This official app combines a mapping service with the well-regarded local information, but unfortunately, it doesn't have everything that the website offers. It's still fairly limited to the major tourist cities, though there are countries all over the world represented in the database.


Take Lonely Planet with you on your mobile device and get straight to the heart of where you’re going. Our city guides are the ultimate travel companion containing the best of our world-renowned expertise. Each city is curated by our travel writers – our voices on the ground – who live and breathe your city destination, and professionally review every place you see in our guides.


Android Police coverage: Nike's SNKRS Steps Into The Play Store For The Sole Purpose Of Feeding Your Sneaker Addiction

This is an app for people who are very, very interested in sneakers. I don't personally identify with that group, nor do I understand it. But since I obsess over computer keyboards and mice, tiny LEGO starship models, and the many varieties of salsa verde, I am in no position to judge. Shine on, you crazy diamonds... and please note that this app is only for cataloging and buying Nike brand sneakers.


Explore, buy and share the best of Nike sneakers, all in one place. From iconic classics to the latest releases, Nike SNKRS is the inside source for what you love most from Nike. Focus on what matters to you most. Create a customized feed by following your favorite sneaker franchises. Learn about the inspiration, benefits and heritage of featured sneakers with exclusive content, straight from the source.

Draw My Story

If your group or company are big fans of the Microsoft Paint method of professional communication, they might appreciate Draw My Story. It's a simple art app that's designed with communication in mind, including tools for basic text, simple shapes, and even emoji (because everything needs emoji now). The app also supports rudimentary animations and video exporting options.


Draw My Story allows you to create unique animated drawings, presentations, game plan or instructional videos similar in style to Draw My Life videos on YouTube. Draw something cute, funny or informative and the app will replay your drawing back to you in the form of a movie. You can even add emojis, images & photos, choose background music and playback speed and record a voice-over. Once you are happy with your creation you can share it on any social platform that accepts video including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Whatsapp, Snapchat etc.


Android isn't hurting for alternate web browsers, but the oddly-named Flyperlink might be worth your attention. It tries to integrate itself into the larger operating system on a wide basis, including a minimized floating button and a lockscreen display option. Since the developers know that you probably use multiple browsers, it also includes an option to open specific URLs in a different browser or app. The premium $1 IAP enables a resizable floating window. (And no, we didn't include this app just because Android Police is featured in the screenshots. But it doesn't hurt.)


Flyperlink is a revolutionary web browser optimized for multitasking on mobile devices.

• Link - Click on a link and select Flyperlink to open a floating web browser which shows its content
• Share - Use share button of other apps to open its content also in the floating browser
• Minimize - Move the bubble or use navigation keys to close content but keep it minimized in the bubble
• Lockscreen - Possible option to show content also over the lockscreen
• Physics - Smooth physics engine are integrated on bubble and content
• Share - Share the current link, or mark one in browser to share
• Open with - Open link content in other apps
• Text selection - You can fully select text to copy
• Desktop mode - View pages like on a desktop
• Domain redirect - Open special links in a backup browser instead of this

Wild Weather

This is a weather app with really nice visuals. That's about it. Sometimes you just want a well-designed, good-looking app, and you don't need to know the barometric pressure of ten thousand different data points. The app includes localized weather data for up to five days and a selection of animated landscapes for you to choose from.


See the weather like never before. Wild Weather combines hand drawn illustrations with accurate forecasts. Featuring dozens of hand drawn illustrations Wild Weather matches your location, time of day and current weather condition. With colorful landscapes and amazing animations this app will surprise you.

  • Hand drawn illustrations for all kinds of weather
  • Swipe up for detailed weather information
  • 5 day accurate forecast
  • Swipe left to easily add multiple locations
  • Awesome animated weather conditions
  • Today’s local weather: temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction

Sports Illustrated

Wow, is this really the first Sports Illustrated app to grace the Play Store? Apparently so - it's an official app that's deeply incorporated with SI.com and related properties. It has the usual sports analysis and video clips, plus a gigantic scoreboard and scheduling feature that tracks more or less every American pro and college sport. Some parts may be locked behind a Sports Illustrated subscription.


Get the expert analysis, unrivaled access and award-winning storytelling only Sports Illustrated can provide — from Peter King, Tom Verducci, Lee Jenkins, Seth Davis and many more — delivered straight to you, along with up-to-the-minute news and live scores. Want to be among the first to read King’s groundbreaking weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column? Go to the front of line. Personalize the Sports Illustrated App experience to get instant headline and score alerts from not just your favorite teams, but when stories from your favorite SI writers are published.


Qapital (pronounced "Cwapital," I assume) is an online banking system that puts the change from debit and credit card purchases into a proprietary savings account. It's an interesting idea (if not a new one), and the connected nature of the app allows for IFTTT integration and easy tracking.


Save more money easily. Simple, automated and fun, Qapital will change how you manage your money. Create an account and start saving for the things you want. Your Qapital account is FDIC-insured and uses industry-leading standards to keep you safe.

Use Qapital to:
*Round up change on debit & credit purchases and save it toward a Goal
*Set a budget and save when you stay under it
*Fine yourself for indulging in guilty pleasures
*Connect with other apps through IFTTT
*Focus on your progress, not your bank balance
*Track your spending and saving over time

iStaging - Interior Design

iStaging is another interior design app that's intent on letting you plan out your house or apartment. But this one has a few new tricks up its sleeve: pre-packaged 3D elements and augmented reality for getting accurate sizes. iStaging allows you to view selected plans in VR with a Cardboard or similar set of glasses.


iStaging provides you with all the tools to design your interiors easily, right from your tablet or smartphone. Take advantage of our patented Immersive Reality® technology for all your home improvement and furniture shopping needs. Tap into the latest augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D technologies – all packed into one cutting-edge app.

Tribe - Magical Messaging.

Here's another in the seemingly endless line of proprietary video messaging apps. But Tribe has an interesting hook: its Windows Phone-style interface, wherein you press and hold to record a "selfie" message and release to send it. The idea is that you can select options and send canned messages with a single hand. It supports group messages, images, and most of the other standard tools, and according to the app description, messages are deleted from the developer's servers immediately.


For the first time in your chatting history, you'll be able to :

  • Free one hand to send messages when you carry a coffee, an umbrella or a suitcase.
  • Walk and chat simultaneously with one person or more.
  • Stay safe. We delete every message from our database after being opened.
  • Handle many conversation faster than you ever did through a colourful and lightweight interface.
  • Talk with contacts from another timezone without scheduling.
  • Get location-based context from messages like weather and distance.
  • Feel something at every single message you watch.
  • Avoid every single mistakes. Even from the auto-correct.
  • Discover the funniest Group experience out there.


There's an old joke that Instagram is just a place for people to post photos of food. Well this Instagram clone really is just a place for people to post photos of food. It includes an integrated social network called, I kid you not, "Taste Buds." I'm not making any of this up.


We've decided to re-define our name at the dish level... Toast is now Dysh. Instantly find and share the best dyshes anywhere. Get #DyshApp and experience life by the dysh.

Think of Dysh as your hub of grub. We are THE place for food lovers to:
- Get straight to photos and ratings of the dyshes themselves
- Find friends with similar tastes (maybe you will even become Taste Buds)
- Prove your expertise in making dysh recommendations
- Keep track of all of your culinary adventures
- Discover your next favorite meal (you know, that one that you will CRAVE nightly after having it for the first time)

Dysh. Preventing Eater’s Remorse since 2015.

Promo Codes

This app gives you promotional codes for free Play Store apps. Not specific apps, just apps in general. It passes along codes that developers offer for free in a randomized fashion. Your odds of wining aren't mentioned in the app itself, but hey, it's free.


Simply having the app installed allows you a daily chance of winning a Promo Code for a top quality app. Just load up the app, press "I'm feeling lucky." and see how lucky you actually are. If you win, you'll receive a promo code that you can redeem on the Play Store, it'll get copied into your clipboard. Open the Play Store, pull out the drawer on the left, and tap "Redeem" and paste the code into the box. If you lose, you'll be redirected to the promoted apps Play Store page to check it out anyway.


Gamebattles allegedly allows players to participate in popular video games and compete for cash. Considering the "xXFailScope360Xx" gamertag in the screenshot, it's entirely possible that they're serious. The official Android app allows players to view their stats across different PC and console titles, as well as schedule matches ahead of time.


GameBattles is the largest cross platform online eSports gaming tournament system with over 10 million registered players and 100 console and PC titles, including Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War, Rocket League, NBA 2k, Madden NFL, NHL, FIFA, Smite, and many more. The GameBattles app will allow you to view your own personal stats and achievements, view your team’s progress and stats, view scheduled matches, report match scores, and view the results of your recent matches.

Manufacturer And Tie-In Apps

REC Remote: Sony IC Recorder

This first-party app from Sony lets you manage and play back recording from the company's long-running line of digital voice recorders. You know, those little tape recorder things you used to see reporters using in the movies, only without the tape. Yes, those are still a thing! I KNOW, RIGHT!


REC Remote is a mobile application dedicated for the IC recorder from Sony. It allows you to remote control the IC recorder by connecting Bluetooth® technology. Refer the help guide for the compatible devices.

- Main feature
Start/stop recording
Check/adjust the recording volume levels
Add track marks
Change the recording settings

Verizon My Fios

Verizon already had an app for Fios customer management, but for some reason they decided to make a new one (with a new listing). This app includes all of the usual account information, plus call management, voicemail, and even texting for numbers that support it. It also includes some information on your local Wi-Fi network, assuming you're using the default router/modem combo from Verizon.


The MY FiOS App gives existing customers easy access to their Verizon account and services with useful and amazing interactive features. The App is available to both FiOS and other residential customers, and the features will vary depending on your services.

  • MY ACCOUNT & SERVICES – View and pay your bill, see bill history, sign up for paper free or auto pay billing services, update your profile and more.
  • COMMUNICATIONS – Check and send Verizon.net email, listen to voicemail, review call logs and important messages from Verizon.
  • MY REWARDS+ – Check point balances, track recent activity, redeem, gift others and learn how to capture more awards.


Selling Services on Amazon

Amazon has expanded into local services, offing itself as a payment processor and marketplace for business like contractors and artisans. This app allows sellers to manage their schedule and communicate with customers, as well as manage advertisements placed on Amazon for said services. It's a decent alternative if you don't already have some kind of online presences and distribution system.


This app is for business owners registered to sell services to Amazon customers, as well as technicians approved to do the work. To use this app your business should be registered with Selling Services on Amazon, and will need your Seller Central login ID and password. To apply to sell your business’s services on Amazon, visit https://go.amazonservices.com/applytosellservicesapp.html.

Amazon Now

Android Police coverage: Amazon Now Local Shopping Deliveries For Bangalore, India Gets A Dedicated Android App

Amazon Now is just like Amazon Prime Now... only without the Prime, because it's limited to Bangalore, India at the moment. It's a local shopping service that delivers products from retail locations to customers' doors. At the moment it's free during the trial period, but the delivery area is limited to very specific PIN codes.


Skip the trip to your neighborhood stores, shop for daily essentials through the Amazon Now app and get delivery within 2 hours. Express Delivery (within 2 hours) and Scheduled Delivery (for same day or next day) are FREE, as part of launch promotion. Shop for Cooking essentials, Personal care essentials, Snacks, Beverages, Household essentials, Gourmet products and more from your favorite neighborhood stores.

Live Wallpapers


Motion is a dynamic 3D animated live wallpaper for phones and tablets with parallax 3D effects. Please see video review. You can create static wallpaper.

+ FREEZE animation and create STATIC 3D wallpaper with parallax effect.
+ Double click to open wallpaper settings.
+ Set custom animation colors, background color.
+ Predefined animations, background type light, colors.
+ Random timer, animations, colors.

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