Moto 360 owners have been enjoying a Moto Body application on their watch since the Motorola Connect update in November 2014. The app, however, was limited to the confines of the small screen on their wrist, providing daily steps, calories, and activity data, but with no weekly or monthly stats. That changes today with the dedicated Moto Body application that has hit the Play Store.

The app isn't a Motorola exclusive — it is compatible with various brands of Android devices, as long as the phone runs Android 4.3 and up. But it will only install the Wear component on a Moto 360, so you won't be able to use it on other smartwatches. It grabs the data from your watch, including steps, activity, and heart rate, calculates the calories burned, distance covered, and displays everything in detailed graphs that span a day, week, month, or year. Stats can also be compared, so you can notice the trends across days and various periods of time. Plus, there are fitness tips and insights.

The app seems to be generally well received so far, except for a few duplicate issues with users who are seeing the new Moto Body Wear component along with the old one from Moto Connect simultaneously. I'd expect that an update to Moto Connect would solve the issue.