Android users in general like widgets. Android "advocates" (which I suppose includes all of us here at Android Police) remember when it was one of the biggest differentiators between Google's mobile operating system and iOS, back when people were trying to convince us that we didn't really need copy and paste support. So when Nokia's Z Launcher homescreen replacement app launched without widgets, a considerable number of users couldn't switch over because of this lack.

2015-06-06 16.58.22 2015-06-06 16.58.49 2015-06-06 16.59.43

Now the developers have alleviated this problem, so it's a good time to give Z Launcher another chance. Version 1.2 adds basic widget support: swipe to the blank screen on the left side of the main launcher and long-press to add them. (The gesture-based typing of Z Launcher might get in the way of this - swipe at the very bottom of the screen if you're having trouble.) Any widget can be placed and even resized, but at the moment it looks like the app only supports a single screen of widgets, which is still going to leave some heavy users out in the cold.

You can now swipe to the right to bring up the A-to-Z app list instead of using the standard button at the bottom, and the usual performance improvements and bug fixes are thrown in for good measure. Z Launcher is still very much in beta, though - for example, I can't find a way to manually change the wallpaper without opening another launcher or photo app.