Microsoft continues to branch out to other platforms beyond its own Windows ecosystem. The latest app from Redmond to land on Android is Microsoft Translator. Not only can you talk to the phone to get translations, it has support for Android Wear as well.

Microsoft Translate can provide instant translations to and from 50 languages including the usual ones like Spanish, German, and French, but also less commonly supported tongues like Urdu, Hungarian, and Greek. Just tap the microphone button to speak or the keyboard button to type, and Microsoft Translate will spit out a translation pretty fast. It does need an internet connection to work, though.

There's no "conversation" mode like you'd get in Google Translate, but it does support text-to-speech in a surprising number of languages. There's also a neat full screen mode so you can show the translation to someone else easily. Finally, there's Android Wear support so you can get translations on your wrist. However, no current Wear devices have speakers, so you'll have to point the watch at the other party to get the point across.