Shhhh. I'm trying to set up an anonymous phone number, and this is a very delicate process.

Oh, what's that? It's not? Hushed? You hush! Oh... I should check out Hushed.

Apparently now is a good time. StackSocial is offering a lifetime Hushed phone number for $39. That's only $10 more than what they would usually charge to use a number for a year.

Screenshot 2015-09-11 at 1.03.09 PM

According to this Android Police post, Hushed lets you create a disposable phone number without dealing with monthly fees. You just pay an upfront amount to use a line for a preset time period starting at $2 for 7 days. Each pricing tier comes with a limited number of minutes and messages that you can use before paying again. The lifetime plan includes a combination of 500 minutes and 1100 messages per year, just like the usual 365 day plan.

The deal expires in four days. Hmm, better hurry... quietly.

Hushed Second Phone Number
Hushed Second Phone Number