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Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

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Featured App

SeatGeek Event Tickets

Today's roundup is presented by SeatGeek Event Tickets. SeatGeek is like the Google of live event tickets: it searches everything, everywhere, and gives it all to you on the same page. SeatGeek search results for sports, concerts, and other events come from every major source, like StubHub, eBay, all the major league sports markets, and the venues themselves, then the app shows you the final ticket location and price. The app even includes stadium/venue maps and photos of the view from whatever seat you want. SeatGeek is completely free to use.


Ready to stop overpaying for concert tickets? Need 50-yard line seats at next week's game? Dying to catch that sold out Broadway show? SeatGeek is a search engine for tickets that scours hundreds of websites at once and brings back all available tickets in one place. Use it to save time & money the next time you want a sweet deal on concert tickets, sports tickets, and more.

• Tickets from all the major sellers – and 100+ more – all in one search
• Search over 140,000 events – concerts, music festivals, NFL, NBA, & NHL games, Broadway shows and more
• Deals automatically ranked from best to worst with Deal Score
• No hidden fees – see the exact price you’ll pay at checkout
• Amazing interactive seating charts
• Real view-from-seat images for 100s of venues
• Recommended events near you
• 100% free


drupe – Contacts. Your way.

Android Police coverage: Drupe Gives Boring Phone Contacts A Contextual Gesture-Based Makeover

Drupe is an interesting app that aims to place your contacts and a collection of applicable app actions at your fingertips. Activate the app by tapping the floating button, then slide one of your favorite or recently-used contacts onto an app icon on the opposite side. The relevant app will open with a new email, text message, Facebook message, or what have you to the contact you selected. Plenty of operational and visual options are included for tinkerers.


WOW your Android with an app like no other. We bring your contacts and communication apps together in one place, that’s accessible from all your screens. Want to contact someone? Just swipe the contact to the right app and get in touch. Simple. Using drupe, you can reach anyone on your contact list, using your preferred communication app, with just one swipe. Yes, drupe is within your reach whenever you need it. Don’t worry, we made sure it’s not annoying.


Flyp - Multiple Phone Numbers

Android Police coverage: Flyp Lets You Use Up To Six Phone Numbers On A Single Phone

For those of you who still use your phone as, well, a phone, you have a few options like Google Voice and Skype for alternate numbers. But what if you want to juggle more than two? Flyp gives you one extra number for free, for life, plus up to five more for a reasonable $2.99 each. Use one for work and one for home, plus one for that annoying person who hits on you at the bar (so you can have the pleasure of not answering).


Flyp gives you multiple numbers on your phone. Instantly get more phone numbers for each part of your life - work, friends, family, and more. With Flyp, you can connect to what matters most. With Flyp you get:

  • Additional phone numbers in seconds
  • A dedicated number for each part of your life
  • Seamless calling, texting, and voicemail
  • Same awesome call quality as your current number
  • Custom voicemail greetings for each Flyp number
  • Custom area codes for each Flyp number
  • Easily share your new number
  • Import all your current contacts
  • Personalized text-to-voice Quick Reply messages
  • Do Not Disturb for each individual Flyp number


Android Police coverage: Beatport Launches Its Android App With All The Streaming Electronic Music And Material Design You Can Handle

Streaming music is becoming increasingly compartmentalized, which is a really good thing for people whose tastes don't align with the radio top 40. Take Beatport for example: it's a streaming service just for those who like electronic music. Beatport got its start as a track repository for musicians, but now it's gaining steam as a place for those musicians to post their finished music. It doesn't hurt that it happens to be one of the few online radio apps that adhere to Material Design.


Beatport brings you free, unlimited streaming from our world-class catalog. Connect with the artists you love and find new favorites. Stream your favorite tracks from anywhere. Discover festivals and shows from around the world.


Nuzzel: News From Your Friends

Android Police coverage: Nuzzel Builds A News Feed Out Of What Your Friends Read, Has Just Released An Android App

Show of hands: who's tired of wading through the various Buzzfeed links and other crappy stories on their Facebook page? Nuzzel aims to blend a traditional newsreader with stories recommended from your social contacts, and yes, you can pick who shows up and who doesn't. It imports from Facebook and Twitter, and it includes the usual share functions to send stories right back out to your friends. The interface is surprisingly clean as well.


Nuzzel is the super-easy way to see news from your friends. Discover the top news stories shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter, without being overwhelmed or missing anything. No setup or configuration is required, just login with Twitter or Facebook and see interesting news stories in seconds. You can also use Nuzzel to share interesting stories with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS. Nuzzel can even send you customized news alerts when breaking news is shared by many of your friends.


Android Police coverage: Tilt Allows Your Group To Easily Collect Money For Crowdfunding Goals

Tilt is a crowdfunding-style app that lets you actually do something useful. It's primarily designed for small groups: distribute the app and each member can contribute to a common goal (say, a T-shirt order or a trip discretionary fund) with debit or credit. It's also an easy way to see who hasn't paid up, eliminating some of that awkward pressure. The app is free for most groups, but you can sell items directly or collect for a charity for a fee.


Join over 500,000 groups who have used Tilt to easily collect money for FREE. With Tilt you can track who’s paid, know how much you’ve collected, post updates, and receive funds to your bank overnight—all in one safe place. With the Tilt app, you can:

  • Start collecting money in less time than it takes to read this sentence.
  • Let everyone see who’s paid, those who don’t get a healthy dose of peer-pressure.
  • Stop fronting money and hassling Ed “No cash” Jones to pay you back.
  • Collect risk-free, no one is charged unless you reach your goal (a.k.a. “tilt” amount).

Pixel OFF Save Battery AMOLED

If you've got a phone with an AMOLED screen, this app will overlay it with a bunch of black dots. The idea is to display a bunch of pure black on the screen, which actually shuts off the affected pixels and saves you some battery life. (Note: this doesn't work for conventional LCD screens.) Options for greater or lesser intensity are opened up via in-app purchase, but you don't need root permissions to use the app itself.


Some AMOLED screen powered devices are able to "turn off" those pixels which are showing black colour. This app will let you to turn off some pixels in order to save your appreciate battery by showing very small black points. As newer devices comes with very high density screens those points will be insignificant to the user´s sight and will be offset by lower spending battery


Android Police coverage: Facebook Launches Riff, A Collaborative Video-Making App That Isn't An April Fools Joke

This Facebook app allows you to post a video, then your friends can add bits and pieces to the end of it. It's basically a multimedia version of a long comment thread. Of course you can add your own bits to your friends' videos as well. I can see this being useful for a family or group that has a shared experience - say, a vacation or a concert.


Riff is the best way to make videos with friends. Just start a video, say what it’s about and post it on Riff. Anyone can see your videos, but your friends can add to them, and then their friends can add to them, and then their friends… You get the picture.

• Log in with Facebook to see videos by friends on Riff
• Start a video you want people to add to
• Browse Riff for videos you want to add your own clip to
• Get inspired by checking out videos the Riff team has featured
• Share the videos you start, add to, or find on Riff with friends.

Shortcuts for Waze

Android Police coverage: Shortcuts For Waze Makes It Easier To Search Or Navigate From Your Homescreen

Waze is an awesome alternative to the standard navigation services (so awesome that Google snatched 'em right up), but it doesn't have much integration with the rest of Android. This app allows you to add common destinations and routes to your homescreen as a shortcut. You can add a specific address or something more generic to find the nearest businesses, like "Chinese food." Simple, useful, free.


For some unfathomable reason Waze does not provide a built in way to add shortcuts to places. So I wrote this app to provide them.

  • Use them anywhere shortcuts are accepted
  • Just search or auto-navigate
  • Use exact addresses or search general terms (gas station, fast food, etc..)

Note: I am not associated with Waze in any way, except as a user of their software.

Trimmer (fstrim)

Imagine this app as a defragger for your phone or tablet. It's not - that's not how flash storage works - but if you've been using your Android device for a while, trimming the NAND storage might just get rid of some considerable lag. You'll need root permissions to use Trimmer.


Almost all Android devices use NAND chips for data storage. Because of how NAND chips work, they may become significantly slow after some time. Trimming would help to restore NAND Chips performance to their initial value. Although Android 4.3+ supports trim natively, users have no control over this process and Android doesn't trim the storage for a very long time. "Trimmer (fstrim)" helps you to run trim on your device manually if you feel it has become laggy.

unnamed (3)

File transfer by Infinit

Infinit is a point-to-point file transfer service. Thanks to its structure it doesn't have any file size limitations, though it may take you quite a while to get larger files to your PC or a friend's phone. It includes a basic address book and media viewer for quickly previewing or watching those totally legit videos you just received.


Infinit makes sending and transferring files to your contacts or your other devices easier and faster than ever. Share any files from anywhere in your phone using the Infinit share button, even entire movies with friends and colleagues in a few taps on the screen. You can also transfer files like documents, photos and full HD movies between your own devices whether you’re using a phone, a tablet or a desktop computer.

Gallery Doctor - Phone Cleaner

This here is a photo apps dedicated to quickly and effectively clearing out all the photos you don't want or need on your phone. It claims to clear up storage (definitely) and improve general performance (maybe). The interface takes a lot of inspiration from Tinder: swipe left to delete and right to keep. The "Gallery Doctor" function can also instantly identify blurry or duplicated photos without additional input.


Free up valuable storage by automatically identifying and cleaning your unwanted photos. Review and keep the shots you want, clean the ones you don’t. Gallery Doctor - Phone Cleaner has helped users free up to 32% worth of storage, all on the first-time use. Users have on average 2GB worth of unwanted photos that are taking up valuable storage on their device. Instead of spending hours scrolling through thousands of photos to find and clean your unwanted ones, Gallery Doctor - Phone Cleaner saves you time by identifying them immediately.

uMash Collage Generator

"Collage" may not be the right word for the output of this photo app - it's more like a fancy variable grid layout. But it can handle photos from all the usual social networks and cloud storage services, so if you're looking for a quick and easy way to make a visually appealing photo layout, this is it. It also has filters. Of course it has filters. It's impossible to build a photo app in 2015 without filters.


Any picture, any size, any frame- uMash Collage Generator does all the work for you. Quickly create beautiful picture collages and share them with friends and family. Select pictures from your device or favorite social media service and uMash will automatically build collages for you to select, edit and share. uMash uses smart cropping technology and powerful algorithms to produce unique, fitted collages with NO photo limit.

UltraTuner - Chromatic Tuner

Need to tune your guitar - or any other instrument, really - without a fancy stand-alone gadget? Then check out UltraTuner. It's not the first tuner app on the market - not by a long shot - but it does boast enhanced pitch precision and compatibility with musicians tools like the iRig.


UltraTuner features one of the fastest, smoothest and most responsive tuning engines of all the tuner apps on the market. UltraTuner is precise to a 1/100th of a cent, far beyond human perception of pitch. In fact, it’s 10 times more accurate than a mechanical strobe tuner (considered the “gold standard” of tuners). UltraTuner’s accurate pitch detection is achieved through a proprietary dual-analysis processing engine, which allows it to get a much more accurate reading of the frequency from the incoming note than most other tuners.

PRO Landscape Home

Remember when you were a kid and the school computers had "baby's first image editor" with a few basic tools and a ton of clip art? This is basically that, but for home landscaping. Take photos of your lawn or garden and add in a bunch of trees, flowers, grass, and whatever else it is that people add (sorry, I'm an apartment dweller) to see how it looks. There are sharing and gallery tools as well.


PRO Landscape Home lets you create your dream landscape or garden design starting with a picture of your house. Place high quality photos of trees, shrubs, flowers and more to create a stunning landscape design. Once your design is created, share it on Facebook or other social media sites, and find local garden centers or landscape contractors who can help you turn your design ideas into reality.

DoorDash - Food Delivery

Android Police coverage: DoorDash Delivery Service Rings Google Play's Doorbell, Is Now Ready To Serve Android

Here's another local food delivery app. Right now it only works in Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, and the usual California suspects of San Francisco, LA, Orange County, San Jose, and Silicon Valley. Just once, just once I want to see one of these newfangled services launch in Akron, Ohio.


DoorDash delivers from hundreds of local restaurants in 45 minutes or less.

  • Currently serving San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Jose, Los Angeles, Orange County, Boston, Washington D.C., and Chicago.
  • All the Best Restaurants: we've got hundreds of the top restaurants in your area and we're adding more daily.
  • Get It Fast: Order on-demand or schedule a time that works for you.
  • No Hassle Payment: Pay directly from the app using a credit card.
  • Track Your Order: we provide up to the minute updates so you know exactly where your food is.

Caliber - Business Messenger

Caliber is basically an instant messenger intended only for "business contacts." Oddly, it only supports importing contacts from LinkedIn, so I suppose it's an unofficial messenger service (to replace LinkedIn's crappy direct message system). If your business contacts are too hoity-toity to use regular messenger services or SMS, I suppose it could be useful.


Caliber is a messaging app to let you instantly chat with your business contacts. Our goal is to help you be more successful and productive professionally. You can use Caliber to get advice from your business contacts, to find a job, and to create new business relationships for the future.

  • Instant Messaging: Chat with your business contacts with the same ease as you chat with friends on any other popular messaging app.
  • Business Contacts Only: We sync your existing professional contacts from LinkedIn.
  • Powerful Search: Search by name or find professionals based on their professional experience like roles, skills, and companies they’ve worked.


Thumbster is a dumpster rental service with a mobile app. Get it? Eh? Eh? In all seriousness, it does look like a remarkably complete approach to something that contractors and DIY home improvement users will appreciate. Unfortunately the app description doesn't mention where it does or doesn't work.


Finally. Roll off Dumpster rental is now fast and easy. Have a construction job coming up? Looking to clean out all that junk at home? Thumbster gives you the power to rent a dumpster from your mobile device from start to finish. No more calling around for hours trying to find a dumpster. No more time restrictions on when you can order. No faxing or scanning of paperwork. With Thumbster’s 24x7x365 On Demand mobile application, you can get a real time quote, and order your dumpster in 5 minutes or less.


The Edit

Normally we wouldn't particularly care about another fashion app, but this isn't just about finding things, you can actually buy them. "The Edit" (huh?) features a wide selection of women's clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories, and you can search and buy all of it via PayPal. It looks like the app is limited to the UK for now.


The Edit is an elegant and simple new way to shop for shoes, clothes and jeweler – anywhere, any time. Discover over 10,000 items from your favourite retailers and brands – from high street to high fashion.

  • Seamless shopping - Buy items from different brands with a single order.
  • Secure ordering - With every order covered by the highest level of Payment Card Industry certificates.
  • Build up a wishlist - With a few simple swipes. Swipe right if you like something, swipe left if you don't.
  • Get stylish daily edits - Hand-picked by our stylists. Find out what's on trend, right now.

Upbeat Monsters Icon Pack

Android Police coverage: Upbeat Monsters Icon Pack Fills Your Homescreen With Adorable Googly-Eyed Apps

Take it from someone who knows: there is a depressing lack of variety in icon packs for Android. Circles and squares, circles and squares everywhere. This unique pack recasts your icons as extras in the next Despicable Me movie: each one is an adorable "monster" with a googly-eyed face.


Upbeat Monsters is a new eye candy icon pack for custom launchers that try to bring an unique experience to your homescreen. Instead of focusing on theming thousand of icons that resemble the originals it offers over 150 high-res new colorful icons designed exclusively for android that will give new life to your interface and cover the most used apps. More icons will be added with future updates. Everything was handcrafted with care: none of the original icons asset was reused here and even the few logo used were recreated in vector graphics.

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