Solid Explorer is one of the most popular file managers on Android, but the app has never been particularly attractive. It's much improved today, though, with the release of Solid Explorer v2.0. I know what you're thinking, is that really just happening now? Well, it's been in beta for more than six months.

The new version comes with a new listing, the same one used for the Play Store beta test. So if you had that installed, it should update to the final version. The previous app has been renamed to Solid Explorer Classic. Because Solid Explorer uses an unlocker app for the full version purchase, there's nothing new to buy for long-time users. There's also an option to get the full version with an in-app purchase now. Solid Explorer has a few new (paid) plugins as well. There's Mega, USB OTG for Nexus devices, and three icon packs.

Solid Explorer 2.0 has a fully material UI, dual-pane support, drag-and-drop, root access, Chromecast, support for various cloud storage, and a ton more. The layout also seems much less schizophrenic than it was before. You can try it free for two weeks if you're not convinced. We've also got the app on APK Mirror if you want to grab it there.