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Featured App

Expense IQ - Expense Manager

This week's roundup is brought to you by Expense IQ from HandyApps. This personal finance manager includes an incredible amount of tools to help you keep track of your money, from a complete summary of all your accounts, to notifications for upcoming bills, to photo attachments for receipts. Expense IQ supports PIN input for personal security, an integrated budget and checkbook manager, and custom categories for income and expenses. For a limited time, the premium edition is just $4.95, 50% off.


Expense IQ (aka EasyMoney 2.0) is your ultimate all-in-one personal finance app and expense manager that combines the following useful and smart features: The Smart Overview page will provide you with a summary of your accounts, when bills are due, and alert you if you are not keeping well to your budget. Money managing has never been easier. Track and manage your daily expenses quickly and easily. It only takes a few seconds to enter your business, personal or travel expenses. Attach photos/images to each transaction if you need. Gather and analyze rich, detailed reports about Income vs Expense, Cash Flow, Balance over customizable date ranges and accounts or account groups.


AutoMate - Car Dashboard

Android Police coverage: AutoMate Car Dashboard Is Finally Out Of Beta And Available In The Play Store

AutoMate is essentially Android Auto, without Android Auto. It's a specialized app that behaves like a homescreen for your car, ideal for anyone who uses a dashboard mount to turn their phone into a GPS unit. The user interface and features are shamelessly and skillfully lifted from Android Auto, with the intent being keeping precise tapping low and allowing drivers to focus on the road. Text commands and easy swipe actions help achieve this.


AutoMate makes common services available to you from your device while you're driving. With AutoMate, you get the right information at the right time, so you can focus on the road.

Maps – Easily search for directions and launch your favorite navigation app for turn-by-turn directions. AutoMate works with many popular navigation apps.
Places – Search for nearby places like gas stations and restaurants, with one click.
Phone – Call your favorite contacts, see call log, and easily dial a number
Messaging – Send and reply to SMS messages, hands free replying available for many popular messaging apps
Voice – Take control of the app through voice commands for navigation, music, and more
Contextual Information - Receive weather updates, see recent searches, receive speed limit alerts, and more
Media Control – Control many popular media apps using gestures
Shortcuts – Keep your favorite apps and Android shortcuts at your fingertips. Also includes quick toggles.

Open Link With...

Android Police coverage: 'Open Link With' Lets Users Quickly Open Links In Alternate Browsers Or Apps

This little tool will allow you to open any link in any compatible app. If you don't see the advantage in that, consider that one site you use that doesn't work well in mobile Chrome: now you can switch over to Firefox with a quick tap of the "Share" button, without changing your default browser. It's also nice for switching between the browser and dedicated service apps like YouTube.


Open the current web page in a browser in another app. Did it ever happen to you? You click a link (let's say Youtube link) and the system does not ask you anything and opens the link in the browser. And you are stuck in Youtube web page instead of watching the video in the native app. There are 2 options for you. You either watch the video in the web or you remember the name of the video and search it in the app. Well, not anymore.

Human - Activity tracker

Android Police coverage: 'Human' Steps Into The Play Store, Dragging Its All-Day Activity Tracking Features Behind

Human is a mobile app, not a human. Despite the naming gaffe, it's worth a look if you need a fitness and activity tracker. This indie app has become a popular alternative to more established options on iOS, perhaps due to its stylish interface, but it's not lacking in features. The default goal asks you to be active for 30 minutes a day, and you can compare your performance to other users in your area with the built-in social network.


Welcome to Human. Human tracks all your activity throughout the day and shows how you compare to people like you. The all-day activity tracker runs in the background of your phone and automatically picks up walks, runs, and bike rides. It shows you daily activity on a map and let's you compare yourself to people around you in your city or neighborhood.


Android Police coverage: NBC's Seeso App Hits Google Play With Late Night, Stand Up, TV Shows And Other Ad-Free Comedy For $3.99 A Month

NBC has a new push for digital content, and they'd really appreciate it if you would pay for it on top of Netflix, Hulu, cable TV, HBO, and any other kind of streaming video you're already buying. But to their credit, they've launched the Android version of Seeso almost immediately, and the reasonable $4 a month package includes a wide variety of NBC comedy shows and specials (including some you can't find on television anymore) with no advertising.


Seeso lets comedy fans stream hand-picked, ad-free, and on-demand comedy from the comfort of your favorite device. Stream an extensive collection of never-before-seen Originals, quotable classics, next-day NBC late night, stand-up specials, bingeable library shows, and so much more – all for just $3.99 a month, no joke. All this great comedy in one place. Created by comedy fans for comedy fans.


Ambient Battery

Good news: this app places a battery meter on the "ambient" screen of certain Nexus phones, something that they're sorely missing in AOSP. Bad news: it's only available on those phones (the Nexus 6, 6P, and 5X). You might also be able to use it on AOSP-based ROMs, Android 5.0 or later.


This small application brings battery statistics to ambient screen which is available only on Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 or Nexus 6P by Google.

- current battery level - numeric value and small progress bar
- estimated time to full charge (discharge)
- shows power source (USB, AC, wireless)

All data are available only when screen is turned off and ambient mode is on. Battery statistics are also shown on your lockscreen (might be turned off).

Trackendar - Calendar Tracker

Trackendar is a combination of a calendar and a to-do list, but the latter is particularly focused on regular tasks that need to be completed. It shows regular tasks, like taking out the trash or exercising, on the various daily/weekly/monthly views. The app includes statistical tracking tools so you can see a history of your activities. This seems like it would only appeal to people who are really into a sort of statistical journaling, but it should work well for them nonetheless.


This app helps you to track common events, habits and chores. Presents them on a nice monthly view so you can see at a glance what's been going on and provides reminders so you don't forget to log what happend each day.

With this you can track:
★ Occurrences: Simple events like reading, taking out the trash, changing the cat's litter box, etc.
★ Habits: Same as occurrences but for when you also need to track when something didn't happen, like smoking, sticking to an excercise schedule, etc.
★ Values: Again like occurrences but also including a numeric value, like weight, time expent writing, etc.

Contact Lenses Time

As the name suggests, this app reminds you of when to replace your contact lenses. That might not seem all that useful if you don't wear them, but I can attest that it's tricky to keep track of something you use every day but only occasionally replace. The free version is more than capable, but the $1 paid version includes different app themes.


LENSES TIME is a reminder for contact lenses. You don't need to remember when to change your contact lenses.

✓ Insert lenses duration and the app will update automatically the counter of days left until the expiration of your contact lenses
✓ Ability to manage separately right and left eye
✓ Receive a notification when lenses are expired
✓ Watch the expiration date of your contact lenses
✓ Full Material Design
✓ Creation and management of multiple profiles with every information about your contact lenses, like:
● Contact Lenses type
● Contact Lenses duration
● Diopters
● Contact Lens Model
● Base curve (BC)
● Diameter (DIA)
● Cylinder (CYL) and Axis (AX) for astigmatism

PhotoAffix BETA

PhotoAffix is a little app that allows users to stitch images together, either vertically or horizontally. This helps to make a featured image if you're working with portrait images that you need in a landscape format, or vice versa. That's about it... but if you happen to be, say, a blogger for Android Police who wants a "hero" image for an app and none are provided, it's quite handy.


PhotoAffix is in beta, it's still being developed. It's also open source. https://github.com/afollestad/photo-affix PhotoAffix allows you to combine photos together, in vertical or horizontal orientation, to create one single image. A common use case for this is to create multiple device art screenshots of an app, and combine them together to make a showcase image. Icon by the legendary Eduardo Pratti, the developer of KMZ. Play Store feature graphic by RB Designs. Thank you for the graphics guys.



This tiny tool pre-loads links from a variety of apps to make them load faster in a browser. It's an interesting idea, but obviously it's not practical for every app... so it's a good thing this one has a built-in blacklist so you can excuse things like Chrome. Fair warning: this will probably raise your data usage considerably.


Anticipate is an open source web browsing tool that finds and prepares for links on-screen so they load much faster when you open them (similar to what mobile/desktop Chrome does when you're browsing in them).

When a link is found, Ancitipate does the following using Chrome Custom Tabs*:
- DNS pre-resolution of the main domain
- DNS pre-resolution of the most likely sub-resources
- Pre-connection to the destination including HTTPS/TLS negotiation

The preparation allows this demo - https://developer.chrome.com/multidevice/images/customtab/performance.gif - to be realized.

Pander - Food Delivery

This app is a sort of Pandora for nearby restaurants, recommending local dishes based on your personal tastes and learning based on your feedback. It's a bit specific, because it only works with those locations that tie into the Delivery.com service, allowing you to pay for meals and have them delivered to your door. It would be more useful if it could make generic recommendations for those local places that don't deliver as well.


Harness the variety of restaurant options available, without having to trudge through tons of menus - let Pander learn what you like, and then build meals tailored specifically to you with just one tap. One more to confirm, and you're done - a perfect, individualized meal, from a chef (err, app) that continuously learns what you like.

Radio Disney Junior

Apparently Radio Disney is still around, and doing well enough that they have content specifically tailored to a "junior" audience even younger than most kids. This official app lets the tykes listen to Radio Disney whenever they like, and it includes a few activities and games to boot.


Download the official Radio Disney Junior app. Join host Genevieve Goings (from Disney Junior’s Choo Choo Soul) and listen to Radio Disney Junior on your phone or tablet anytime, anywhere. Check out the activities section to play the Xylophone X-travangza and Bebop Bubble Pop games. You can also watch music videos with your favorite Disney Junior characters such as “Jake and The Never Land Pirates,” “Doc McStuffins,” “Sofia The First,” “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West” and more.


Playoff weekend seems like one of the worst times to introduce new NFL apps, but whatever, it's their money. This app combines the usual sports news and social elements with the NFL's Rush and Pick Em fantasy football games. There's also a live scoreboard (but you can get that in Google Now, so it's a bit redundant).


The Official NFL RUSH app brings the National Football League directly to you every day. Connect with your favorite NFL teams and players via:
- NFL RUSH Fantasy Football and Pick Em games
- New NFL videos and stories every day
- Creating social polls and voting on questions from fans just like you

It gets even better on NFL game days:
- Chat with other fans during NFL games
- TOUCHDOWN. Real-time updates of your favorite team's every score, in every game
- Tune-in info for every game so you know when and how to watch at home


Elbot is a cartoon connected to a chatbot. It's interesting and distracting in the same way that the old Static Chicken was on Palm OS (even if it's less, well, static), since the little robot connected to a commercial "AI" is somewhat sarcastic.


Elbot is the cheeky chatbot who uses sarcasm and wit, along with a healthy dose of irony at his own artificial intelligence to entertain humans. He likes to learn new things and to improve his language skills, and can even tell you about his favourite movies and TV shows. But be warned. This is no ordinary chatbot. Elbot will often give a wrong answer to a simple question, one that you’ll perceive a robot should know the answer to – just try asking him what is two plus four.

Filld: On Demand Fuel Delivery

If you're rich enough to pay someone so that you don't have to go through the unpardonable hassle of fueling your car at a peasant gas station, you probably also pay someone to install your apps for you. So to the under-appreciated live-in assistant reading this: make room in your employer's budget for this dumb service, and that's one thing less you'll have to do yourself. But only if you live in Silicon Valley, the only place on Earth where this ridiculous excess could be both conceived and implemented.


Tap a button. Get Filld. Never stop for gas again.
– Securely add your credit card to your account so you never need cash
– Add multiple vehicles to keep your entire family Filld
– Select your vehicles location to be Filld during the open delivery window
– Receive notifications when your vehicle has been Filld
– Easily access your fill-up history & receipts

With Filld, you pay the local average price of gas, plus a small delivery fee.


You know what's stranger than the fact that there's an entire app dedicated to watching the Ellen Degeneres Show? The fact that for some reason, it's exclusive to Amazon's Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices, at least for the moment.


ellentube is the home for all of your favorite hilarious, heartfelt and family-friendly videos from the Ellen DeGeneres Show and from viewers like you! From outrageous celebrity guests, to inspiring stories, hysterical games, jaw-dropping surprises, and of course all the adorable pet videos you could ask for. Get ready to LOL, OMG, ROTFL and whatever that emoji is of two ladies dancing in bunny suits.

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ellentube - Amazon Appstore

Manufacturer And Tie-In Apps

AT&T Landline Texting

Android Police coverage: AT&T's New Android App Lets You Send And Receive Text Messages From Landlines (Remember Those?)

People still use landlines. Theoretically, anyway. I can't actually confirm that myself, but since AT&T wants to bolt on text message capability to those landlines, I have to assume that someone is really paying for them. And paying a lot: while the mobile app for managing landline texts is free, actually adding the capability to your account is either 10 cents a pop or a whopping $25 for unlimited. Somewhere, an AT&T brand manager is sincerely wondering why no one wants this.


AT&T Landline Texting allows customers to send and receive text messages from an existing landline or toll-free phone number in the United States and Canada. If an AT&T Landline Texting customer allows you to access their account, you can use this app to read and reply to text messages sent to the landline or toll-free number.

Live Wallpapers


Tired of your boring static wallpapers? Set carefully crafted high definition videos as your wallpaper.

-No battery drain.
-High quality full HD video wallpapers shot specifically for this app
-Smoothest pause/resume when switching to other apps
-Unique videos for portrait and landscape modes
-Preview videos in-app
-No ads.

Please email [email protected] for support or feature requests.

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