Deep Dungeon of Doom usually costs $3.99. That's not a bad price to pay for a fun side-scrolling dungeon crawler with different protagonists — crusader, witch, and mercenary — and plenty of levels that throw you back to the good'ol times of gaming with 8-bit graphics and nostalgic sound effects. It's even much more acceptable after the game was updated to remove all in-app purchases. Now all gold has to be earned in order to buy upgrades and all revive tokens have to be won fair and square.

But for $0.10? Deep Dungeon of Doom is a bit of a steal. That's probably less than the change that you usually tell cashiers and vendors to keep. The game is getting discounted in many countries too, with the price being down to €0.10 in France, Italy, Spain, and Germany, £0.10 in the UK, AUS$0.20 in Australia, and CAD0.20 in Canada. In Lebanon, it's still at its regular $3.99 price — tough luck for me. I only checked these countries, but you may want to see what it retails for in your corner of the world. Odds are it might be discounted and you'd have a nice cheap IAP-free game to play when you're bored.