Developer Digital Tales has been hyping its latest Superbike game for a few weeks, and today it's finally been released on Google Play. SBK15 is a simulator in the general sense, and it tries to bring a feeling of realism to its motorcycle races. The tracks are based on real tracks, the bikes are based on real bikes, and the riders are licensed likenesses of world championship racers, complete with authentic sponsor logos plastered to their helmets.

And don't get me wrong, SBK16 definitely has some good points. The graphics are appealing without being too taxing, the sense of speed is decent, and the tilt controls actually make sense in the context of leaning into a curve. But while the game goes to great lengths to include authenticity in the setting, it leaves out a lot of the things that you might take for granted in a mobile racer. For example, while there are a handful of different touch control options, you get zero external controller support... which also means that SBK15 is a no-go on Android TV. Want multiplayer? Too bad, because the game only lets you race against bots in various standard and career modes.

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The authenticity of the tracks, bikes, and riders will probably be enough to please fans of the Superbike World Championship. The game's in-app purchases are more than reasonable, but those looking for racing in general would be better served by other games.