Strange as it sounds, using the physical home button on Samsung phones can be a lot of work. Tapping a capacitive or on-screen button is faster and doesn't break up the experience as much. Well, no more. There's a new app for most 2014 and 2015 Samsung devices that turns the physical button into a capacitive one, and it works surprisingly well.

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The easyHome app appears to hijack the fingerprint reader functionality to act like a button press. Simply tap the home button (don't press it), and easyHome triggers a home button press. It's faster, silent, and your button won't wear out. With the pro version ($1.69), you can also wake the screen by touching the home button (as long as you're not using fingerprint unlock) or lock it with a long-tap.

You'll need to set easyHome as an administrator app, but it only takes a moment. If you've got a compatible device (see the Play Store for a full list), you should give the free version a shot.