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Drop Hunt

Tired of 2048 and want something with a little more personality? This game has you sliding little glob-monsters to their matching petri dishes. All the drops move in the same direction with every slide, so getting them around the grid-based puzzle stages requires a bit of finesse. The free version allows you an impressive 80 levels. In-app purchases are present, but small.


Drop Hunt is a game where you are tasked with moving colored droplets into their corresponding jar. You will have to solve eighty puzzle levels that are spread across four different locations to restore the elixir and save the daughter. Drop Hunt is nicely animated and game play can be challenging. Join an adventurous puzzle race to cure a little girl. Help Dr.Dunno to collect all drops of his unique miraculous elixir. Hunt for drops.

4x4 Jam HD

4x4 JAM (or possibly Jam, the description conflicts with the title) is a standard off-road racer with some impressive track environments and truck models. There's not much to it - just four tracks and six vehicles at launch, with no multiplayer - but it sure is purdy to look at. The game's progression is currency-based with in-app purchases, but they top out at $4 or so - more than reasonable.


4x4 JAM HD is the most unique all-terrain Off-Road Racing extravaganza you've ever seen. Dash through the river, jump over your opponents, roll down a steep hill - there are no limits and no boundaries in 4x4 JAM HD. Challenge your opponents on rainy meadows or hot sand dunes and experience the excitement of hill climbing with custom built Off-Road vehicles.


Vault adds an interesting twist to endless runners with its pole vault jump mechanic. Tap to engage the pole, hold to rise up, and release to finish your jump. It requires some forethought and timing to get the motion just right - too soon or too late before a gap and you're toast. The only point is to collect coins and unlock new characters a la Crossy Road. Ads are included, but a single IAP will remove them.


Pole vaulting has never been so fun. Cascading cliffs, huge bouncy springs and those infuriating red balls. How far can you go? How long will you last? Can you get the highest score? Classic intuitive physics arcade action with easy to use, hard to master tap and hold controls, mean that things aren't as simple as they seem.

  • Intuitive single touch pole vaulting gameplay.
  • Simple concept that anyone can grasp.
  • Collect coins to unlock unique characters
  • Full game centre support to compete with friends and foes

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest

The appeal of Cartoon Network's surreal series Adventure Time continues to elude me, but the RPG-puzzle mix that is Puzzle Quest is much easier to understand. This game is basically the same as it's always been with an Adventure Time skin. Unfortunately, the Google Play reviews say that it's having slowdown and compatibility issues on a lot of hardware - it's a good thing it's free.


The original match-3 RPG™ comes to the Land of Ooo in Adventure Time Puzzle Quest. Join Finn, Jake, and their friends for epic puzzle battles. Match gems to attack your enemies and earn piles of loot. The Ice King's got a rat problem. Princess Bubblegum needs saving. And Flame Princess is ready to declare war. Go on rad quests and help the residents of Ooo by teaming up with your Adventure Time friends.

Mammoth Gravity Battles

This is a combination strategy and puzzle game that has you shooting stuff through space using intense gravity fields. You'll have to warp your cannons around planets, asteroids, and stars in a 3D environment to hit your opponents (unless you'd rather use the easier 2D mode). It's an interesting take, certainly, and the inclusion of a multiplayer mode doesn't hurt. One dollar gets you in with no ads or in-app purchases.


Mammoth gravity battles is a game of skill and turn-based strategy with gravity, planets, physics, black holes, missiles, mammoth explosions, crazy weapons and best of all, woolly mammoths (in flying saucers). A game based on the classic gravity wars; played in turns with ships aiming deadly weapons at each other, trying to adjust for the effects of gravity from the planets, stars and asteroids that makeup the current sector. Black holes, wormholes, turrets, bases and other exotic stellar objects are randomly generated to make for a varied game.


Super QuickHook

Super QuickHook is a Super NES-style platformer with only two movement mechanics: a grappling hook and rocket boots. Use these in conjunction to zip through the levels like a physics-driven Sonic the Hedgehog. Levels are big and contain lots of secrets, but they also seem to have been designed with speedruns in mind - ghosts are recordable and shareable, like in a racing game. A few extra goodies like costumes and powerups are available in the in-game store.


Conquer Eagle Mountain with the help of your trusty grappling hook. Swing and run your way through meadows, frost-tinged fields, ice caverns, volcanic caves, and more. Find secrets, loot, and special encounters. Race against your friends. Explore peaceful landscapes, or try to outrun an endless avalanche. QuickHook combines heavy replay value with deep variety.

Bunker Constructor

Bunker Constructor is basically Angry Birds in reverse: you built the most impenetrable fortress possible to protect your goods, then the enemy flings stuff at you trying to knock it down. The mechanics use variable materials and physics settings, not unlike those innumerable bridge building games you played in school. Two bucks gets you 45 levels with no in-app purchases, though the progression is currency-based.


In Bunker Constructor you build strong bunkers that protect against enemy attacks. You must build resilient bunkers through 45 levels and in 5 environments including desert, forest, beach, mountains and city ruins, because the next attack wave is already underway. You will know if your bunker is strong enough when the enemies attack with either their artillery, tanks or bombs.

Tappy Lap

Tappy Lap is a top-down 2D racer that evokes the console and arcade games before cockpit or behind-the-car graphics were feasible. Two-button controls keep things simple, but I found the locked track perspective disorienting. More nuanced techniques like slipstreaming and blocking might scratch your itch for racing. The game is free with small in-app purchases to boost your progress, and $1 removes the advertising.


Just "Tap" to change steering direction. Hold the screen to straighten up, speed match the car in front, or just brake. It's brilliantly context sensitive. Get bonus points by Drafting other cars using the slipstream, blocking faster cars for a speed boost, or racing clean laps. Race 18 tiers of varied race modes: star grabbing, rival races and more. Get faster cars as your skills improve for some some intense Tappy Lap action.


If you still play through the classic Pac-Man mazes in your sleep, you probably already know that the "Championship Edition" has been available and praised on other platforms already. This deluxe edition (yes, deluxe edition of the championship edition) includes shiny new graphics, 132 levels, and various game modes. The $5 premium title is also available in an Android TV version for the same price.


It’s Your World. EAT IT. Get ready for more ghost chain gobbling and frantic action in PAC-MAN® CE-DX. The award-winning chomping video game makes a shattering debut on mobile with even more content than ever before. PAC-MAN® Championship Edition DX is the official mobile version of the most beloved arcade game of all time. IGN gave the video game a perfect 10/10 and an Editor's Choice award, calling it "a master class in game design.”

the Sequence

The Sequence is a simple puzzle game that tasks the player with moving a sliding circle into the target with an increasingly varied collection of unique tiles. Some push, some pull, some fling, some swing, you get the idea. This $1 version has no ads or in-app purchases, and there's also a free demo edition if that's too rich for your blood.


The Sequence is a unique puzzle game. Build a sequence using special modules to transfer binary cell. Find solutions to solve more than 50 levels with simple and complex structure. Are you ready for a challenge?

Hot Seat: quickfire party game

Hot Seat is a minimalist party game that centers on word association. It's kind of like Family Feud without the surveys: each player is given a letter assignment, a limited amount of time, and then a series of categories. Pick a matching word that starts with the letter and you get a point, skip it and you lose ten seconds. It's a simple little game that's easy enough to pass around, and the settings are tweakable in a few relevant ways.


Hot Seat is a fun and fast-paced word association party game for two players and up. Players are given a letter, and have to answer categories with words beginning with that letter as quickly as possible. The fastest player to answer ten categories wins. Try and keep a cool head while fast and furiously answering diverse categories such as: Reasons to quit your job? Things you see at the zoo? Things you can get your finger trapped in? Things that smell bad? Reasons to smile?


Poltron is a pretty simple endless runner game, but it's stylish and (for the moment) free. You run from a monster across a greyscale world, jumping over and sliding under obstacles. That's about it. Check it out if you want something with a bit more flair than the usual fare, and has no ads or in-app purchases.


On a beautiful spring day, Godefroy is declaring his love to her dear, pretty Eleanor, when suddenly a giant comes and tramples her under the incredulous eyes of our lovesick. And here's our coward who immediately starts to run in order to escape the shoes of the monster. Arm yourself with your best reflexes and avoid the many obstacles to help Godefroy in his flight. " Poltron " is a small game, fast, simple and unlimited.

The Journey Back

The Journey Back is a minimalistic first-person Adventure game about the events following a car crash. That's all there is to it, though fans of the recent wave of pastel-shaded art games might find something to enjoy here. The game is $2 with no in-app purchases.


The Journey Back is a first person exploration experience. You gain consciousness after being involved in a car crash. Explore a colorful, stylized 3d world, solve puzzles and find out what happened along the way.

Burn The Boards

Burn the boards is a puzzle game with a message, specifically one about e-waste. The puzzles center around deconstructing electronic trash, but they're more or less just an excuse to talk about the poor working conditions and low wages in third-world countries. 50% of the proceeds reportedly go to supporting Indian migrant workers.


In the unique puzzle simulation game Burn The Boards you can not only experience the reality of an informal worker, who breaks down e-waste for a living, but also contribute to change. The player takes on the role of Arun, a villager who came to the big city with his wife and child to try his luck. Arun gets work in Chopra’s e-waste scrapyard, a small backyard factory where a dozen workers recycle electronic components. In order to feed his family, Arun has to recycle as many boards as possible, while toxic fumes will also poison him at the same time.


DISC (ain't nobody got time for all those periods) is a minimal twitch game where you have only one button. Tap the screen to switch the red and blue markers between the left and right lanes and try to get them correctly aligned as targets fly at you. The TRON-inspired graphics are nice, if simple, and the setup is enough to kill a few minutes in line.


Avoid the wrong colors as long as you can. Tap the screen to rotate the discs. How far can you make it?

Alco Invaders

Alco Invaders is a pretty typical horizontal space shooter, with the addition of "retro" voxel graphics and lots of of memes. Oh, and dubstep. (Is that dubstep? I think that's what you call it.) In-app purchases are present, but largely optional.


The Galaxy is under fire. Only you can save the Galaxy from Alco Invaders, which want to steal your alcohol resources. In this game you can ride the Flappy Bird space ship, mix cocktails and even feed the cat. Deep space and colorful stars say Welcome to you. Let's fight.


Matchiiz is a puzzle game about burning stuff. Seriously, that's the whole point. Arrange matches on the board so that the heads light up as the flame passes to get to the goal. It's a simple little idea that will appeal to your inner pyromaniac. Shifting backgrounds and kooky contraptions will keep you interested, at least until the IAP grind sets in.


Please welcome the MATCHIIZ game. Your mission : Burn up all the MATCHIIZ (matches) to gain point and bonuses, all the MATCHIIZ left unburned on the table will be lost so be careful .

  • A fun and refreshing 3D Puzzle game based on matchsticks.
  • Addictive 250+ Levels with progressive difficulty
  • 56 Google+ Achievements
  • Google+ Leaderboard
  • Google+ Cloud Save

Plancon: Space Conflict Free

This is a free version of HeroCraft's Plancon, which we covered back in May. Since the original twin-stick shooter included $100 in-app purchases on top of the $3 purchase price, it really should have been free from the start.


Near space, the future - year 2600. Your home - the training orbital station - has been destroyed by a treacherous alien attack. There are thousands of casualties. Only one pilot has survived – and that pilot is you. Your trusty ship and your thirst for revenge will guide you to the correct orbit. On your travels, you will encounter a dangerous stranger who happens to know your childhood secrets. Space bandits will make offers that are impossible to refuse.

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