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Featured App

DigiCal Calendar

Today's roundup is presented by DigiCal Calendar & Widgets from Digibites. DigiCal is a complete calendar solution that integrates with Google Calendar, matching it feature-for-feature and then some. A wide selection of calendar views (agenda, day, week, month, text month, list) and great tablet compatibility means that your calendar will look great and be easy to use no matter what device you're using. DigiCal also includes a variety of widgets, all of which put the stock Google Calendar to shame, and integrated location search within the app. DigiCal even checks Google Now for travel and traffic time, letting you know when you'll need to leave to avoid being late. The standard DigiCal is free, but the $4.95 DigiCal+ includes month widgets, extra visual options, custom snooze options, and zero ads.


Our diary planner and organizer offers multiple calendar views, stylish calendar widgets and integrated worldwide weather forecast for quick and efficient scheduling on your phone and tablet.

DigiCal’s diary planner and organizer provides a clear and beautiful overview for your events and appointments.
• Conveniently switch between 7 calendar views (day, week, week agenda, month calendar, text month, year and list view in portrait and landscape mode).
• The slick dark theme allows for better visibility in low-light settings and night mode.
• Event keyword image matching available in all 27 languages.
• 6 highly customizable widgets with different theme styles and views: (FREE: list, day, day list, day grid widgets; PREMIUM: 2 extra widgets –text month and month calendar widget)
• Intuitive navigation between days, weeks and months with zoomable day and week view.

• Syncs across all devices and with all calendar servers that are supported on Android such as Google Calendar, Outlook.com and Exchange,
• For extra privacy, you can create local calendars that are not synchronized and is only accessible on your local device,
• Seamless event color sync with Google Calendar or choose DigiCal's pre-set colors for your events,
• Combined date & time picker for faster scheduling,
• Easily schedule an event across multiple time zones with date and time display in both local and foreign time zone,
• Faster address entry with Google Places Autocomplete,
• Instantly plan and reschedule with the cut, copy, paste function,
• Easily share events with friends and family,
• Manage invitations with RSVP and reply to organizer or all guests of an event,
• FREE 3-day local and worldwide weather outlook in all calendar views and widgets,
• Pop-up notifications with quick action buttons for snooze, map and navigation,
• Available in 27 languages.



Android Police coverage: [Update: Gone. Again.] Google Has Published The Phone And Contacts Apps On The Play Store - Dialer Finally Gets Call-Blocking, Plus More

Google has finally released its first-party phone dialer in the Play Store, so all you Samsung, HTC, LG, et cetera owners can get your stock software on. Well, you would be able to, if the app was compatible with anything except Nexus, Google Play Edition, Android One, and similar phones. Drat.


Update the Phone app for your Android Marshmallow device* to improve your calling experience and gain control over calls with features like caller ID and call blocking. Know who’s calling before you pick up, with business names now visible on the call screen along with their number. Get the calls you want, and not the ones you don’t. You can now block numbers to prevent unwanted calls.


Android Police coverage: [Update: Gone. Again.] Google Has Published The Phone And Contacts Apps On The Play Store - Dialer Finally Gets Call-Blocking, Plus More

Google has uploaded a version of its first-party Contacts app (that's the one you see on Nexus devices) to the Play Store. It's been going in and out of the Play Store for some reason, so you may or may not be able to access it at the moment. Right now the compaitibility is extremely limited - it seems like Google is uploading this app primarily so it can tweak Nexus phones without a full firmware update.


Contacts helps you stay in touch with the people you care about.

• Easily add contacts and edit information like their photo, phone number, and email
• Save contacts to your Google account and access them on any device
• Fix duplicate contacts with automatic link suggestions
• Quickly call or message right from the contact card

Contacts is currently only supported on Nexus, Android One, and Google Play Edition devices running Android Marshmallow and above.


Android Police coverage: [Update: US And China Only] Cortana Exits Public Beta And Is Now Officially Available For Android

Cortana, Microsoft's answer to services like Google Now and Siri, has been available as a beta on Android for months. Now the full version has landed (in the US and China, at least) inviting one and all to taste Redmond-flavored voice assistance. To be honest, there isn't much you can do with Cortana that isn't already built into most Android phones, but the integration with the same service on Windows 10 desktops and laptops may be worth it for power users.


Cortana is your truly personal assistant—helping you get things done by letting your PC and phone work together. Your schedule, your interests, your people, your reminders—Cortana makes sure all that stuff is available wherever you need it. Set a reminder to pick up milk on the way home while you’re on your PC at work, and Cortana will give you the heads up on your phone when you’re on the road. Ask Cortana to make an appointment, send an email, open an app, or help you find what you’re looking for.

Cardboard Camera

Android Police coverage: Google Published Cardboard Camera To The Play Store For Taking And Playing Back VR Panorama Photos

This official Google app lets you record 360-degree VR scenes that can be played back in a Google Cardboard viewer. Users simply press the record button, then turn in a circle as video is recorded and converted into the stereoscopic vision used by Cardboard. The app can also record a minute or so of ambient sounds. At the moment the only share option is direct - there's no online gallery for Cardboard-compatible photos.


Cardboard Camera takes VR photos—moments in time you can relive in virtual reality. Hear the sounds as they happened, and look around to see the scene in every direction. VR photos are 3D, so near things look near and far things look far. Whether its a vacation getaway or a family get-together, VR photos bring you back to that moment. To experience your photos in VR, pop your phone into a Google Cardboard viewer (http://g.co/cardboard).


Storehouse is a photo app that's particularly intended for sharing. Not in the typical cloud storage way, either: the app allows you to manually or semi-automatically generate galleries from local photos, then posts said galleries in attractive mini-websites that are accessible from any browser. Think of it like Flickr, but a bit more personal and without all the Yahoo baggage. The layout of the site can be edited, at least to some degree, and photos can easily be embedded elsewhere.


Do you have a bunch of photos in your camera roll collecting dust? Storehouse is a fast and easy way to share a collection of photos from your Android phone. It’s a great way to create a collage, album or tell a story and share all of the moments that made the memory.

  • Select photos and videos from your camera roll and Storehouse will automatically generate a beautiful page you can send to your friends
  • Every page is private until you choose how you want to share it
  • Send a link by SMS or Email
  • Add up to 50 photos and videos to each page
  • Customize a layout by pulling the handles on any photo or video

Riff Maestro

This app is designed specifically to teach you to play specific songs on a guitar. I don't know anything about guitar technique, but the tools look fairly robust, and it's compatible with the popular iRig series of amplifier accessories. Properly equipped, the app can automatically detect chords, adjust the tempo, and allows you to manually edit loops for better practice.


Riff Maestro is the easiest way to study and learn how to play your favorite songs on guitar. A free app, it will help you learn any song in your Android device's music library. It makes learning so easy that you'll feel like you've got an actual guitar master in the room with you. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, it puts a number of powerful tools at your fingertips that will help you master every last lick, riff and part: loop sections, slow 'em down without affecting pitch or sound quality, transpose the key and more.

Bumble App

Bumble is a dating app that's all about the ladies... even more so than usual. In Bumble, only women can initiate contact, and even then only if both parties have swiped "right" (liked) each other. It's basically a Sadie Hawkins version of Tinder. I can see how that would be appealing - women who venture into the deep end of online dating often find nasty stuff lurking below the surface.


Bumble connects you to people around you. After two people mutually opt in by swiping right, they’re added to each other’s “Hive” of connections. The woman must start a chat within 24 hours or the connection disappears forever. For same sex connections or friendships, either person can make a move within 24 hours. Plus, each guy gets to extend a match once per day for an additional 24 hours.


BandLab - Music Community

BandLab is a collaborative community for musicians and similar artists. The official Android app allows you to upload and share short recordings. Given the less-than-professional level of audio quality from smartphone microphones, this isn't intended for serious recordings - it's more of a musical version of, say, Evernote. Some basic editing and social tools are included, as is Android Wear recording.


BandLab is the cloud platform where musicians and fans create music, collaborate and engage with each other across the globe. You can capture all your musical ideas seamlessly and develop them with others anytime, anywhere. Your creative workflow has never been more efficient and productive. With BandLab, creativity has no limits.

• Capture, store and recall your song ideas wherever you are, wherever you go.
• No more misplaced post-its or lost voice memos. You’ll never lose an idea again.
• Synchronised to all your devices through the cloud.


The gift-giving season is upon us, and we all know that Nana can't be trusted to get you that EVGA GTX-980 graphics card you want. So make it easy on her by installing this collaborative wish list app, which will let your family and friends see what you really want (complete with links to Amazon). It's sharable through standard email addresses, and the simple interface shouldn't get in anyone's way.


Wyve is a free wish list app for your mobile device. With Wyve you can create, share and manage your wishes. Never get the wrong present from your friends and family. Wyve gives you the possibility to create wish lists for special events like weddings, birthdays or christmas, but also for any other occasion. You can create your wishes from many sources: Just share the link on your device with Wyve and add it to any of your wish lists. Wyve will take care of the linking and naming.


Habitica is the latest app that tries to "gamify" life, awarding you imaginary points and levels for doing all those things you really should be doing anyway. For certain people these kind of apps are a very viable motivation tool, and Habitica takes the metaphor to new extremes, adding in RPG-style sprite characters and multiple types of experience points. It's currently in an open beta test.


The NEW app from HabitRPG. Rewritten from the ground up for a smoother experience and more features. Treat your life like a game to stay motivated and organized. Habitica makes it simple to have fun while accomplishing goals. Input your Habits, your Daily goals, and your To-Do list, and then create a custom avatar. Check off tasks to level up your avatar and unlock features such as armor, pets, skills, and even quests.

Sage - Predict the Future

Sage lets you make predictions publicly. They're recorded and shared, and others can vote on them. Then you can bask in the glory when your prediction comes true, or hang your head in ignominious defeat when it doesn't. There's no money riding on any of this (what do you think it is, Draft Kings?), just social bragging rights.


Have you ever had a feeling that you know what’s about to happen? That maybe you could Predict the Future? Now you can prove it with Sage. Sage allows you to make predictions on everything from the result of this Sunday’s football game to who the next hot couple will be, and when they will break up. You will be able to make predictions on topics like politics, technology, sport and entertainment. Sage also allows your friends to vote on your predictions, and comment on how right or wrong they think you are.

Finding Nemo: Storybook Deluxe

There's a new Finding Nemo Dory movie coming out next year, so now is the time for Disney to double down on the excellent original. This kids app is the usual follow-the-bouncing-ball reader primer, though it includes modes that let children read by themselves or listen to a recorded version of the story. There are a few games packed in as well. It's a bit pricey at $6, but there are no in-app purchases.


Join Nemo, Dory, and all your favorite characters star in this spectacular storybook app. This retelling of the beloved Disney•Pixar film features stunning illustrations, cinematic animation, word-for-word narration, delightful sound effects, as well as the best voice talent “in the ocean”: Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, Albert Brooks as Marlin, Willem Dafoe as Gill, and other actors from the original movie.

Manufacturer And Tie-In Apps

adidas train & run BETA

Android Police coverage: Adidas Releases A New, Separate App For Train & Run Beta

You can't be a sports apparel company these days without also being a technology company. This is a beta version of Adidas' surprisingly popular Train & run app. It works with manual input just fine, but to get the most out of it you'll want one or two of the company's wearable gadgets.


Welcome to adidas train & run ALPHA/BETA testing.


Android Police coverage: Sony Releases PlayStation Messages To The Play Store, Decouples It From The PlayStation App

This app allows PlayStation players to communicate with other players on their Friends list. The functionality used to be exclusive to the primary PlayStation app, but now it's available in this free, stand-alone package.


Use PlayStation®Messages to instantly see who's online and message your gamer friends and favorite groups from your mobile device. Always stay connected with your gamer friends to talk about the games you love to play even while you're away from your PS4™ system. With PlayStation®Messages installed on your mobile device, you can:

  • Check your Friends List to instantly see who's online and what they're playing.
  • Send text or voice messages as well as photos and stickers to your friends or a group with up to 100 players.
  • Quickly access your favorite message groups from your favorites list.

Squarespace Commerce

Android Police coverage: The Squarespace Commerce App Is Now Open For Business On Android

Squarespace has long been a destination for good-looking WYSIWIG web design, but lately they've been trying to break into the online retailer game, offering selling and merchant tools to their website customers. This official app lets website operators see and manage orders, inventory, shipping, and all the other minutia of selling stuff on the web. Of course you'll need an active Squarespace account and store to get any use out of it.


It takes a lot to run your own store. Now it takes a lot less. The Squarespace Commerce App lets you fulfill orders, manage product inventory, and resolve customer issues from your Android device—all in the kind of intuitive, beautiful interface that you have come to expect from Squarespace. Here are a few of the top features that simplify the way you sell.


ASUS Themes

Android Police coverage: Asus Uploads Themes App To Google Play

ASUS' heavy software skin (and other bloatware) are the one sore spot in the company's generally well-received and economical phones. But at least you can change the way that skin looks, to a certain degree, with this official theme gallery. ASUS accepts themes and icon packs from third parties, though the gallery in the app itself is moderated.


Want to freshen up your ASUS mobile device? Looking for a way to reflect your style on your screen? Then you've come to the right app. ASUS Themes lets you express yourself and try out various themes on your mobile device. Our professionally-designed themes include icon packs that have their own unique flair, you’d just love to use them even with wallpapers of your own choice. Download now and let your ASUS mobile device come alive with the hottest mobile theme that suits you.

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