It was just another day at the office, then bam. It's suddenly werewolf central up in here. What's a well-dressed executive to do? Kick some werewolf ass, that's what. The latest game from publisher Noodlecake has a boring name (The Executive), but the gameplay is anything but.

The Executive is a 2D action game with a little dash of RPG and platforming thrown in. You control the action with a single finger. Just tap and swipe to execute attacks and blocks to defeat the monsters (werewolves and other stuff) you encounter. You start off with very basic attacks, but as your enemies get more powerful, you can spend your executive-level pay on more skills and better stats. There are also stunt sections where you have to use timed swipes to leap over obstacles.

This game has a cool hand-drawn look, and there's plenty to see with 120 carefully designed levels. There are no ads or in-app purchases, so the balance feels just right to me—it's not too hard and not too easy. Pay the $2.99 asking price, and The Executive is yours. It's pretty rad.