When big companies buy small companies, there's always a chance that the smaller company will more or less disappear, along with its products. Some good examples in the mobile space would be HP's acquisition of Palm or Microsoft's similar purchase of Nokia. Not all tech companies do this - Amazon and Facebook seem to be pretty hands-off with their acquisitions - but Intel certainly does. Less than a year after Intel acquired the company that makes popular password manager PasswordBox, the company announced via its blog that the product will be abandoned sometime in 2016.


The PasswordBox team is already working on Intel's similar service, True Key, and they'll be transitioning both team members and software features over to the Intel side. The official Firefox extension is being discontinued on December 15th, probably because it has fewer active users than the other browser extensions on Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Paying PasswordBox customers have a True Key account waiting for them - simply log in to True Key with the same email and master password to claim it. Most PasswordBox subscribers will be eligible for one year of free True Key service. Those who paid for a "lifetime" PasswordBox subscription - which turned out to be the lifetime of the company rather than the lifetime of the customer - will get three free years of True Key. If you're a PasswordBox user, check out the blog post to apply for the offer.

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