After teasing the Material redesign of AllCast a couple of weeks ago, Koushik Dutta has finally made the updated 2.0 version available for everyone to install, enjoy, admire, and swoon over. And if you're wondering why it looks so good, it's because our own Liam Spradlin had a hand (mouse click?) in giving the app its fresh coat of paint and that is all you need to know. Article over. Nothing left to say. I'm dead serious. Why are you still reading this? Go scroll down to the end of the post and click install, dammit! Everything I say from now on is just pointless gibber-jabbering to fill space.

Alright, if you insist on continuing reading, AllCast 2.0 has all the bells and whistles that we've come to expect from Material Design. Full height drawer? Check. Plenty of animations? Check. FAB? I tried checking it but it kept floating. Cleaner design, better use of space, moar purrty everywhere? Check, check, and checkmate.

Otherwise, the app still does exactly what it says on the tin, ie cast your media to various devices including the Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360 and One, Roku, Apple TV, different brands of Smart TVs, and more. Some bugs have been squashed in this update and you should see all seasons of a TV series grouped together. But here's the full changelog in case you want to read it.

What's New

Praise Duarte! The great material redesign is now live! Now with dashing icons, stunning drawers, scrolling toolbars, and the fanciest of pixels. Thanks to Liam Spradlin for guiding me towards the light our One True Savior, Matias Duarte.

There's also a ton of boring bug fixes.

I thought about leaving the system update notification in the screenshots to make my fellow nerds twitch, but didn't. You're welcome.

If you have a sec, I'd appreciate a nice rating. Tell me your fav burger topping too.

Koushik also shared some before/after screenshots of the app so you can see all the beautification that has happened in this last update.

AllCast is still free to download and try in the Play Store, but it has a 5-minute limit on photos and videos that gets removed in the paid version. If you're itching to start your daily Duarte praising ritual, you can launch into your session at the links below.

Alternative title: AllCast Goes Material, HalleLiam! HalleLiam! HalleLiam!