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Featured App

Expense IQ - Expense Manager

This week's roundup is brought to you by Expense IQ - Expense Manager from Handy Apps. This amazingly complete expense tracking system has a solid and colorful UI, and just about every possible checkbook, alert, and tracking feature you could want. Everything you input can be saved and exported for personal backup and expense reports, and all your data is synced via Dropbox, making Expense IQ a snap to use across multiple phones or tablets. Bill alerts, a PIN lock, and even a homescreen widget are all included in this app's bag of additional goodies. The basic version is free, but to get access to advanced functions you'll need to pay for the full $9.95 version via in-app purchase.


Expense IQ is the long awaited successor to EasyMoney - the number one money manager app that combines an expense manager, a bill reminder, a checkbook register and a budget planner. Expense IQ – Expense Manager provides a rich, detailed window into your personal finances and daily money management needs. Track and manage daily expenses quickly & easily. Business expenses, personal expenses, travel expenses etc can all be managed rapidly using Expense IQ’s simple and intuitive user interface. Interactive reports & graphs let you analyze income, expenses, cash flow and balance over various date ranges and accounts.


Hello — Caller ID & Blocking

Android Police coverage: Facebook Announces Hello, A Dialer And Caller ID Replacement With Social Smarts

Hello is Facebook's branded dialer, and it is a dialer, not a VOIP app. The main selling point (if you can apply the term to a free app) is that it includes caller ID and public info for anyone whose number is registered on Facebook. Aside from that and a built-in call blocking feature, there aren't any major pluses over using your phone's standard dialer.


Make your phone smarter with Hello. Built by Messenger just for Android, Hello combines info from Facebook with the contact info on your phone so it's easy to stay in touch with the people you care about. Now you can see who's calling, block unwanted calls and search for people and places on Facebook. You can also call and text people for free using Messenger.

Meerkat (beta)

Android Police coverage: Meerkat Live Video Streaming App Exits Its Invite-Only Burrow, Sticks Its Head Out Onto Google Play As A Public Beta

Meerkat is a live streaming platform that takes a Twitter approach to video sharing. It's used for trying to be funny and pirating major boxing events. You can see who's streaming at the moment via push notifications, and your followers get the same service when you start a stream. Keep in mind that whatever you happen to be doing is completely public.


Meerkat allows you to live stream video from your phone to all of your Twitter followers at once. Press 'Stream', and instantly your live video stream shows up in your follower's Twitter feeds. When your followers have the app, they will also get pushed notified with your live stream, watch, comment and interact with it using the app.

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edjing PRO - Music DJ mixer

Android Police coverage: Edjing Pro Provides Android-Using Professional DJs With A Feature-Rich Music Mixer, Launches Priced At 50% Off

Much as some of us would like to believe otherwise, there's still no substitute for a full-sized computer when it comes to creative work. But the last couple of years have seen more and more complex tools come to mobile platforms. The latest is edjing PRO, another mobile DJ deck and remix tool. Unlike some of its pro-marketed competitors, this one includes everything with one purchase, though it is a rather large one.


The world first DJ app finally releases its professional version: edjing Pro, a full featured DJ system. At last, a professional DJ software optimized for Android smartphones and tablets. All effects are unlocked - no ad - no hidden cost. edjing Pro is equipped with the brand new Sound System of edjing, the result of five years of R&D, to provide DJs with the most reliable and reactive djing solution possible on Android.


AppChat (Alpha)

Android Police coverage: AppChat Is An Alpha App That Connects You To Live Chat Rooms For All Your Installed Apps [Update: Live On Play Store]

Do you like to talk with strangers about the apps that you're using? Then AppChat is for you. It's basically a series of chat rooms customized for each app on your phone. It makes sense if you're looking for an easy way to find support, though I can't imagine there's a whole lot that you can say about Crossy Road. The interface is interesting: swipe up from any screen to reach the room for that particular app.


AppChat automatically puts you in a chat room for every app you have installed on your phone. It lets you chat in real time with everyone else who has the same app. NOTE. This is an early alpha we hacked together over a few days that we're releasing early to get feedback. Try it out, but please go easy on the low ratings while we figure this thing out.

  • We automatically detect which app a screenshot is for and offer to upload it to that chat.
  • Swipe in from the bottom right of your screen when in any app and you can jump straight to the chat for that app.
  • All the usual chat stuff: you can like messages, mention users, etc.

Clarity Keyboard Beta

Android Police coverage: SwiftKey Introduces Greenhouse Initiative To Experiment With New Ideas, Debuts Clarity Keyboard Beta

Clarity Keyboard is the latest app from SwiftKey, and you can think of it as the company's new testbed for beta features. The first version focuses on a new approach to autocorrect that incorporates contextual awareness. In layman's terms: it looks at the surrounding words to see which autocorrect option makes more sense, more like a human would. Right now it's a bit barebones, as it doesn't include most of the bells and whistles you might be used to from other keyboards.


Clarity Keyboard Beta is an experimental keyboard offering a simple way to type (English US only), helping you to focus on what you’re writing and nothing else. It is compatible with Android 4.4+.

  • Multi-word autocorrect - checks the last few words you’ve typed and retrospectively corrects them.
  • No more ‘damn-you-autocorrect’ - quickly undo any autocorrections and restore exactly what you typed by tapping backspace.
  • Always learning - automatically learns your slang, nicknames and phrases.

Mobile Justice - California

Android Police coverage: Latest ACLU Mobile Justice App Aims To Help Californians Record The Police And Know Their Rights

There have been a lot of issues with police brutality in America lately, and they're mostly outside of Android Police's scope of coverage. (Yes, despite the name.) The American Civil Liberties Union wants to make it easy for people to legally record the police going about their activities, and the videos recorded are sent straight to the ACLU's servers. Right now the app is only cleared for legal use in California, but it should be at least somewhat functional everywhere.


Communities across the U.S. continue to suffer from over-policing, racial profiling and excessive use of force. Empowered by the American Civil Liberties Union of California, the Mobile Justice CA app is one way you can put a check on law enforcement misconduct wherever, whenever. With this app you can:

  • ​​​Record and submit incidents directly and securely to your local ACLU of California affiliate using your phone camera.
  • Get instant location alerts from fellow app users witnessing incidents nearby.
  • Know your rights when encountering or witnessing an incident with law enforcement, and access the ACLU's full library of "Know Your Rights" materials at the click of a button.
  • Keep up-to-date on local and statewide actions and events hosted by the ACLU.

Overam - Creative Photo Editor

Android Police coverage: Overam Circles Around Your Photos, Blurs The Lines Of Editing, And Lands Square In The Play Store

I'm usually pretty down on Instagram-style minimal photo editors (because they try to socialize the activity of actively making photos worse), but Overam actually includes some interesting additions to the formula. The application of geometric shapes to the photos and filters offers finer control than an image-wide adjustment, and a live viewfinder lets you see at least some of the effects before you take a photo.


Bored with the same style of filters/presets, frames, overlays, stickers etc? Want to get creative with your images? Give our app a chance, and we will try to make you feel differently. Simply, just take a geometric shape and change the composition of your photo. And then get creative with multiple blur options, glow option, color overlay, etc. For the first time ever an editor goes live. Yes, almost everything you can do in the editor, comes packed in the real time camera too, to save your time in post processing.


SNL: Saturday Night Live

Android Police coverage: [Live From New York] NBC Releases Saturday Night Live App Complete With Clips, Emoji, And More

Looking for that classic SNL skit without having to comb through hundreds of episodes? (Your first thought is probably to look on YouTube, but NBC seems to be scrubbing all of them off of the service.) Now you can use the official SNL app... which, for some reason, doesn't include episodes. For those you'll have to pop out into the main NBC app. At least it has... custom emojis. Yeah.


Only 3 episodes left this season. Scarlett Johannson hosts May 2 – download the SNL App to watch classic sketches from her past appearances, including MTV: Maternity Television and The Millionaire Matchmaker. Plus, gain instant access to favorite highlights from every single season. The SNL App brings four decades of live comedy to your fingertips, offering classic sketches from every single season of TV’s late-night landmark.


Android Police coverage: Shuddle Arrives In The Play Store Toting A Hectic Group Of Kids From San Francisco

Is there any ridesharing service that doesn't start in San Francisco? This one is just for your kids - it's basically a vehicular nanny. Shuddle lets you call for a car to get your kids to sports practice or home from school when you can't get there. The drivers are all screened, and most of them are already teachers or nannies. Right now it's only available in the Bay area, of course.


The safe and reliable ride service for busy families & kids. We’re passionate about providing the best service for families to get where they need to go, safely and on time. Shuddle drivers are hand-selected through an extensive screening process, and our customer service team tracks every ride – just in case there’s a need for extra support on the road. Shuddle drivers are nannies, teachers, nurses and other trusted caregivers who have experience with families. Each one has passed our thorough ShuddleScreen selection process.

Analytiks for Google Analytics

Google Analytics has become the go-to free service for tracking website performance, but no one could accuse the Android app of being pretty. Analytiks is an alternate version that adds a more functional and attractive interface. Particularly, Analytiks can let you directly compare two sites being tracked by your Analytics account on the same screen - handy for traffic comparisons.


Analytiks comes to Android. Get the most beautiful, fastest and secure Google Analytics app for Android. With support for Google 2-Step Verification. Check multiple sites stats with a swipe. It's super easy and intuitive. Turn your Android smartphone left or right to get more stats for the last three quarters of web traffic and incoming traffic from top 3 social media sides.

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Glimpse Notifications

This app enables the wake detection feature from the Nexus 6 on any Lollipop device. Unlike some other implementations of this idea, it uses Android's stock lockscreen, so you won't have to juggle multiple unlock methods. Naturally, your mileage may vary.


Using Android Lollipop's lock screen notifications? Tired of having to press the power button to see them? Then this app is for you.

• Keeps using the default Lollipop lockscreen, no custom implementation with weird limitations
• White list apps whose notifications should turn on the screen
• Quiet time to prevent the screen from turning on at a bad time
• Pocket mode prevent the screen from turning on in your pocket or face down
• Unpocket mode to detect when the phone is no longer in your pocket
• Limit unpocketing detection time
• Repocketing detection: detect when the device might be put back in the pocket by waiting for the proximity sensor being covered after the screen goes off
• Using modern Android APIs this app is as compliant and energy efficient as possible

6 Seconds

6 Seconds is the latest online radio service to try and take on the likes of Spotify and Pandora. It's an interesting approach, mixing both online radio streams and terrestrial AM and FM radio stations. At the moment it includes unlimited song skips, but the gesture-based user interface may take some getting used to.


6 Seconds is an entirely new free music experience which turns the entire world of radio into a powerful personal jukebox.

  • Unlimited skips makes it easy to keep only the best music playing.
  • A speedy search finds any popular song in under a second playing anywhere in the world.
  • Personal favorites can be marked and whenever playing, users can be alerted to tune-in (song hunting).
  • An intuitive swipe based interface makes it easy to use with a wave of finger perfect for on-the-go listening.

6 Seconds is the latest creation from digital music pioneer and MP3.com founder, Michael Robertson and is available globally.


Take it from me: trying to find a pet sitter or dog walker on short notice sucks. DoggyBnB (get it?) is trying to make it suck less with a collection of sitters organized in what is, basically, a review app. You can quickly find dog sitters, their rates, their covered areas, and reviews from former customers. Even better, the app looks through your Facebook contacts to try and find sitters who know you or are friends of friends.


The DoggyBnB app is your personal team of dog sitters, reachable at once whenever you need help. Take the guesswork and stress out of finding a dog sitter every time you need help by gathering all your dog loving friends and trusted options in one place. Instead of asking friends one by one, cornering them to help or searching online through profiles of strangers, USE the DoggyBnB app to notify all of your trusted options at once.

Yallo - The Future of Calling

Yallo is another mobile VOIP program, but instead of tying in with the existing structure of cell phone calls it tries to create a new and more flexible one. The headline feature is the ability to add a "caption" to a call - basically titling your outgoing call along with a ringer (popular options include "I know you're there, stop sending me to voicemail" and "where's my freakin' money?").


Go Yallo - No cell reception? No problem. Yallo solves your cell reception problems. With Go Yallo you are still available for calls to your regular number via WiFi and Yallo. When you direct calls from your regular number into Yallo you benefit from all our features for your incoming calls – not just outgoing ones. Call Caption - Give your calls a title - Want to let someone know why you’re calling so they can decide to pick up or not? Call Caption is the answer. Write a quick message that gives someone the context in advance.


Wemple Weather

Wemple is a basic weather app that hits all of the Material Design notes. The functionality is much the same as the weather portion of Google's official News and Weather app with a new (and very pretty) interface. A few extras like wind info and pressure sweeten the deal.


Wemple Weather is a clean and simple weather app which provides detailed weather for all cities worldwide. It provides you current conditions, hourly forecast for 5 days and forecast for 14 days.

  • Geo-positioning, retrieving the latest weather conditions for your current location
  • Option to add locations manually
  • Hourly forecast for 5 days
  • 14 days forecast
  • Selecting location from map
  • Material design
  • Information about: min/max temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, cloudiness, precipitation and pressure
  • Auto updates for weather data
  • Notifications


So you're green. But are you green enough to only eat foods that are in season? FoodKeeper tells you which foods are currently at their peak and which foods last the longest from production to your table. The idea is to reduce the amount of personal food waste that you generate. Cooking information and a built-in calendar for refrigeration and freezer times are included.


The FoodKeeper can help consumers use food while at peak quality and reduce waste. The storage times listed are intended as useful guidelines and are not hard-and-fast rules. Some foods may deteriorate more quickly while others may last longer than the times suggested. The times will vary depending on the growing conditions, harvesting techniques, manufacturing processes, transportation and distribution conditions, nature of the food, and storage temperatures.

BLINK -Eye Care Screen Filter

BLINK is a behavioral app that, well, tells you to blink. The idea is to reduce eyestrain by triggering regular and healthy blinking sessions, initiated by the screen momentarily going black. How useful or effective this can be is probably best answered by an optometrist, but if you've been having eye strain issues lately, it can't hurt to try a free app.


How to use BLINK

  • Just blink your eyes when the screen goes black.
  • Enable and Disable from the notification bar in just a tap..
  • Different modes for all your usage needs- normal, reading, gaming, videos, and more.
  • Totally Customizable time intervals.
  • Swipe or tap to make the black screen disappear
  • The best thing ever made for people who read on Phones and Tablets


"Chargies" are basically digital versions of Tamagotchi with some special social sauce thrown in. The idea is that you have to send them to other users (presumably your friends, at least for now), which charges up their "batteries." If you let them stay in one place for too long, i.e. inside your phone, they die. Yeah, it's weird.


Chargies is an experimental messenger app that helps you make simple connections. The Chargies app makes it easy and fun to message anyone, whether you communicate with them regularly or not. Can’t find words to express your thoughts or feelings? Send a Chargie and put a smile on your friend’s face. Think of Chargies as a cross between YO and Tamagotchi. When you download the app, you will get 10 cute creatures that live in your phone for a day until their batteries run down.

Manufacturer And Tie-In Apps

Galaxy Button Lights

Android Police coverage: Galaxy Button Lights App Finally Lets Galaxy S6 Users Change The Capacitive Button Timeout

For someone who's used to virtual navigation buttons, the backlit hardware nav buttons on Samsung's devices might seem like spotlights. This app allows you to customize the timeout of the light on the Galaxy S6, or simply set it to "always on" or "always off." Good news for owners of carrier-locked versions: the app does not require root permissions.


This is a simple app to let you choose how long the capacitive buttons (recent apps and back arrow) at the bottom of a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge stay lit. You can choose a time duration, always on when the screen is on, or always off. This may work on other Samsung devices like the latest Note, but it has not been tested for anything but the S6. App does NOT require root. It requires permission to write system settings so the changes can be saved.

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Livescribe+ Preview Edition

Android Police review: Livescribe+ Preview App Hits Google Play Store, Will Work With Livescribe 3 Smartpen

Holy crap, it took the note capturing gadget Livescribe long enough to come to Android, didn't it?


For use with Livescribe 3 smartpens. Also requires the Livescribe Link service app to be installed. NOTE: Livescribe+ and Livescribe Link are currently in Preview. The Preview Edition of Livescribe+ includes most of the features expected in the first full release. To learn more, please visit our blog. We expect to launch Livescribe+ v1.0 later this Spring.

Livescribe Link Preview Ed.

Android Police review: Livescribe+ Preview App Hits Google Play Store, Will Work With Livescribe 3 Smartpen

...and for some reason, it requires both a management app and a pairing app. Hopefully this gets sorted out once the preview period is over.


For use with Livescribe 3 smartpens and the Livescribe+ Preview Edition app. Not sure if your device supports Livescribe 3? Use Livescribe Link to ensure that your mobile device meets the minimum requirements* to connect to a Livescribe 3 smartpen. Livescribe Link is a required service app that manages the Bluetooth connection between your Livescribe 3 smartpen and the Livescribe+ app (available as a separate download).

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Remotr is another game streaming app that takes the games on your PC and sends them to your Android device. Unlike NVIDIA's solution, this one is designed to work with on-screen controls that can be completely customized, and includes a set of layouts for popular titles. You'll need a high-speed local or Internet connection and a reasonably high-powered Windows machine to use it, and it's currently in a preview build.


With Remotr you can access and play your PC games on your Android mobile device for free, enjoying the same performance and visual quality as if you were playing the games directly on your computer. Remotr is designed with gamers in mind – the app is built to provide smooth streaming and short reaction times for even the most graphic intensive games. Remotr includes control presets for popular PC games. Of course, gamers can modify and customize their own controls for each game.

Videostream Chromecast: Mobile

Videostream allows you to stream local videos on your PC to Chromecast. That's about it, really - the basic functionality isn't complex, but the bells and whistles are impressive. The app supports full 1080p streams, subtitles, and playback controls on your phone. Videostream doesn't need a separate installation on your computer - it's all run off of a Chrome app.


Videostream lets you stream local videos (downloads, etc.) from your computer to your Chromecast in full 1080p. This Android app will remote control Videostream, which is an easy-to-use Chrome app (Get it for free at www.getVideostream.com). We're working as fast as we can to make Videostream amazing to use. We want to let you wirelessly stream your videos hassle free, WITHOUT installing a media server. Non-techies, this is the Chromecast app for you.

WTF App(s) Of The Week

AlarmRun (Social Alarm)

This alarm app goes to truly desperate measures to wake you up. If you don't verify that you're really awake, it will send an SMS to your emergency contact implying that you are about to die. Well, maybe it's not quite that bad, but it does say "I'm trapped in my bed, get me out," which might lead a reasonable person to call 911. No matter how bad your oversleeping problem is, the addition of emergency crews is not likely to help.


Most effective alarm application - AlarmRun. The most scary alarm in the world ever. Can't help waking up from your bed. You won’t believe how fast AlarmRun gets you jump out of bed. The concept is quite simple. If you don’t wake up on time, AlarmRun will post on your SNS with a comment “I’m trapped in my bed, get me out.” Other optional fun features include:

  • Sending an SMS message to friends to wake you up
  • Sending an SMS message to a random person in your phone contact list
  • Posting a random picture from your phone’s photo gallery to your SNS

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