Every couple of months the members of the exclusive billion installs club have to roll out the red carpet as they introduce another app into their ranks. This time, they're welcoming two. The likes of Gmail, Facebook, and WhatsApp now have to say hi to Play Games and Talkback.

Play Games (which only launched in 2013) isn't as old as other Play apps such as Music, Movies, and Newsstand —but that hasn't stopped it from beating all three to the one billion installs mark. Now, before anyone gets too excited, that doesn't mean a billion people have all gone out of their way to install the app. Most of them likely bought devices that came with the software pre-installed. I'm someone who barely even plays mobile games, and Google probably has me down for four installs. Still, the older Play apps also generally come pre-installed as well, and Games has managed to come out ahead. That's not bad for an app that mainly just lets you compare your number of achievements with other people's.

Talkback is an accessibility app aimed at making Android usable for blind or visually-impaired users. It helps them navigate by reading text and associating sounds or vibrations with certain actions. It hasn't made the list because it's fun. Talkback is here because it's necessary.


These two additions bring the list of members up to fourteen, following the entry of Hangouts and Chrome earlier this summer. According to Android Rank, potential upcoming inductees include the remaining Play apps, Drive, Instagram, and Skype. There's also the Samsung Push Service, but who's rooting for that?