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Android Police coverage: Crashlands From Butterscotch Shenanigans Crash Lands Onto Android, Steam, and iOS Today

Crashlands is technically an RPG, but that's selling it a little short. This light-hearted sci-fi game also has a huge focus on exploration, crafting, taming wild creatures, and building up your home base. The setup is not unlike Don't Starve (which still doesn't have an Android version), but without all the dreariness. The game includes real-time combat and a cross-platform save system so you can continue playing on iOS or Steam. It's $5 with no in-app purchases.


Become Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker whose latest shipment gets derailed by a chin-strapped alien menace named Hewgodooko, leaving you stranded on an alien planet. As you hustle to retrieve your packages you’ll become enmeshed in a nefarious plot of world domination, which will require all of your wits and both of your glutes to overcome. Learn recipes from the local sentient life, make new friends, uncover ancient secrets and deadly bosses, tame everything and build yourself a home-away-from-home as you learn to thrive on planet Woanope.

Punch Club

Android Police coverage: Story-Driven Management Sim 'Punch Club' Hits The Play Store, Presumably Knocks It Out

If you always identified more with Mick than with Rocky, Punch Club is the game for you. Though this title technically has you playing as the boxer, it's all about managing your career and your gym. There's also a suitably 80s-style narrative to go along with the pixelated graphics, and no small amount of tongue-in-cheek fun. $5 gets you the whole game, but early reviews say that it's heavy on hardware despite the 2D presentation.


Your father was brutally murdered before your eyes. Now you must train hard, eat chicken and punch dudes in the face to earn your place in the Punch Club ranks, and discover who ended your father's life. Punch Club is a boxing tycoon management game with multiple branching story lines. Your goal is clear, but how you get there depends on whether you want to legitimately climb the rankings, or take the more ridiculous, shady route.


The Westport Independent

Android Police coverage: 'The Westport Independent' Is A Game All About Fascist Censorship

Gaming isn't what it used to be - while you used to be able to count on simple, straightforward games about drugged-out Italians beating the crap out of dinosaurs, now we have The Westport Independent. It's technically a newspaper management game, but it's really an exploration of fascism and how it censors the media. It might not be "fun" to choose between journalistic principles and feeding your family, but it's certainly thought-provoking.


The Westport Independent is a censorship simulator taking place in a post-war country, governed by the recently elected Loyalist Party. As the editor of one of the last independent newspapers in the country, your job is to remove and edit the content of your paper, affecting the people’s opinion of both the rebels and the Loyalist government. With an increase of rebel activity and an ever watching government breathing down your neck, whose truth will you print?


Android Police coverage: Lace Up Your Gunboots—Roguelike Platformer 'Downwell' Drops Into The Play Store

Downwell is a platformer that always drives you down, down to Goblintown. Okay, there aren't any actual goblins, and Bilbo & Co would have fared better if they had each been equipped with boots that shot bullets straight down. The game is structured as a roguelike, so each defeat will permanently kill your character but let you keep a little progress for the next run. The three-color setup is visually interesting in a retro way. $3 gets you in, and there are no in-app purchases.


Downwell is a curious game about a young boy venturing down a well in search of untold treasures with only his Gunboots to protect him. Make your way further and further down into the darkness filled with nasty creatures and mysterious secrets to collect the spectacular red gems scattered about the rocks. Step into precariously placed shops and buy some helpful items or level up between levels to battle well-dwelling monsters and uncover hidden caves filled with riches and relics. No two trips down the well are ever the same.


Android Police coverage: Metamorphabet Is A Beautiful App For Kids That Shows How Letters, Too, Can Grow Up To Be Whatever They Want

Calling this kid-friendly learning app a "game" is a little generous, but that doesn't mean it's not worth your attention. It illustrates and animates each letter of the alphabet for preschool-age kids with a level of joy and whimsy that's rarely seen, even on Nick Jr. or PBS Kids. Metamorphabet won't hold the attention of adults, but it's fun and safe for kids with no ads or in-app purchases.


Metamorphabet is a playful, interactive alphabet for all ages. Poke, prod, drag, and spin each of the 26 letters of the alphabet to reveal surprising and luminous transformations. With an easy-to-use interface and responsive, organic design, Metamorphabet is a wonderful educational tool for children, inviting them to playfully explore the alphabet and expand their vocabulary. But it's not just for kids — adults will be equally engaged by Metamorphabet's fluid, innovative design and beautifully crafted universe.

9th Dawn II 2 RPG

9th Dawn II (wouldn't that just be the tenth dawn?) is an RPG with uncompromising old-school sensibilities. Its top-down perspective and real-time combat are reminiscent of early Diablo entries, though the intentionally pixelated graphics may not be to everyone's liking. That said, the dreary atmosphere is a bit of a riff on Dark Souls. The developer says that a multiplayer mode will be coming soon, and there's a free demo available if you can't stomach the $7 premium price tag.


Explore an expansive and rich world; venture through thick forests, ancient ruins, deep caverns, and besieged towns. From the southern sands of the frigid glaciers to the north, engage in battle with the terrifying monsters and other unsavoury figures that aim to stand in your way. Collect an enormous amount of items, loot, weapons and armour from a colossal variety of monsters. The people you meet, the decisions you make, and the adventures you share in will shape the future of the world in which you live.

Dead Synchronicity: TCT

Android has no shortage of spooky point-and-click adventures, but if you'd like another one, here ya go. This moody story features hand-drawn animation and a unique psychological thriller atmosphere, along with full voice acting and a soundtrack to move the plot along. You awaken in an intensely creepy world that doesn't seem altogether sure about itself, with no memory and a distinct lack of linear experience. Dead Synchronicity is $5 with no in-app purchases.


First, there was darkness. And then, the light came... Michael woke up, not knowing who he was or what was happening around him. A strange plague drives people into distrust and despair. The pathetic remains of civilization live under the iron fist of the military. Help Michael to save himself from his own crumbling reality. Face a sick, merciless world that seems doomed. A world, where past, present and future ceased to exist.

Super Awesome RPG

This allegedly super-awesome RPG takes no small amount of inspiration from trading card games, but refreshingly it ditches the free-to-play model (and even includes a free demo!) for something more gamer-friendly. An anime-style story and characters should keep fans of JRPGs interested, and the tactical movement system and equipment system offer a little more strategy than the usual rock-paper-scissors of card battlers.


Super Awesome RPG is an anime-themed CCG-style combat system designed especially for playing on the go. It offers a twist on the RPG genre with a CCG-style gameplay wherein actions come from what equipment your heroes wear, and executing attacks is done through a tactical scratch-card like mechanic.Follow the adventures of Greg the Paladin and his friends on their quest for honor, riches, and super awesomeness by fighting the hordes of the Undead Army.

LEGO® Ninjago: Skybound

Man, I don't think a month has gone by in the last year without at least one release from LEGO. The latest is a 2D platformer/brawler set in the Ninjago universe, which is essentially Power Rangers plus Neverland. Skybound uses a one-tap setup that allows players to precisely select moves and parabolic jumps. It's a unique way to move in a 2D plane, and works well with the game's simple LEGO sensibilities. It's free with no in-app purchases.


The evil Djinn Nadakhan is stealing parts of Ninjago Island to rebuild his realm of Djinjago in the sky. Playing as Jay you must battle him and his gang of SKY PIRATES to rescue Zane, Nya, Lloyd, Cole and Kai to take back the stolen lands and rebuild Ninjago. Outnumbered and behind enemy lines you must decide your Ninja style. Stealth or fight – the decision is yours.


Project: sHE

Project sHE is a stylish puzzle game with aspirations of science fiction storytelling. There's no one guiding principle behind the various puzzles, but there are a lot of them (over 200, according to the description) and they advance a rather interesting story. $2 gets you the complete game with no ads or in-app purchases, including optional skips.


“Project: sHE” takes place after the downfall of a utopian world, originated by the development of a Human Equivalent (HE) AI. After a glitch causes HE to prioritize itself over its creators, the perfect society that HE helped create is destroyed, replaced by a world where even thinking is mechanically controlled. “Project: sHE” takes you on a journey to deactivate HE and free humanity, through a series of deceptively simple puzzles with fun and unique twists.

Rogue Agent

Rogue Agent takes more than a little inspiration from the old top-down Metal Gear games (the ones before the PlayStation anyway), but adapts that sneaky stealth gameplay into a tap-friendly interface. While you're dodging round corners and lurking in shadows you'll also need to solve some touch-based puzzles and collect a few gadgets across 50+ levels.


You awaken in a strange yet familiar place. You must use stealth and intelligence to avoid capture from the enemy agents. You must escape every world. You must learn the truth.

  • Sneak your agent's through 52 bite sized puzzling maps. Replay them and try harder routes to unlock developer commentaries and secret levels.
  • Use strange and creative gadgets such as the Scramble Suit, Sonic Mine, Recaller and Quick Clone
  • Complete fun and intuitive mini-games such as Hacking, Lockpicking and Wiring.
  • Avoid capture from the Guards (made even more challenging when they are upgraded with weapons or nightvision goggles)
  • Featuring an in-game replay system. Trim and share your replay videos on social media. Always recording so you never miss a cool moment.
  • Even more bragging rights with leaderboards and achievements

Bouncy Pong ●

Calling this twitch game "Pong" is a bit of a misnomer, since it's more of a platformer than a minimal sports game. You control a bouncing sing-along ball as it progresses through a series of increasingly devious puzzles, resetting after every mistake. It's not a formula for those lacking in patience. In-app purchases are included, but they're all less than $3.


Bounce your way out of unforgiving levels arranged in multiple rooms and capture the star. Each room has its own atmosphere and obstacle pattern. No two rooms are the same. Will you make it to the last level and discover every room?

  • A new gameplay twist to the casual platformer genre
  • Easy to pick one-touch controls
  • 50 levels & 167 rooms to beat
  • Many ball skins to unlock


Atomi is a fairly standard puzzle game, with blocks that need to be precisely placed in order to match a pattern. It's the presentation that's impressive, with some nice 2D graphics and moody music to set the tone for the experience. Yup, it's squarely in the "zen" category, but with 200 puzzles for $2 and no IAP, it's also a pretty good deal.


Get ready for a challenge. ATOMI is a simple addictive puzzle game.! CHOOSE logic blocks and BUILD a path for Atomi to catch the atoms and repair his spaceship. Explore over 200 levels in 5 differents universes.

  • Logic game
  • 200 challenges through 5 universes
  • 2 difficulty levels
  • No stress and no timer
  • A simple, functional application
  • No in-game purchases and no invasive advertising

Sky Chasers

Sky Chasers is a platformer that's light on platforms. Instead you fly around in various contraptions starting with a Calvin-style cardboard box, tapping left or right to move in the appropriate direction. Players need a keen grasp of the 2D game's physics engine to make it through the bad guys and environmental hazards, to say nothing of the large stages themselves. In-app currency unlocks new flying machines and other upgrades, or you can pay for them with real money.


Experience your inner child as you start exploring a breathtaking magical world in a cardboard box, starring Max. Prove to your friends you are a true Sky Chaser.

• Go on an epic adventure with hours of gameplay and a storyline
• Explore worlds designed in beautiful pixel art with unique enemies, puzzles and challenges
• Intuitive easy-to-play two touch controls
• Unlock different ships
• Retro inspired music by Maxo


Clocks is a minimalist shooter wherein the rotating hands on the clocks determine where you can shoot. With elements of both twitch and puzzle games, it's an interesting combination. You'll need good timing (no pun intended) and a keen sense for space to get through 100 levels, but if you just want a quick fix, there's an "endless" mode as well. In-app purchases are limited to just one dollar.


Tap to shoot. Destroy the clocks. Can you earn all 100 stars?


"My elves play Clocks instead of making toys."

"My children won't talk to me any more because of this game."

"I love this game."


Arcane Knight

Mounted combat is always tricky, as any Dynasty Warriors fan can tell you. Arcane Knight attempts to bring a high-end interpretation of horseback warfare to mobile by marrying it to the endless runner formula. You'll need excellent timing to nail both infantry and cavalry with melee weapons, spells, and arrows, to say nothing of the various obstacles. It's an interesting spin on a played-out genre, and the character progression should make for at least a few hours of playtime.


The horde has returned. They are here, marching on our lands, plundering villages and cities, lying in ambush on roads and crossings. Even more are coming from every direction. And worst of all, our armies were defeated. We are the only remaining hope for the realm. A small group of elite knights, who are secretly trained in combat and magic throughout our lives. Now it is your turn to do your duty. Put on your armor, gird on your sword, prepare your deadly spells and mount your horse. It is your time to charge into the battlefield. Because you are one of us. You are an Arcane Knight.

Star Chasers

Star Chasers is a stylish and colorful (and unfortunately twee) endless runner. There's not a lot here that you haven't seen before in other lane-based runner games, but the graphics and animation are impressive, and some of the "parkour" moves that let you jump over enemies or sections of the track are novel. It has some rather steep in-app purchases, but then you could probably already see that.


Become a Star Chaser and embark on an exciting adventure to rescue the stars that have fallen onto earth. Sprint, jump, vault, swing, wall-run, and perform amazing parkour moves as you attempt to collect as many stars as you can before Darkness and his minions destroy them forever.

  • Throw stars at enemies to take them down.
  • Ride on the very creatures that are trying to stop you.
  • Battle through obstacles as big as a lightning storm.
  • Perform impressive moves and quick responsive maneuvers.
  • Challenge your friends for the "Top Star Chaser" title.

Adventure Cube

KetchApp is back with another super-simple twitch game. This one lets players move the titular Adventure Cube left or right in an endless runner format. It's pretty basic, but the graphics are appealing and the only objective is to unlock more character skins. There's one IAP, a $2 ad removal option.


Roll the cube by holding left or right part of the screen. Avoid obstacles and holes. Collect golden cubes and unlock new characters.


Frantic Flower

This simple little game is sort of a low-intensity mix between Snake and Space Invaders. You control a flower that climbs higher and higher, alternately avoiding the birds that fly by or shooting them down with seeds. (Isn't that like trying to kill a fox by shooting it with chickens?) In any case, the 3D graphics are simple but effective, and the game is free with no in-app purchases.


Grow as high as you can. Dodge aliens, steel beams, and falling objects. Shoot your seeds to clear away pesky birds. Challenge your friends for high scores.



ZType is sort of a minimal version of SEGA's Typing of the Dead., only you shoot spaceships instead of zombies. Also, you're typing on a touchscreen. So I suppose this would be really useful for those who want to be more accurate at texting... except that the game uses a custom keyboard. Huh. At least it's free with no in-app purchases.


The Web's best Typing Game now finally available for Android. Fend of the enemy's attack waves by proving your typing skills. Each letter you type shoots off a powerful plasma bullet into the enemy's ships. If you ever find yourself in a dire situation, you can use the EMP bombs to destory any nearby enemies.


If someone made a twin-stick shooter out of the classic dimensional science fiction story Flatland, it might look like Kill. It's essentially a shoot-em-up, but the stark white background and black enemies bring a simplicity that can't be matched even by the old classics. Appropriately, it's free with no in-app purchases.


KILL is one of the simplest shooters imaginable, yet still one of the most difficult games on Android. Watch your heart rate rise as you struggle with your little, blue cube against armies of circles, triangles, cubes and giant bosses. With extremely engaging controls, KILL is sure to keep you entertained - and sweating - as you die over and over while trying to overcome the odds and SURVIVE.

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars

This game has you piloting massive hovercraft in a bombed-out apocalypse and shooting everything that's alive enough to move. It's a sort of mix between Mad Max and Wipeout, and one of the most unique-looking games to hit the Play Store in some time. Your hovercraft is basically a gunboat, so the multiplayer aspect of Sandstorm is all about getting the best possible upgrades and combining them strategically. Unfortunately the IAP starts high and only goes higher.


Brutal REAL-TIME battles. LETHAL weapons. POWERFUL ships. RUTHLESS pirates. MAD missions. WILL YOU SURVIVE? Sandstorm Pirate Wars brings you in a post-apocalyptic adventure in which you should prove your skills and strategy in battles to show to all that you are THE MOST FIERCE AND SMARTEST PIRATE EVER.

* FIGHT IN REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER: challenge other Pirates, compete with your friends and fight your way up the ranking tops.
* UPGRADE & CUSTOMIZE YOUR SANDCRUISER: choose from over 100 weapons to create the ultimate war machine
* ENJOY STUNNING 3D GRAPHICS: because explosions look so much better in HD
* EXPLORE THE SAVAGE LANDS: complete dangerous missions to earn extra rewards that will make the difference on the battleground


Prankster Planet

This PBS Kids game is based on The Electric Company, which has apparently been dragged out of mothballs now that HBO has Sesame Street. Despite the license, it's actually more of a Pitfall clone, with basic platforming and puzzle-solving somehow tying in with the public broadcasting educational series. Laudably, it's a free game with no in-app purchases, something we always like to see in content aimed at children.


Based on the PBS KIDS series, The Electric Company, the Prankster Planet app features eight quests that you can complete to save Earth from the Reverse-a-ball machines that are reversing all the words on Earth. (Words like "STOP" are being reversed to say "TOPS" and it's causing a lot of confusion and traffic jams.) Stop the Pranksters and their bots from causing more mayhem by shutting down all eight Reverse-a-Ball machines hidden in the jungles, cities, junkyards, and underground world of Prankster Planet.


Minnie Fashion Tour HD

Wow. That is... a lot of pink. One would think that Disney had gotten over the "every girl wants to be a supermodel" platform, but apparently not. If you can stomach this 3D kids activity game starring Minnie and Daisy, your tykes will be able to create outfits by selecting pieces and fabrics on a worldwide fashion tour. It costs $3, which isn't too bad, and there are no in-app purchases.


Minnie and Daisy are so excited. The Bow-Tique has become an international sensation, and they need your help to take their fashion show on the road. Experiment with new styles, customize outfits with accessories and fabulous bows, then show off your creations on the runway. Once you’ve honed your fashion skills in the Free Style section, you can help Minnie and Daisy travel to New York City, Paris, and Milan to make outfits for every occasion—and strut their stuff on the runways.


WTF Game(s) Of The Week

Football Jamaal Charles

Not to be outdone by Patrick Willis, running back Jamaal Charles has somehow decided that he is notable enough to headline his own mobile football game despite the fact that his offensive prowess couldn't get the Chiefs past the second playoff round. He's so confident that you'll play his game even without licensing pro teams or other players, that one of the screenshots is literally a grey blob (no video, either). Oh, and it's a freemium game with $50 in-app purchases, because surely folks are lining up to pay one Madden's worth of dough for a quick mobile cash-in.


Go all in with THE hard hitting football game of the season featuring fierce running back JAMAAL CHARLES. Dominate the field in this fearless bonanza. Score a touchdown and drive your way to the bowl with simple tap and swipe controls. Pick your play then throw, juke and spin your way to the end zone, taking down your opponent with merciless tackles. NO RULES, NO PROBLEM. Gear up for a gridiron battle like no other with NO flags and NO personal fouls just 5-on-5 pure action.

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