AirDroid offers one of the more Android-themed ways to get files from your computer to your smartphone or tablet. It's green, there's a bugdroid in the logo, and, well—this isn't the point. Besides, file sharing is just scratching the surface. AirDroid lets you control your device remotely, accessing texts and turning on the camera. Now the developers have rolled out a number of intriguing features in the latest updates to its Windows and Mac desktop clients.

On the Windows side of things, there's a new desktop widget. It lets you access much of the functionality the main client offers without having to load up the full window. You can see missed calls, texts, and app notifications from a single location. And if you want to send files, the widget gives you a simple way to go about doing that.


Though, the team has introduced an even easier way to get those files transferred. Just right-click and choose Send to AirDroid. From there you just sit back and watch.


Unless you have this many devices. D'oh, accidentally selected the wrong one again!

Alternatively you could use Pushbullet or Portal. Perhaps BitTorrent Shoot. Even fire up an FTP client using Solid Explorer. But you're probably reading this because you already use AirDroid, so moving on.

On the Mac side of things, there are new tabs in the menu bar panel. Now there's one for Nearby, Friends, and Notifications. These service as a convenient alternative to the desktop widget on Windows.


Regardless of which desktop operating system you're using, this update introduces the ability to search through your SMS messages. For the full rundown, here's the changelog.

What's New:

Windows Client
New features:

  1. New desktop widget: send files, access call logs, SMS & notifications faster.
  2. Search SMS.
  3. Send files to phone via right-click menu.

Bug fixes & improvements:

  1. Notifications can now be sorted by app.
  2. Animation for closing notification pop-up is disabled.
  3. Other bug fixes and improvements.

Mac Client
New features:

  1. Added Nearby, Friends and Notifs tabs in menu bar panel.
  2. Search SMS.

Bug fixes & improvements:

  1. Notifications can now be sorted by app.
  2. More emojis in SMS.
  3. Dock icon can be hidden when main window is closed.
  4. Other bug fixes and improvements.