AIDE, the Android integrated development environment, has reached version 3.2. That means it's getting Marshmallow support. It's picked up the option to refresh Maven libraries. It has updated Android NDK support and Google libraries. And it's packed with other goodies that don't really mean all that much to non-developery types.

But even if you are a developer and you find yourself excited by what you just read, hold on to your butts, because here's where things really get good. Intel is sponsoring a number of premium keys. These would normally cost you $10.

To claim your own sponsored license, exit AIDE, restart the app, and select the 'Code for Experts' option.

Screenshot_20151008-090709 Screenshot_20151008-090727

You should get notified immediately if you have been selected to receive a free key. You then have the option to choose which Google account to tie your license to.

Links to download AIDE and pay for a premium key if you so choose are available below.