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Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

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Featured App

Expense IQ - Expense Manager

This week's roundup is brought to you by Expense IQ - Expense Manager from Handy Apps. This amazingly complete expense tracking system has a solid and colorful UI, and just about every possible checkbook, alert, and tracking feature you could want. Everything you input can be saved and exported for personal backup and expense reports, and all your data is synced via Dropbox, making Expense IQ a snap to use across multiple phones or tablets. Bill alerts, a PIN lock, and even a homescreen widget are all included in this app's bag of additional goodies. The basic version is free, but to get access to advanced functions you'll need to pay for the full $9.95 version via in-app purchase.


Expense IQ is the long awaited successor to EasyMoney - the number one money manager app that combines an expense manager, a bill reminder, a checkbook register and a budget planner. Expense IQ – Expense Manager provides a rich, detailed window into your personal finances and daily money management needs. Track and manage daily expenses quickly & easily. Business expenses, personal expenses, travel expenses etc can all be managed rapidly using Expense IQ’s simple and intuitive user interface. Interactive reports & graphs let you analyze income, expenses, cash flow and balance over various date ranges and accounts.


3DMark Sling Shot Benchmark

Android Police coverage: Futuremark Releases Alternative 3DMark 'Sling Shot' Benchmark For Android To Make Your Brand New Phone Cry

Futuremark already has a 3DMark benchmark app available on the Play Store, so this one is more or less an alternate version. The "Sling Shot" technical demo is intense, far more so than those available in the original app - even newer mobile chipsets will struggle to get FPS scores in the teens. This benchmark will likely be one of the better ways to test high-power hardware available in the near future.


3DMark Sling Shot is an advanced 3D graphics benchmark for smartphones and tablets that support OpenGL ES 3.1 or ES 3.0. Test the performance of your device then compare it with the latest models with this visually stunning and easy to use benchmark app. Run the Sling Shot test in OpenGL ES 3.1 mode to compare flagship Android devices from HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, and other leading manufacturers.



Android Police coverage: Autodesk's Tinkerplay Lets You Design Your Own 3D Printable Action Figures

Autodesk seems to revel in bringing cool toys to Android, and now it's doing so in a more literal fashion. This app allows you to design a real plastic toy out of a collection of pre-defined parts, including various limbs, joints, and odd add-ons. Once you're done you can export a 3D file and send it to a compatible printer to bring it into the real world.


With Tinkerplay you can easily design and 3D print fun characters, scary creatures or anything else you can imagine using the built-in part library. Simply drag parts together and they snap in place, just like in reality. Customize your creation to make each part your own with amazing surface textures and shapes. Tap to change the entire part or use magnifying mode to design in detail. When your design is complete, you can easily 3D print all of the parts to make your creation real.

Swipes - To do & Task manager

Android Police coverage: Productivity App Swipes Comes To Android With Material Design And Evernote Integration

Swipes takes an interesting approach to the old-fashioned to-do list: it uses a series of swipe actions to organize things in the manner of Inbox or Mailbox. Surprisingly, Swipes is an established iOS app... that has come to Android with a Material Design from the get-go. The app uses dark and light themes for you fickle types, and integrates with Evernote for backups.


Swipes is the task list for high achievers. It lets you plan and schedule your day in just a few swipes. It is crafted to empower people to Focus, Take Action and Achieve their Goals.

  • Plan your day on a timeline
  • Easily snooze tasks for later
  • Schedule things ahead
  • Check a history of your accomplishments
  • Set priorities
  • Get reminded with notifications
  • Enjoy Dark and Light theme
  • Use tags and work in context
  • Assign reminders and notes
  • Your data is safe and backed-up to the cloud
  • Powerful integration with Evernote

LinkedIn Job Search

Android Police coverage: LinkedIn Releases Dedicated Job Search App, Because Apparently The Rest Of The Social Network Can Be Used For Other Things

Wait - people use LinkedIn for things besides job searching? Well, I suppose there's always the digital "me" wall and PR tools for pestering journalists. But now the company has released a stand-alone app for job searching, including some smart options like seeing if you know anyone who already works for a prospective employer. The app description is quick to note that all job searching is private, and won't be revealed to your contacts.


LinkedIn Job Search gives you all the tools you need to easily find your dream job – or let it find you. Quickly find career opportunities wherever you want with location-based search. Get automatic recommendations and notifications based on your job searches. Apply to jobs at companies with your LinkedIn profile in just a few taps. Save jobs you are interested in and resume searching on your schedule. And do it all in total privacy, knowing your LinkedIn network won't be notified.

Atari Fit™

Android Police coverage: Atari Releases Multiplayer Fitness App Packed With Exercises, Activity Logging, And Retro Games

This Atari-branded exercise app is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a "gamified" collection of targeted workouts. The app is actually much more full-featured than you might think - in addition to workout routines calibrated for specific body systems and muscle groups, the app also has a tracking system and workout schedules. And yes, it includes a bunch of Atari games, for when you're finished at the gym.


Atari Fit™ is a new, feature rich mobile fitness app that motivates players to work out individually or in collaboration with friends while earning points to play fun Atari games and unlocking additional fitness routines.

• Over 100 Exercises – Workouts include full-body circuits and running programs that are certified by Michael Porter, certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).
• Gamify Your Workout – Motivate and challenge yourself by following daily tips and a multitude of exercise routines or custom programs while tracking distance, speed, pace and calories burned.
• Fun Atari Games –Raise your fitness level and earn coins during workouts to unlock Atari classic games including Pong®, Super Breakout®, and Centipede®.
• Wearable Compatibility – Track wearable health and fitness devices such as Fitbit and Jawbone by connecting to Google Fit and earn in-game rewards.


Adobe Fill & Sign

Android Police coverage: Adobe's Fill & Sign Makes It Easy To Digitize And Fill Out Tedious Forms

This Adobe app lets you take a photo of a form and digitize it, then fill in all those fields with sweet, sweet rasterized text - because after fifteen years of typing your handwriting sucks. And since some people seem to insist on a signature for some reason, you can input it via your finger or a stylus. Once you've got it set up you can save your form locally or attach it to an email.


Fill and sign any form. Even snap a picture of a paper form to fill out. With Adobe Fill & Sign, you can instantly turn digital files or paper documents into forms you can fill, sign, and send electronically. No printing or faxing needed.

  • Scan paper forms with your camera or open a file from email
  • Tap to enter text or checkmarks in form fields
  • Fill forms faster with reusable text from your autofill collection
  • Easily create your signature with your finger or a stylus
  • Apply your signature or initials to documents
  • Save forms and send to others via email
  • Export completed forms and store in the cloud

Android System WebView

Android Police coverage: Android WebView App Is Out Of Beta And Ready To Keep Your Lollipop Device Up To Date

WebView is a little Google app that allows third-party apps to display Chrome-powered web content without booting you out into the browser. Normally this works without any kind of user-facing UI, but Lollipop devices can upgrade the internal WebView component without a full system update. There's also a beta channel, which will probably only be interesting to developers.


Android Webview is a system component powered by Chrome that allows Android apps to display web content. This component is pre-installed on your device and should be kept up to date to ensure you have the latest security updates and other bug fixes.

Fun Fit

Android Police coverage: HTC Research Publishes Fun Fit, A Fitness App That Pits You Against Facebook Friends In Cute Animal Form

Remember, if you're trying to sell smartphones to mainstream buyers, they'll laugh in your face if you don't include some kind of fitness app... at least that seems to be the thinking these days. HTC's solution is your basic social sharing exerciser, integrating with Facebook for friendly competition and featuring cutesy animal avatars. For some reason. Interestingly, the app is available for at least some non-HTC devices.


Let's Fun Fit. Bored with current fitness applications? No fun to do daily workout? You’re not alone. Fun Fit connects you and your Facebook friends to get active together. You can choose a cute avatar and compete with your friends. Fun Fit counts your steps no matter where you put your mobile phone, such as your pocket, armband, or bag. All you need to do is log in to Fun Fit, and it will track your daily activities until you log out from this application.

ICC CWC 2015 Fantasy Cricket

Android Police coverage: The ICC And Reliance Big Entertainment Release An Official Fantasy Cricket App For The World Cup

As we are constantly reminded by our readers in the UK, India, and other former British colonies, cricket is technically more popular than baseball. So it makes sense that the governing body of the Cricket World Cup has issued an official fantasy sports app... which for some reason is published by the same people that keep making all those Real Steel games. The app is a little late (or so we're told), but it also includes scores, schedules, and news for the events.


Select your Dream Team of real, masterclass cricketers for each match of the biggest event on the cricket calendar, the ICC World Cup 2015. Be The Champion Manager by picking the most effective players for each match & build The World Class Team. Put this team to the test by competing with friends and other cricket lovers around the world to win points, climb up the leaderboard and become the ultimate selector.

Party Pooper

Party Pooper is basically for mobile. Join a room and you can listen to individually-selected Spotify songs, with room members taking turns on the selection. Members vote up or down for each one, and then... I dunno, I guess the person who selected the song feels good or bad accordingly. It's an interesting way to discover new music, and a selection of channels should help cut down on the random factor. You'll need a Spotify account to take part.


Party Pooper is a social music experiment for your mobile device. Using the element of surprise and a unique voting system, your tastemaker skills are tested in real-time for the ultimate democratic music experience. If you like what’s playing, PUMP it. If you don’t, POOP it. Find and queue songs and watch it get pumped or pooped. Create multiple channels for your different needs and scenarios and invite your friends along for the ride. With the featured chat in the app you are able to gather around the music in a whole new way.

Score More Baseball

Apparently the movie Moneyball was based on a true story, and the system used therein has become popular, even among people who don't actually play baseball for money. This app claims to organize your team according to those principles, particularly as they pertain to batting order. It also includes the typical statistician and scorekeeping features that baseball nuts love.


Rally harder, rally longer, and score more runs. The days of paper scoresheets are gone. Score More simplifies the scoring of baseball games and brings the power of Moneyball to your team. Whether you play hardball, softball, fastball, fastpitch, slo-pitch, 3-pitch, or any other form of baseball, Score More accurately scores your games and does all your stat tracking. The app then optimizes your batting order using the same techniques as Moneyball. The result is that your team will enjoy longer rallies, strand fewer runners, and score more runs.

Open Imgur

Here's an open source Imgur viewer that looks pretty good. In addition to a Material Design interface, the app supports both GIF and GIFV files, uploads to your Imgur account, and a "meme generator," for when you need that perfect Futurama-themed reply to an Android Police article. The app is free with no in-app purchases.


Open source Imgur client.

  • Material design
  • Dark theme
  • Ad free
  • Meme Generator
  • Native gif/gifv support
  • Topics
  • Photo uploads
  • Tablet support
  • Imgur account support
  • Much much more


Tradiio Music

Want to earn some goodies for listening to music? Tradiio is sort of a mix between a music discovery service and one of those ticket-only arcade machines. "Invest" the platform's virtual currency in the bands of your choice, and if they become popular with other users you can redeem your "earnings" on things like T-shirts and concert tickets. It's an interesting idea, though of course its appeal is based on the artists that use it.


Be rewarded for helping new artists emerge. Listen and virtually invest in the songs you believe in the most. Users that do the best job spotting talent gain credibility and earn virtual coins on the platform, which can be redeemed for rewards such as Tradiio merchandise and festival tickets. Open to up-and-coming and more established artists, Tradiio is also a launchpad for musicians, allowing them to gain credibility and exposure, while offering them rewards and opportunities, such as festival slots, label deals, access to studio time and videos.

Haystack Business Card Reader

Haystack is a business card reader. It reads business cards. It also automatically updates the contact information in those cards... which is kind of like a social network for business. Which already exists and is called LinkedIn. At least it looks really nice.


Haystack - The next generation of business card reader app is here. Haystack will automatically update the business cards you’ve scanned when people’s contact details change, and it is completely free. (Yes, free. Full featured, no ads, and unlimited use of the business card reader function).

• Create your fully branded business card in 30 seconds; Or
• Scan the paper cards you get (use it as a business card reader)

Hotel My Phone - phone share

Hotel My Phone is an interesting idea: set up an account and you can "borrow" a friend's phone, log into the app, and call and text using your own number. That's neat... but it's a lot of setup to do for a contingency plan, and if they're your friend, will they really care if you call someone using their number? Calls and texts made in your "network" are free, but borrowing a stranger's device (if they'll even let you, and they have the app installed) gets expensive quickly.


Ever run out of phone battery? Or forget your phone at home? Hotel My Phone lets you temporarily borrow a friend's phone & use it as your own. Download the app with your closest friends. Next time your battery dies or you forget it, simply borrow a friend's phone and log-in with your profile. You'll temporarily access to your contacts, messages and even call with your number. When you're done, log-out permanently, with peace of mind that all your information has been removed.

multi-page article

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