Windows 10 marks the official debut of Cortana on the desktop, and already a developer has integrated the voice assistant with Android devices. Mass producer of Tasker plugins João Dias, known as joaomgcd in the Play Store, has published this video showing Cortana playing along with AutoRemote and AutoVoice to control room lights and disable phone notifications.

The integration is thorough. On his Google+ page, the developer says users are able to execute any AutoVoice commands from their PC using Cortana.

These Tasker plugins, like Tasker itself, aren't the easiest apps to figure out. If you're looking to get things up and running yourself, you must first install Tasker, AutoRemote, and AutoVoice on your Android device (links to all three are available below). Then you need to install the AutoRemote Chrome Extension and add your phone or tablet under Options. Also enable Cortana commands while you're there. Then open Tasker and import this profile. Oh, and make sure Chrome is the default browser on your PC.

Assuming those instructions didn't put you off, you can download AutoRemote and AutoVoice individually for a couple of bucks each or get both as part of a monthly AutoApps subscription. You also need Tasker, which you can grab from the Play Store for $2.99.