Microsoft is striving to be more experimental and branch out to other platforms with the Microsoft Garage project, which means we get some interesting stuff on Android. Not all of it is probably going to last, but hey, some good short-term fun. The latest app from the garage is Tossup, which can be used to gather opinions from your friends so you can make plans quickly and easily.

The video explains things rather well, and you should watch it because it's kind of weird. The lady starts by telling us that her friends don't suck. Who are you trying to convince, sweetheart? She goes on to describe how her friends suck, and getting them to communicate like rational adults is a pain. Tossup to the rescue! Somehow she manages to make all her friends use this app, and sanity is restored. Such an emotional roller coaster for a sub-1 minute video.

Tossup lets you create quick polls with multiple choice or yes/no questions and invite your friends to vote. You can chat in real time, see results, and share links through the app. The app itself looks pretty nice with a basic material UI. It's free, so maybe give it a shot if your friends suck and you can't bring yourself to admit it.