IFTTT updates DO come in sets these days. Though the developers separated DO Button, DO Camera, and DO Notes into individual apps, they tend to release new versions at around the same time so that none of them get jealous. Some of the latest changes are similar across the three DO apps, such as the inclusion of unlimited recipes. Other tweaks are unique. So let's pay attention to what the updates DO and see why each app is special in its own way.


Version 1.4 of IF places recipe recommendations in your feed that are tailored to suit your interests. They also appear if you're creating an account for the first time and haven't yet told IFTTT anything about yourself.


This release also offers two-factor authentication support that you can initiate via the website.

What's New:

Introducing the Android Battery Channel with new Android Device triggers and actions

  • Recommendations in your feed, tailored just for you
  • Optional two factor verification security available via ifttt.com
  • New Channels: Android Battery, Trello, Weebly, and more

DO Button

DO Button has turned 2.0 less than half a year since it was born. At this young age, it has learned how to float buttons. Once enabled, they hover on top of your apps like Facebook chat heads.

DOButton1 DOButton2

What's New:

  • Unlimited DO Recipes (!)
  • Widgets now have Recipe names
  • New Floating Buttons keep DO at your fingertips

DO Camera

Version 2.0 or not, DO Camera is still a camera app. What does that mean? Filters. You get filters. When taking a picture, you're now just a tap away from making your photo "retro" serpia, brighter, or black and white.

DOCamera1 DOCamera2 DOCamera3

What's New:

  • Unlimited DO Recipes (!)
  • Draw, write, or add emoji on any photo
  • Introducing B&W, Retro, and Bright camera filters
  • New Channels: Trello, Weebly, and more

DO Note

What does DO Note get for the big two-oh? Why, a new widget. That way you're always one tap away from leaving yourself a note.

DONote1 DONote2

What's New:

  • Unlimited DO Recipes (!)
  • New widget for lightning fast notes
  • New Channels: Trello, Weebly, popSLATE

So that's what these apps DO. Now please go out and use all of them equally. Or, you know, DO with them what you will.