New smart watches are finally just around the corner, so now is the time to reacquaint yourself with what's available in the Play Store for Android Wear. There's a lot of new stuff this time, including some cool interactive watch faces for the latest Wear update. Okay, it's actually almost all watch faces this time. Developers are really into this interactive watch face thing. Grab your watch and get ready to stylize like never before.

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 Apps With Wear Support

Welcome to the lone app in this edition of the roundup. It's the official app, which I didn't realize was a thing. The watch app component can be used to track your laps and time so you can monitor your progress. If you're going to hop in the pool with your watch, make sure it has a sufficient IP rating (i.e. not the ZenWatch). The Smartwatch 3 would be the best bet.

-- allows swimmers to track their workouts with an Android Wear device, Pebble smartwatch or other compatible swimming wearable.

Swim with the app for Android Wear, Pebble or Pebble Time and upload your workouts directly to Or swim with your compatible Garmin, Finis or Poolmate watch and sync your workouts through Garmin Connect, Finis Streamline or Poolmate desktop software.

Track Your Swim Workouts allows you to utilize all the functionality of your swim watch, recording your distance, times and efficiency, and using them to track your progress over time.

Compete to Become the Next Lane Leader
Compete with your friends and other local swimmers. Rise to the top by swimming workouts, improving and uploading and get rewarded by the hard work you put in.

Discover Local Pools and Clubs
Whether you’re looking for a place to swim, a club to join, or to start your own club with your friends, has the tools you need to find the pools and clubs you’re looking for.

Connect with Swimmers
Connect with your friends and other local swimmers on to motivate each other, compete and show off your swim training achievements.

Swim with Android Wear
When the app is installed on your Android mobile device, the app for Android Wear will automatically install to any paired Android Wear device. Swimming with Android Wear is easy. Just launch the app, choose your pool and start your swim. The app will automatically detect when you are swimming or resting, which stroke you are swimming and count and time your laps. Once you're finished, head back to the app on your phone to upload your workout to and see how you've done.

Swim with a Pebble Time or Pebble Smartwatch
Once your Pebble Time is paired with your phone, head to the Devices screen on the to setup your device. The step-by-step process will guide you through installing the app on your Pebble Time and configuring your device. After you're all setup, you can easily start a swim by launching the app on your Pebble Time. Once you're finished, head back to the app on your phone to seamlessly upload your workout to

Swim with Garmin
You can have your pool swimming workouts automatically synced from Garmin Connect to Just login to on the web and click the Upload Workout button. Select Garmin and authenticate with your Garmin Account. All of your future Garmin pool swims will automatically appear on the mobile app and on the Web.

Watch Faces

Digilog Mix-Watch

Here we have a watch face pack for both round and square watches. It even takes into account the flat tire of the Moto 360. How thoughtful. These faces look pretty nice to me, but I've never really understood the dual digital and analog watch design.


Looks and works great on Moto 360, LG G Watch R and more.

★ Supports for round & square watch faces
★ Custom design for the flat chin on Moto 360
★ 6 wonderful designs to choose from
★ Ambient mode
★ Digital time


Cookie Jar (for Android Wear)

So hungry, oh is that a cookie?! Nope... just my watch face again. Stupid deceptive watch. Why did I buy a watch face that looks like a cookie again? It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I wasn't hungry, I suppose. Oh well, this is my life now.


Nom nom nom. A delicious cookie watch face for your Android Wear device.

5 yummy cookies to choose from:
• Chocolate Chip
• Double Chocolate
• White Chocolate Chip
• Orio
• Fruit Centre

Designed for both circular and square screens. And every graphic is rendered for the screen resolution and density - so everything looks sharp and crisp.

Note: A glass of milk is not included.
Caution: Extreme cookie cravings have been reported by users. Beware.

Paper Watch

Your watch is not made out of paper. It's made out of metal, and glass, and computer chips, and cookies nevermind. This watch face can make it look like it's made out of paper, though. Paper Watch is a full featured analog face with complications for day of the week, batch battery, phone battery, month, and so on.


Introducing the Paper watch, a simple yet beautiful and functional watch face.

The watch face looks like a pencil on paper sketch.
- current time,
- day of week
- month
- day of month
- watch battery level and
- phone battery level.
Designed for square, round and Moto 360 Android Wear watches.
In minimal ambient mode, the hour and minute hands are shown.
In detailed ambient mode, date and battery levels are displayed, in addition to time.
The phone and watch battery level scales reflect color based on the corresponding levels from green to red.
Ability to choose background from phone or watch.


Blackboard Watchface

Do kids even know what blackboards are anymore? For them this watch face would be like an artifact from the distant past. For you, it might be a walk down memory lane. It has a lot of information on the screen, but the messy look is all part of the aesthetic.


Blackboard Watchface is a simple watch face like inspired by blackboard. Works for both round and square watch. Please try it on if you have no time to design your cool watch face by using Facer, WatchMaker and so on.

[How to set the watch face] When you install this app to your handheld device, you can find this watch face in your wearable device. [Feature] - Simple
- Cute
- Practical

Thirty Two

See, the problem with smart watches is the resolution is too high. More people would buy them if they weren't all intimidated by the pixels. Thirty Two is only 32 pixels square, which is much less overwhelming.


Thirty Two brings true retro flavor to your Android Wear watch. Show off your smart watch in fantastic 32x32 pixel glory. This watch face simulates various classic LED and LCD dot matrix displays.


- Many different color themes
- Configurable anti aliasing
- Configurable ticks
- Configurable width of clock hands
- Compatible with all Android Wear watches

Just A Minute: Wear Watch Face

Just A Minute is a good name for a watch face. I wish I'd thought of it. Ignoring that for a moment, the premise of this one is that you're usually more interested in how many minutes past the hour it is than the hour. In the middle is the minute, then the hour is indicated by a ring of digits around it. There are a ton of themes, and you can even use photos to generate a matching theme. It's a $0.99 upgrade for the full version.


Just A Minute is a minute-forward watch face design for Android Wear.

Stuck in meetings all day and wonder how many minutes are left? Waiting for the bus you know comes in a few minutes? Just glance at your watch to see the minutes past the hour.

Snap2Wear - snap a photo of your clothes and match the colors on your watch to your outfit.
Interaction - choose tap action to change the configuration of your watch face (or turn off tap).

Tip: Enable "Screen Always On" under settings so you never miss another minute.

Just A Minute - make every minute count


Fit Cat - Watch Face

Fit Cat watch face plugs into Google Fit to track how many steps you take. The cat (which doesn't look very fit) will do things through out the day to delight and amuse you. That's pretty much the extent of it. This quirky watch face will cost you a buck.


Fit Cat tracks the number of steps you have taken today. The adorable cat does many different things: sleeping, playing with a ball of yarn, scuba diving and more. The more steps you take, the fitter the cat becomes.
You can use Fit Cat as:
* An Android Wear watch face
* A live wallpaper
* An app
Make sure you enable activity detection on the Google Fit app on your phone so Fit Cat knows how many steps you took.


Lighthouse Scenery Watch Face

This is a simple analog face with a cheerful little light house and a whale on it. The preview images below don't really make it clear how this is actually a watch face for some reason (where are the hands?), so I've included a screen of what it actually looks like on a device.


This is a peaceful ocean view including a lighthouse in the center. The carefully positioned analog watch hands and hour ticks do not disturb the imagery. Cute whale is seen floating in the water.

This watch face looks great in both square and round devices.

We decided not to use animations because of battery constraints, our goal is to keep your battery alive and only show the scenery when you're looking at your watch.

With the battery considerations, in order to use less battery the scene is converted to a grey scale while the device is in Ambient mode. Full colors when you interact with your watch or are actively looking at the watch face. For certain devices that require burn in protection we include a converted full black and white watch face in order to protect your display from damage.


LCARS Android Wear Watch Face

Previous coverage: The LCARS Android Wear Watch Face Brings The 24th Century To Your Wrist

Finally, an LCARS watch face that does the Enterprise crew justice. It has plenty of features and indicators, and it's free. You should download this.


Interactive, digital Android Wear watch face for Star Trek fans. Does not do anything special, but looks pretty good. The application contains two layouts - square and circular. Since the full LCARS interface doesn't fit round screens in any way, the circular layout bases on its rounded keyboard. It's possible to force use of the circular layout on square screens (settings in the companion application). For mentioned reasons it does not work the other way.

Gear watches, except for Gear Live, run Tizen OS, not Android Wear. Please DO NOT INSTALL, DO NOT 1-STAR. Thank you.

RELEASE NOTE (1.1.4/1.1.5)
Some further features requested by users implemented in this version:

- steps counter added;
- date format, time format and currently active indicator switchable: touch to select.

Both above you can turn on/off in the companion app.

- bases on the internal sensor, not on the Fit data. In the period between fresh installation and the first midnight it will show steps taken since the last watch reset. Please be patient, and wait till the midnight before reporting a bug. :)


Watch Warriors

These may look like simple analog watch faces with faces plastered on there, but, well, that's exactly what they are. If you think they look neat, buy it.


This pack includes:
* 5 different Watch Warriors faces.
* Custom images for both circular and square watch faces.

These little guys and gals are more than prepared to tell you the time...and to kick some butt. Choose from 5 different Watch Warrior class styles including Brawler, Necro, Inkeep, Assassin, and Archeress. Wear these pals on your wrist for an extra surge of Warrior Power to help keep those pesky enemies at bay. (except for the Inkeep, he's better suited for pouring a tall, cold pint)

Kanji WatchFace Android Wear

You may know Japanese kanji characters best from that friend of a friend who got one tattooed on his shoulder only to find out it means "pork steak" instead of "love." I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the characters in Kanji WatchFace, but you can change them whenever you want. There are also configuration options for the color and style of the hands.


KanjiWatch is a clock-style application software which you can display your favorite kanji on the face.
All kanji in this app are original written by Shodo-artist “KAI”.

You can get this app for special price now as a grand opening sale.

Kanji are characters originated in ancient China, which is now used in writing of Chinese and Japanese language.
Every kanji has meaning and it is described by its design.

What is your favorite phrase?

Put the feeling into these kanji and decorate the display of your Android Wear.
You can choose your favorite one from 10 kinds of kanji characters in KanjiWatch.
More kanji will be added in the future.

We wish great success in Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Iron Watch Face

Our old friends Richface are back with another watch face. It's got dials, and settings, interactive actions, and all kinds of stuff! This one is designed for round watches, and it looks pretty nice.


Iron Watch Face is designed for round watches. (Moto 360, LG Urbane, LG G Watch R, LG G Watch,)

New tap features (Only for Android Wear 1.3.):
✔ Material design colors (tap in center to switch between colors)
✔ Enable/Disable interactive actions
✔ Show/Hide tap indicator

✔ Digital time
✔ Analog time
✔ Date
✔ Weather (Providers: Open Weather Map, YR, Yahoo)
✔ Watch battery indicator
✔ Phone battery indicator

✔ Animation on/off
✔ Custom color configuration
✔ Custom hour format (am/pm)
✔ Sweep or tick seconds
✔ Screen time settings
✔ Transparent peek cars
✔ Big or small peek card
✔ OK Google position

Live chat and email support on:

Classic Beast Face Watch

I will admit to not understanding the use of the word "beast" in Classic Beast Face Watch. At any rate, this is an analog watch face for sound and square faces. It think it looks pretty classy.


Take delight in our brand new and exclusive watch face which turns your smart watch into the best royal classic beast styles with the premium Face Watch . These Watch Faces were crafted with great passion to provide the user, the joy of owning a classic wristwatch

Perfect for both Square and Round Faces Watch.


★ Fills the gap between a conventional watch and a hi-tech android wearable
★ Displays Battery status, Date, Month etc.,.
★ A watch face for every mood and occasion
★ Watch face designs inspired from various classic models



Bits Watch Face

Android Police coverage: Google Officially Announces Android Wear Update For Interactive Watch Faces And More Translate Functionality

The Bits watch face pack from Ustwo is basically a way to show off all the new interactive functionality built-into Wear. You select a theme, then add several complications (i.e. indicators). Each one is placed in a symmetrical layout with the others, but tapping on any of them blows it up and reveals more information. For example, the clock gets bigger and shows seconds, the weather card shows a short forecast, and the battery displays both phone and watch levels. It's neat and free.


A helpful, touchable, customizable watch face.

With just a glance, Bits displays customizable collections of helpful, bite-sized information. Watchmakers call these “complications” but we call them amazing.

Choose from:
• Battery
• Calendar
• Date
• Missed calls
• New email
• Steps
• Stocks
• Time zone
• Weather

Want more detail? We’ve made Bits interactive. With just a tap you can see details about your next event or find out when this rain will finally stop. (Hint: tomorrow)

Want to mix it up? Add, remove and tweak complications or personalize the face to fit your style by choosing from a selection of background and accent colors.


Watch Face Combo

Watch Face Combo is an analog face with a ton of customization options. You can make it look almost however you want. It's not as extreme as something like Facer or Pujie Black, but it's still solid.


This watch face impresses through endless customization opportunities.

Design your unique watch face. It works perfect for round and square smartwatches.

Combo features:

★ Different watch hands
★ Background patterns
★ Variety of indicators
★ Choice of different dials and features
★ Color customization
★ Advanced settings

There is an extensive set of features and complications:

★ Date day and date month
★ Weather information
★ Battery indicators
★ Compass
★ Second time zone
★ Step counter
★ Analog and digital dials

Settings are accessible through the Android Wear companion app on the phone. Combo can also be used as a widget on your phone.



Mysterious Forest watchface

This watch face depicts a mysterious forest, and again it's an example of Google's new interactive watch face feature. Each tap makes a deer, rabbit, or fox pop up. Otherwise, it's a straightforward digital face.


WatchMaster is a watchface designer group who set out to elevate the aesthetic standards of the smartwatch with its unrivaled design quality.
This smartwatch watchface for Android Wear is crafted by one of our WatchMaster certified designers.
All of our designs, including this watchface, are curated in our WatchMaster app.
- Watchface for Android Wear Device (Moto 360, G Watch R, SmartWatch 3, etc.)
- Support both round and square displays
- Customizable ambient mode
- Customizable Time Format
- Animation
- Interaction Feature

TRIWA Watch Face

The TRIWA Watch Face has a digital hourglass in the middle, which I suppose is the selling point. Although, it's free, so no one is selling you on anything. The color of the hourglass changes throughout the week, and the face itself is pretty blingy. Is that something you like? Get it.


The TRIWA watch face features a metallic finish fitted with an animated digital hourglass. Each day comes with a fresh look — from Blue Monday to White Sunday. Designed in Stockholm, Sweden, TRIWA’s pretty looks are bound to make you look pretty good.

Active Watch Face

Hey, it's Richface again. This time we've got the Active Watch Face, which takes advantage of the interactive elements in the latest Android Wear update to great effect. You can change the colors by tapping on the time, and use the buttons at the bottom to flip to a stopwatch or change the complication at the top. It looks nice, but it'll cost you a buck.


★★★Interactive Watch Face.★★★
With the introduction of the interactive watch faces API, Military Digital Watch Face now supports tap functions.

★★★ New tap features (Only for Android Wear 1.3.): ★★★
✔ Interactive indicators Only one tap is needed to switch between informations
✔ Stopwatch
✔ Material design colors (tap in center to switch between colors)

IMPORTANT: Before tap interactions are enabled, your watch needs the latest version of Android Wear (v1.3) which is rolling out over the next few weeks. Hang tight for the update.

Active Watch Face for Android 5 (Round and Square) made by RichFace watches.

★★★ Features ★★★
✔ Hour, Date, Hour format
✔ Weather (Yahoo, Open weather, YR)
✔ Battery indicator
✔ Phone battery indicator
✔ Daily steps counter
★★★ Configuration ★★★
✔ Tap on right icon to choose iindicator
✔ Change hour format
✔ Choose colors
✔ Set screen time
✔ Choose of peek card size
✔ Peek card translucent option
✔ System bar position option


Math Watch Face

Do you like doing math? What about doing math when you want to know the time? If you answered 'no' to either of those, Math Watch Face is probably not for you. If you think that sounds great, then have at it. For the low price of free, you can see the numbers 1-12 represented by mathematical operations rather than a single digit. What a time to be alive.


Math Face is a simple and minimal watch face inspired by mathematical formulates for your android wear, available two options white or black background.

Fuji Watchface

The Fuji Watchface shows animated weather and other events on your wrist, along with a subtle clock and battery gauge. It looks nice, but the only setting is a 12/24 hour toggle. Don't get me wrong, that's an important thing to have.


✔ Beautiful animation
✔ Digital time
✔ Resolution:320*320
✔ Round & Square Watch Face
✔ Concise & Power saving
✔ Supported watches: Sony SmartWatch 3, Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Asus ZenWatch

If you have some suggestion,you can follow our community:

Vector GUI Watch Face

There's a lot of stuff going on in Vector GUI Watch Face, but it only is super distracting if you enable the full animated mode. Otherwise, it has plenty of options, colors, and indicators.


Vector GUI Watch Face for Android Wear.

Features of Vector GUI Watch Face :
- Circular animation in interactive mode
- Choose design colors
- Day & Month
- Watch battery
- Mobile battery
- Weather
- Daily step count
- Heartbeat frequency
- Unread SMS
- Unread Email from Gmail
- Missed calls
## Settings
- Choose design colors on watch & mobile
- Change the indicator to display on the 3 positions
- Choose between up to 8 indicators
- Switch between éco / simple b&w / full ambient mode
- Enable animation in interactive mode
- Define heartbeat frequency refresh rate
- Define weather refresh rate
- Weather unit
- 12 / 24 hours mode
- Define interactive mode duration
- Define card size
## Installation

This watch face will be installed automatically from your phone paired.
If it doesn't show up please go to the Android Wear App > Settings and Resync all apps.

Once installed, you can select the Vector GUI Watch Face from the Android Wear App.
Or long tap on the current watch face screen: watch face selector screen will open.
** If you have any issues or questions, fill free to contact me by email (English or French language) before giving a bad rating. Thanks.
/. Your watch should be up to date, with Lolipop (Android 5.0) /.

Website :


Calling your watch face "Remarkable" strikes me as cheating, sort of like calling a Phone "Incredible." At any rate, Remarkable is at least a somewhat remarkable watch face. It has both digital and analog readouts and a ton of customization options. It supports both round and square watches, but I think it looks a lot nicer on the round ones.


REMARKABLE is a modern digital and analog watch face for Android Wear that can transforms your watch from a classically designed timepiece to a badass gadget that would look in its element on a star-ship bridge.

A great watch that has countless settings and hours of thoughtful design poured into it. The customization options are accessible by long pressing the watch face, or directly from the Android Wear app, extreme delicacy.

Light Sense Watch Face

Try as I might, there's not much to say about this one you can't figure out from the screens. It's an analog watch face with some neat glowing effects. Fin.


✔ Custom the color of background
✔ Digital and Analog Time
✔ Temperature unit: C or F
✔ Resolution:320*320
✔ Round & Square Watch Face
✔ Supported watches: Sony SmartWatch 3, Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Asus ZenWatch

Track of time Watch Face

So, this appears to be an X-Y scatter plot of time on a watch. I guess that's interesting, but doesn't seem particularly efficient to me. It'll cost you a buck to find out if this is an effective way to tell the time.


A special presentation of time.

✔ Temperature unit: C or F
✔ Time display : AM / PM
✔ Resolution:320*320
✔ Round & Square Watch Face
✔ Supported watches: Sony SmartWatch 3, Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Asus ZenWatch

Vinyl Album Watch Face

The app description calls this a "Realistic CD player," but I'm like 99% sure that's a record... a record that tells the time. I don't think real records did that, but that was before my time.


✔ Realistic CD player
✔ Customization: 12h or 24h; Temperature show or not; Weather show or not; Battery show or not;
✔ Digital time only
✔ Resolution:320*320
✔ Round & Square Watch Face
✔ Supported watches: Sony SmartWatch 3, Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Asus ZenWatch

Running Watch Face

The aptly named Running Watch Face uses the new interactivity features in Android Wear to pull up a stopwatch when you tap on the clock. That's handy for running and such, I assume.


Running Watch Face for Android Wear.

Features of Running Watch Face :
- Choose design colors
- Choose your font
- Day & Month
- Watch battery
- Mobile battery
- Weather
- Daily step count
- Heartbeat frequency
- Unread SMS
- Unread Email from Gmail
- Missed calls
- Calories expended
- Distance
Interactivity of watch face added (Only for Android Wear 1.3.):
- Added an option to activate/deactivate the dials interactivity in the settings screen
- By tapping digital clock, you can display a stopwatch.

## Settings
- Choose design colors on watch & mobile
- Change the indicator to display on the 3 positions
- Choose between up to 10 indicators
- Switch between éco / simple b&w / full ambient mode
- Enable animation in interactive mode
- Define heartbeat frequency refresh rate
- Define weather refresh rate
- Weather unit
- 12 / 24 hours mode
- Define interactive mode duration
- Define card size
## Installation


Numarc Watch Face

The rotating dials have been done before (Motorola actually has a stock face that uses them), but Numarc Watch Face has a neat vibe. It looks pretty glanceable as well. The UI is clean and there's an optional battery indicator.


Numarc is a minimalistic digital watch face.
It shows time by rotating numeric arcs.
It's simple, easily readable, has support for 12/24h time formats and shows your device's battery level.

Keep this clean design on both your smartwatch and phone - Numarc includes watch face and live wallpaper.

- smartwatch and smartphone settings apps,
- live wallpaper for your phone,
- 12/24 hour time format support,
- battery indicator (with on/off switch).


Math Watch Face

You know that Math Watch Face from above? Here's another, similar Math Watch Face. This one seems less advanced—more elementary math, less middle school math.


If you have some suggestion,you can follow our community:

Mr Watch Face

A classic Ministry of Silly Walks watch face, which for copyright reasons is called "Mr Watch Face." We all know what's up, though.


[The developer has opted not to include anything of value in the description, which is really weird.]

Material Watch Face

This watch face looks nice, has some useful indicators, and it's free. The catch? No 12-hour mode. C'mon Europe, you're killing me.


Material Watch Face  is a watch face for Android wear devices.

With its elegant and minimal design, it shows you the hour in digital format, the battery level, the date and weather in your location.

You can choose between two different themes: default, white.

More updates coming soon with more settings available.

Watch Face - White Marilyn

This watch face is brutal, but elegant. Hardcore, but pretty. It's a fancy skull for your watch. This is totally your style, or totally not. All it does is tell the time, though. No indicators or even a date.


YSAR fancy skull watch face collection is made for most stylish smartwatch users.To get our fashionable skull watch face means that you have modern style and exeptional taste. Features are simple as much attention was paid to modern and elegant design.

Our watch faces are available in settings right after you download from store and are simple in being set up. YSAR watch faces do not require much energy, so your smartwatch will operate for almost the same period of time as usual.

Paranormal Watch Face

The Paranormal Watch Face is essentially "Twilight Zone, the watch face." The spooky floating digits move around as you tilt the watch and random TV static effects pop up from time to time. Perfect for haunted wrists.


Nice watch face, with cool design and effects for Android Wear devices.

Watch the video to see what it really does (video doesn't show the light TV noise effect).

Several configurations are available to meet your needs:
- 24 or 12 hours time
- display or hide seconds
- configure frequency and duration of light and dark TV noise effect
- disable TV noise effect if you don't like it
- set 3D effect limits
- configure rendering and contrast
- 2 different ambient mode rendering (paranormal and standard one)

Sunrise Sunset Watch Face

Sunrise Sunset Watch Face is an analog face that shows you, as you might guess, when sunrise and sunset are. The way it does this is neat, though. It has colored wedges on the clock for civil, nautical, and astronomical twilight. If that's something you need to know for photography or some outdoor activity, this could be useful.


This Watch Face for Android Wear allows you to see the sunrise and sunset times for the day,as well as twilight periods.

You can see at a glance the daylight you have left and when to expect the sunrise or sunset.

Sunlight Watch Face is meant for an Android wear smartwatch such as Asus ZenWatch, LG G, Sony Smartwatch 3, Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live.

To choose the new Watch Faces, choose it in the Wear app on your phone, or Long Click on the watch face on the watch. You should see "Sunrise Sunset" as one of the choices.
Please allow some time after downloading for it to show up there.

It is not intended for those that are not Android Wear watches, such as Gear 2 or Gear S or Pebble. It does not have any widget for phone or tablet, but a similar watch, Sunlight Watch Face and Widget, does.

The daylight clock shown is calculated based on your rough location, current time, and a great deal of math. No need for constant retrieval from the internet or sunset calendar. Think of it as a sunrise and sunset calculator in graphical form.

The following information is shown on the watch:
-The time in analog format
-The time in digital format
-The Day of the week
-The Date
-A battery symbol showing the battery life left on your watch.

Color highlights around the edge of the dial illustrate the solar day. It includes:
-The daylight hours highlighted in light blue
-Civil Twilight Period - yellow preceding sunrise and orange following sunset
-Nautical Twilight Period - dark blue before or after Civil Twilight
-Astronomical Twilight - shown in purple.
-Nighttime hours- shown as dark.

There are three common subcategories of twilight, represented on the sunrise sunset clock (summarized from Wikipedia):
Civil Twilight is a time when the sun is below the horizon, but there is generally enough light to carry out outdoor activities without artificial light. The brightest stars become visible as this ends.
In Nautical Twilight, the horizon is indistinct, and general outlines of land features can be seen, It is considered to end when navigation by the horizon at sea is no longer possible.
Astronomical Twilight may appear to be fully dark. Point sources of light such as stars are easily observable at its beginning, but dimmer sources, like distant galaxies, are only visible as it ends.

Now that your Android Wear watch tells you sunrise and sunset times, you can use that information to support your outdoor activities.

Use it to determine hunting times, fishing times, hiking times, or photography times. Any activity which relies on a certain amount of sunlight should be enhanced.

Recommended for Landscape photography.

Use to find the time of a great sunset or the time of a great sunrise. Take pictures or simply enjoy the rising or setting of the sun. Watch the sunset or sunrise.

The watch face has an alternate face for dim/ambient mode to save battery life.
This is a 12 hour clock face depicting sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening.
Before noon, it will be a sunrise calculator, and after noon, a sunset calculator.

Get this Sunrise Sunset Watch Face for Android Wear today.

Pop! Watch Face

Pop! Watch Face isn't something I'd probably use. It's really colorful and doesn't offer anything other than the time. Maybe this is your style, though. It's another interactive face, so you can tap to change the colors.


Contrasting or complementary? pure white or jet? bold or just cheerful? Choose your style with Pop. watch face for Android Wear.

✓ Analog watch face
✓ Three different themes - pop on pop, pop on dark, pop on bright - for six combinations (more to come.)
Interactive watch face: tap on your watch to change the color scheme.
✓ Optimized for both round and square displays
✓ Support for Ambient mode;
✓ Support for Low Bit mode [great for OLED displays]

Wait for more features to come.

Ultra Watch Face

Ultra Watch Face has one of the more interesting implementations of interactive elements I've seen. It actually has app shortcuts built into the watch face and its indicators. You can launch Hangouts or Maps from the watch face without going into the app list, for example. There's also an expanded weather display that can be opened by tapping on the corresponding indicator. The touch targets seem a little small, though. You need to upgrade to the premium version to do any of the cool stuff.


★★★ Interactive Watch Face for Android Wear 5. ★★★

A nice, clean and interactive real watch face with Premium upgrade option. You can always use it for free and it has core options, but Premium version comes with lot more features and options.

★★★ Free version: ★★★
✔ Weather
✔ Watch and phone battery indicator
✔ Background color
✔ 24 hour format
✔ Screen time
★★★ Premium version: ★★★
✔ Background texture option
✔ 3 days weather forecast
✔ Indicators (Weather, Phone Battery, Watch Battery, Unread SMS, Missed Calls)
✔ Shortcuts for Hangouts, Google Keep, Google Maps, Alarm clock, Stopwatch
✔ Tap to choose and change a color
✔ Show tap indicator
✔ Animation
✔ Full ambient mode
✔ Smooth seconds
✔ Small peek card option
✔ Translucent peek card
✔ System indicator positions
★★★ Configuration in companion app ★★★
✔ Change hour format
✔ Background texture configuration
✔ Custom color configuration
✔ Smooth seconds
✔ Screen time settings
✔ Weather update time
✔ Simple and full ambient mode
✔ Peek card configuration (transparent, small or big)


Beat Watch Face

I don't really get this one, but Artem is a big fan. Beat Watch Face is a take on audio mixer displays, but it tells the time. Each column of lights shows you the hours, minutes, or seconds.


Beat is a minimalistic watchface inspired by music amplifiers, mixers, players, etc.
It shows time by 3 columns of virtual, flashing virtual LEDs - 12 diodes for each: hours, minutes and seconds.
Keep its cool design on both your smartwatch and phone - Beat includes watch face and live wallpaper.

Choose over 5 LED colors:
- the original - green, yellow and red,
- blue,
- mono white,
- neon green,
- orange.


Core Watch Face

And here's one more interactive watch face to finish. Core includes the ability to tap the indicator to toggle between eight different data points. It has both analog and digital readouts and a number of different themes.


Core Watch Face for Android Wear.

Features of Core Watch Face :
- Choose design colors
- Day & Month
- Watch battery
- Mobile battery
- Weather
- Daily step count
- Heartbeat frequency
- Unread SMS
- Unread Email from Gmail
- Missed calls
Interactivity of watch face added (Only for Android Wear 1.3.):
- Added an option to activate/deactivate the dials interactivity in the settings screen
- By tapping a widget, you can now change its displayed data among the 8 data available.
IMPORTANT: Tapping interactions will only be available if your watch is updated to the latest version of Android Wear (v1.3) which is rolling out over the next few weeks. Hang tight for the update.
## Settings
- Choose design colors on watch & mobile
- Choose between up to 8 indicators
- Switch between éco / simple b&w / full ambient mode
- Define heartbeat frequency refresh rate
- Define weather refresh rate
- Weather unit
- 12 / 24 hours mode
- Define interactive mode duration
- Define card size

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