Reddit is a great resource for casual news browsing and/or wasting hours and hours of time, but the website is still hell to view on a small screen. That's probably why reddit clients are such a popular niche on Android, and one of the more popular entries in said niche is the third party app Reddit News. Today it's getting a new name and a bit of a facelift: say hello to Relay for reddit.

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This app has gone through some relatively rapid changes, most recently in November when it received a Material Design UI refresh. In addition to the name change, today's update to 7.53 brings even more Material touches for Lollipop devices, a "night mode" theme specifically designed for OLED screens (which benefit from black backgrounds, see above), more image previews, and a redesigned Settings screen. Naturally the update also includes "lots and lots of bug fixes," alongside more specific improvements like a memory leak in the built-in image viewer.

Relay for reddit is a free download with ads. You can remove them with a $3 in-app purchase from the primary version, or simply buy the "pro" version from the Play Store. Want to help the developer make Relay even better? There's a subreddit just for this app, still using the old Reddit News name.