DirecTV's job used to be making sure that when you turn on your TV, there's something there to watch. Then these fancy mobile devices came around, and now the company is tasked with putting shows on those as well. Kids don't stare at big screens anymore, I'm told. Everything looks best crammed somewhere between 4.5 to 10.1 inches.

The latest version of the DirecTV Android apps offer up 15 new HBO and Cinemax channels, which you can stream live to your phone or tablet.



You can apparently even place a shortcut right on your homescreen. That way you don't have to fire up an app and switch through the channel listing. Not that the latter would be as bad as digging for the remote in between the couch cushions again. Ugh, why can't anyone just leave the thing on the coffee table?

What's new:

New Live Streaming Channels Added! Enjoy 15 new HBO® and Cinemax® channels live on your device. Tap Edit in the Live TV Streaming module to add them to your home screen. Plus additional performance enhancements and bug fixes.