Remember when Google published an independent WebView app on the Play Store so that it could update the functionality without waiting for an over-the-air OS update? Today we're seeing the fruit of that particular labor. The tool, which makes it easy for apps to display web content without opening a browser, has been updated specifically to support the Nexus 9 (and any other Tegra-based devices with NVIDIA's K1 GPU architecture) with improved performance. At least that's what the changelog says, and we're in no mood to argue.

Other changes include fixes for certain crashing behaviors, support for "the unprefixed EME API" (an embedded media tool), and ECMAScript 6 computer property names, a handy method for programmers to define a pattern that can create names at the runtime. The update isn't essential for everyday users, but expect it to come in over the next week or so nevertheless.

The app was not found in the store. :-(