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Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

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Featured App

Photo Wall FX Live Wallpaper

Today's app roundup is sponsored by the Photo Wall FX live wallpaper by Handy Apps. The idea behind this wallpaper is simple: it uses the local photos on your phone or tablet to make a grid collage, dynamically selecting and cycling photos and sizing them so that there's no space left between them. Double tap on a photo at any time to bring it up in the gallery (great for new parents). The premium version (accessible via a $2 in-app purchase) allows for unlimited photos from separate albums, extra animations and effects, and a dimmer option. Photo Wall FX now supports over 30 new languages!


Showcase an animated collage of your favorite photos on your device's wallpaper with Photo Wall FX - a live wallpaper app that does exactly that while consuming very little battery! Photo Wall FX is a live wallpaper app that showcases your photos in a collage format with several layout styles to choose from. Want to add an entire album, to apply some cool image effects or just double tap on any photo to share it or view it in full screen? This app does them all.

Photo Wall FX has been optimized for both smartphones and tablets that has live wallpaper function with options to choose both portrait and landscape layout styles. Features include:

  • Select specific photos from your device to be featured on your live wallpaper photo collage
  • Portrait and landscape views have their own customized layout styles
  • Double tap on photo on wallpaper to view the specific photo in full screen mode. This effectively turns your wallpaper into your favorite photo gallery!
  • Smart Image Correction to keep visibility of object in the picture
  • Smart Image Rotation to correct photo orientation
  • Customisable animation time interval
  • Fast loading time
  • Minimum battery consumption
  • Create multiple custom photo albums
  • Select photos from multiple albums to be included in the photo wall live wallpaper collage
  • Choose from more than 10 different image effects offered such as oil painting, black & white photo fx
  • Choose your preferred animation style for the photo wall
  • Customize the layout style individually for portrait and landscape views
  • Set dimming effect on the photo wall live wallpaper
  • And last but not least, Photo Wall FX is absolutely free!


CloudPlayer™ by doubleTwist

Android Police coverage: CloudPlayer From doubleTwist Is A Slick Way To Play Music From Your Favorite Cloud Storage

Google and Amazon give you free storage of music in the cloud, but they don't make it easy to work with your songs once you've uploaded them. If you'd prefer to simply throw songs on "dumb" storage like Dropbox or Google Drive, DoubleTwist will give you a way to play it quickly and easily. Most of the more advanced functions from the original DoubleTwist player are present in CloudPlayer, along with a snazzy new Material Design interface and support for both downloads and streaming.


CloudPlayer is a revolutionary music player that puts you in control of your music, no matter where it's stored. Use it as a traditional music player or link your Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive to create a giant cloud jukebox for all your music. Stream or download songs from your cloud accounts for offline playback. Enjoy built-in AirPlay and Chromecast support, hi-fidelity lossless sound, 10-band EQ and more.


Android Police coverage: BitTorrent Launches Shoot, A QR-Based Way To Quickly Send Files To Other Mobile Devices

Shoot is a unique peer-to-peer file transfer service that utilizes QR codes and the BitTorrent protocol. Remember those? The idea is to transfer large files without needing a cloud storage account or having to deal with email. As you might expect from BitTorrent, Shoot actually works better with multiple people accessing the file. Sending the first three files is free, after which you'll need to pony up two dollars.


Shoot makes it easy to send a big batch of photos or a large video directly from your Android device to your friends. It doesn’t matter what device they use or which network they are on: Shoot just works. Shoot is powered by BitTorrent Sync’s peer-to-peer technology, so large items are no problem. Files move directly between people without going through the cloud...and your data remains completely private.

Inputting+:Universal undo redo

Android Police coverage: [Hands-On] Inputting+ Brings Undo, Redo, And Find And Replace To Touchscreen Typing On Android

Typing on a touchscreen still sucks, even after years of it being a near-universal activity. Inputting+ hopes to make it suck less. This app runs in the background and "watches" everything you type (don't worry, it has no internet permissions and doesn't save passwords by default). You can re-enter text at any time, so you'll never lose five minutes of input to a random app crash again. A few extra tools like universal find and replace are also included.


It's 2015. Can you believe there is still no undo(ctrl+z), redo(ctrl+y), find & replace(ctrl+f) when inputting on a touchscreen? Fortunately, Inputting+ can handle this. With Inputting+, a smart floating bubble will automatically pop up when you are typing. It can help you undo, redo, find & replace text, and even quick insert clipboard history. Have you ever got a moment that you lost something very important in case of the app crash or network connection failure? Inputting Timeline can automatically collect all texts you typed in other apps to a simple timeline.

Portal - WiFi file transfers

Android Police coverage: Pushbullet Introduces Portal, A New App For Easy File Sharing Between Your Android Device And PC

Here's another file transfer app, this time for getting files from your computer onto your phone. Unlike some of the alternatives, you don't need a server app on your PC (or Mac, or Chromebook, or whatever) because it works from within a browser. Unlike some other alternatives... you can't move files from your phone to your computer. That being the case, it's hard to know why you'd want to use this over AirDroid.


Getting pictures, videos, and other files from your computer onto your phone should be quick and painless. Portal helps by making it as easy as drag and drop. Portal is very easy to use. Just open the app and pull up on your computer and you're ready to go. Files are transferred over your WiFi connection which mean they don't count toward your mobile data limit. This also means files are transferred very quickly (even if they're over 1 GB in size).


Android Police coverage: Google's First-Party Clock App For Android Is Now Available In The Play Store

Google's latest addition to the Play Store is something Nexus users are very familiar with: the AOSP clock app. The one uploaded to the Play Store is actually the same version included in the Android M Developer Preview, though it's not all that different from the one introduced in KitKat. The biggest advantage of posting it to the Play Store is giving easy access to owners of phones that use heavy manufacturer skins.


Enjoy Google’s material design clock experience on your Android device.

• Set alarms, add timers, and run a stopwatch
• Add your favorite cities to the World Clock pane
• Connect with Android Wear to snooze or dismiss alarms from your watch

Amazon Cloud Drive

Android Police coverage: At Last, Standard Amazon Cloud Drive App Comes To The Company's Appstore And Google Play

Amazon's Cloud Drive isn't significantly different from the services offered by Google or any of the other competitors, but Amazon does like to keep a tight hold on some of its properties (cough, Instant Video, cough), so the Android app wasn't available on the Play Store until now. Amazon Cloud Drive includes the usual retrieval and upload functions, plus previews for most standard Office documents, images, and videos.


Amazon Cloud Drive lets you easily access all of the documents, spreadsheets, music, photos and videos that you have stored in Cloud Drive from your Android device, all in one app. Preview your files within the app and share files and folders. It’s easy to get started with a 3-month free trial.

  • View all your files and folders
  • Preview documents, spreadsheets, presentations and photos
  • Play videos and music stored on your Cloud Drive
  • Share your files as links and attachments though email, message and other apps

Intel® Remote Keyboard

Android Police coverage: Intel Releases Remote Keyboard App For NUC And Compute Stick Systems

There are a lot of apps that will let you control a PC from your Android phone, so why did Intel feel the need to make a new one? Probably because the company is pushing a new generation of small form factor PCs, including full Windows machines that fit on little HDMI dongles not much bigger than a Chromecast. The pairing method is pretty ingenious: you connect the phone controller app with the PC via a QR code.


Designed for Intel® NUC and Compute Stick devices, remote control your mouse and keyboard in Windows 8.1 with your smartphone or tablet.

Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden

Android Police coverage: Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden Slides Into The Play Store For All Your Deck, Pool, And Open-Air Planning Needs

So you've designed your perfect home in 3D, and now you're eagerly awaiting the day you can afford a two million dollar mortgage. Why not spruce it up with another quarter million worth of exterior accoutrements to pass the time? This latest 3D home design app is specifically for pools, decks, gardens, and landscaping, and it includes the usual pre-made furniture and features. In order to get the most out of this design app, you'll need to spend a small fortune on in-app purchases.


The simple, intuitive and comprehensive Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden application boasts all the features that made Home Design 3D such a success (number 1 application on Android with over 20 million downloads throughout the world). With its new 3D rendering, Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden will help you fulfill your design dreams quickly and easily, whatever your idea: design your garden, come up with your ideal outdoor space, create a play area, organize your open-air wedding and more.


Android Police coverage: The Official Medium App Is Out Of Beta And Live In The Play Store For All

Medium is a website where writers from all walks of life post messages. (Get it?) There's nothing wrong with the mobile Medium site, but if you'd prefer to read or browse in a purpose-built interface, the official app is now available on Android after a long beta. Even better, you can also post to Medium... but be warned, the service is geared towards long, expansive blog posts, not tweets.


Welcome to Medium for Android. Read, recommend, highlight, and respond to stories that matter most to you.

• A simple editor allows you to quickly capture your idea and publish it on Medium.
• A beautiful, dynamic interface guides you through an endless supply of stories from a diverse sampling of writers, from world-famous authors to first-time contributors.
• Create your Medium account with Facebook, Twitter, or Google login.


Android Police coverage: Gamer-Focused Chat App Curse Launches On Android... Without Voice Calling

A mobile client for gaming-related communication makes a lot of sense, if only so you don't have to pause your game or switch to another window. Curse is a multi-platform solution that's growing in popularity. It might grow just a little bit faster if its Android beta had included voice communication from the start, instead of just a social network and text chat. The developers say it's coming in a new version soon.


Curse is a fast and free communication app for gamers. Millions of gamers use Curse to stay in touch with their friends and teammates online. Messaging your friends is better than ever before with Curse's friends list, instant friend syncing, and seamless group messaging.

  • Forget server subscriptions and fees – Curse is completely free.
  • Stay in touch with friends across all games you play, from SMITE to League of Legends.
  • Never miss a message with offline chat and message history.
  • Bring your team together with group messaging.

NBC Sports Tour de France 2015

Android Police coverage: Official Tour De France 2015 App (For US) Is Here, $20 Buys You Live Streams And Other Access

Another year, another big bike race around France. Once again NBC has the exclusive broadcast rights in the US, and once again they're milking the hell out of it with an incredibly expensive charge: $20 to stream the race to mobile, and that doesn't include the right to watch it on your computer. (Want to stream on the web? That'll be another $30, please.) It's a good thing the French are so famously good-natured, or American expatriates might be somewhat miffed.


Experience the 2015 Tour de France like never before…watch every stage LIVE on your Android handheld or tablet device. And track the peloton in real-time with interactive maps and profiles. It’s as close as you can get to the Tour without a passport. Get the app today, and receive access to the following features:

  • Live Video Coverage from Every Stage
  • Full Stage Replays
  • Real-Time Tracking Map and Profile
  • Short-Form Video on Demand Clips
  • Stage Results
  • Overall Standings
  • Rider Profiles by Country and Team
  • Stage Maps, Elevation Profiles and Stage Descriptions
  • Top Stories and Interviews
  • Official Tour de France Photos
  • TDF Twitter Stream

Vessel Beta

Android Police coverage: Vessel Comes To Android With A Subscription Service Offering Early Access To Short Videos That Will Be Free In A Few Days [Update: Includes Ads]

Vessel is basically YouTube, but faster (because certain "celebrity" uploaders post content a few days earlier) and worse (because there's nowhere near as much actual content). Oh, and you have to pay for it - about $3 a month. At least with that premium you don't have to watch ads... oh. Yeah, you have to watch ads. And all those videos will be on YouTube soon. Whose idea was this again?


Welcome to the Vessel Beta for Android. We're excited to offer the Vessel app for beta testing on Android before our full market release. Download the Vessel app and get exclusive, early access to some of the best web series, music videos and complete segments from TV for only $2.99 a month. Try Vessel free for a month. No commitments. Cancel anytime.


Android Police coverage: The Colbr App From CBS Provides Video Clips And Audio Podcasts In Anticipation Of Stephen Colbert's September 8th 'The Late Show' Debut

Stephen Colbert is taking over The Late Show after Letterman. It's kind of a big deal. This is the official Colbert app... which for some reason is named "Colbr." It's for fans who are sad that The Colbert Report is off the air and literally cannot wait for his tenure on CBS to start. Video clips, podcasts, and social content is included. Go nuts, America.


Finally. A reason for the Internet. The new Colbr app brings you the latest from the upcoming "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert." Featuring full-color comedy videos, medium-fidelity behind-the-scenes podcasts, and several other things. Colbr: the best way to follow Stephen Colbert without risking a restraining order.

Kitchen Stories

As someone whose greatest culinary achievement is that one time I popped an entire bag of popcorn with only three raw kernels left, I don't get much use out of cooking shows or apps. But for those who do, Kitchen Stories looks like one of the better options for new recipes, instructional videos, and... I dunno, egg beater recommendations? The app can load up a recipe and generate a shopping list from the ingredients, which might actually inspire me to give this stuff a try.


Loved by millions of users, Kitchen Stories offers aspiring and seasoned chefs alike the opportunity to hone their cooking skills and discover delicious new recipes and cooking inspiration. All Recipes are easy to recreate and come with beautiful pictures, easy to follow step-by-step photo instructions, recipe videos, and clever how-to videos – all completely FREE of charge.

multi-page article

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