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Android Police coverage: Popular Japanese Fighter Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Comes To Android

It's not often we see traditional fighters come to Android, with the exception of those from SNK. Most of these have been re-releases of the well-known King of Fighters series, but Garou: Mark of the Wolves is actually a pseudo-sequel to Fatal Fury. This $4 Android port of the 1999 original includes support for multiplayer over Bluetooth and external controllers for proper button-mashing. Also, it's both French and Japanese, so playing it makes you cultured! (No, not really.)


This latest installment in the legendary series from SNK welcomes a new hero with Rock Howard, the posthumous successor of Geese Howard who was raised by the "Legendary Wolf" Terry Bogard, and a host of all-new charismatic characters with their own unique background story and goals. "GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES" renews the series with the "T.O.P. SYSTEM", a revolutionary game mechanic that can be set anywhere on the character's lifebar and gives access to a unique attack and significantly increases the character's hitting power.

Overkill 3

Android Police coverage: Third-Person Shooter Overkill 3 Available To All Following A Lengthy Beta

Third-person shooters on consoles are legally required to offer at least two sequels - violating developers can actually be jailed for releasing only one or two games in five years. Mobile gaming seems to be following suit. Overkill 3 is aping its console predecessors with a sci-fi storyline and high-end graphics. Speaking of which: check out the screenshots below. Notice the lack of guns? You can blame that on Apple's crazy new anti-violence crusade and developer Craneballs' laziness, since they didn't bother to take Android screenshots. Overkill 3 is free to play with pricey in-app purchases.


Welcome to the future. It's grim and dark. The ever oppressing Faction wants everyone to follow and obey. They will stop at nothing. People are scared. Demoralized. The few who fight back are painfully outnumbered. They need hope. Someone to show them the way. Will you stand up for humanity and fight for its future? Step into the action of the audio-visual spectacle that is Overkill 3. Lead the Resistance into victory over the evil Faction forces and their brutal killing machines.

Monster vs Sheep

Android Police coverage: Monster Vs Sheep Emerges From The Sea To Crush Cities And Overeat In The Play Store

The kaiju-style monsters have invaded Earth with destruction in mind, and our only defense is... sheep. The idea is to fling sheep into the monster's mouth until it's so full that it can't move, and fling the hapless humans out of the way at the same time. That seems less effective than, say, flinging bombs into its mouth or something, but then you wouldn't hear the adorable "baaaa" sound effects. Monster vs Sheep is one dollar with no in-app purchases.


The monster is hungry and on the attack. Can you stop the monster from destroying the city? Monster vs Sheep is a fun-filled arcade, free-throw extravaganza. Toss fluffy sheep into a giant monster’s mouth to save a coastal city from impending doom. Your mission is to stuff the monster full of sheep and stop his rampage. Up to 32 levels of increasing difficulty. Compete with players around the world with global leaderboard through Google Play Service.

SBK14 Official Mobile Game

Android Police coverage: Official Superbike Game SBK14 Slides Into The Play Store Months After The Race Is Over

Apparently Superbike is a big fancy motorcycle race, something like F1 with half the wheels. The developer of this impressive-looking racer actually missed the "SBK14" race in real life, but they're offering a consolation prize: you'll get the 2015 version of the game (which will hopefully release before the actual race) for free if you buy the premium version via IAP. As far as mobile racing simulators go, this one looks pretty intense, complete with realistic location-based tracks, licensed motorcycles... and a copy-pasted description from the App Store. (Come on, devs, is it really so hard to search and replace "iPhone?")


Race as the world’s elite riders in the official game of the 2014 eni FIM Superbike World Championship, and get ready for adrenaline-fueled racing action. Featuring beautiful 3D graphics, SBK14 is the closest you can get to actually riding the most powerful bikes from the best motorcycle brands in the world. Hug the turns and speed through real tracks around the globe. SBK14 is the officially licensed, high-octane motorcycle racer on iPhone and iPad.


Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

Android Police coverage: Nitrome's Magic Touch: Wizard For Hire Seeks Applicants With Fast Fingers

Dear Magic Touch enemies: far be it from me to question your balloon-based conveyances, but I would like to offer you a suggestion. If you didn't paint magical symbols onto each of them, it might be harder for wizards to draw that magical symbol in the air and pop your balloons, keeping you from landing in their castles (and incidentally killing you). Just a suggestion. I'd also like to extend a thank you to whoever decided to make the game free with a single $3 IAP to remove advertising.


Wanted, wizard required for defence duties. Must be proficient in spell casting to pop varying balloon types that may be utilised by intruders. Must be confident working alone and comfortable facing aggressive hordes. Advanced magic techniques desirable but can be learnt on the job. Applicant expected to provide their own spell book and potion bottles. They also may be required to make tea and answer phone calls. Applicants should send CVs and potions portfolio to enquries-castleunderseige@nitrome.com

Grudgeball - Regular Show

Android Police coverage: Cartoon Network Releases Grudgeball, Regular Show's Familiar-Feeling Extreme Sport Of The Future

I won't pretend to know anything about Cartoon Network's Regular Show, but its in-universe sport Grudgeball looks a lot like dodgeball with a Tron theme. The game itself is similar to the old 2D Super Dodgeball titles, with opposing teams throwing the ball at each other to try and knock each other out. Interesting additions include cannons and portals, which you are encouraged to think with. Like most of Cartoon Network's licensed titles, this one has a flat price ($3) with no in-app purchases. Local multiplayer is included.


Jump into the explosive action of the future's most extreme sport. Join Mordecai, Rigby and the rest of the Regular Show gang in Grudgeball: Enter the Chaosphere. In the far future, high intensity Grudgeball is the most popular and dangerous sport in the world. Choose your team and go 3-on-3 against your opponents in a battle for supremacy. Shoot, block, counter-attack and unleash super moves in your quest to be the best. Tackle level after level in your journey to unravel the mysteries of the Chaosphere and rescue Pops.

AdVenture Capitalist

Have you ever wanted to enter the exciting world of venture capitalism tantalizingly hinted at between the lines of every TechCrunch editorial? Well too bad, you're not rich enough, idealistic enough, or dumb enough to throw money at half a dozen pitches a year. But with AdVenture Capitalist, you can play a casual math game and pretend that you are.


Begin your quest for world domination by clicking on the Lemonade Stand progress bar. Keep clicking until you can afford to pay for more squeezers. Now you’ve got the hang of it. Hire employees, purchase cutting edge upgrades, dominate the market, and attract eager Angel Investors to boost your profits. The only way to go is UP UP UP.

DRAW SLASHER by Mass Creation

Normally we tend to gloss over zombie games. But Draw Slasher, a brawler with Fruit Ninja-style combat, features ninjas fighting monkey pirate zombies. These are presumably monkeys, who eventually decided to pursue a career in piracy, then died and became zombies. THAT is a story I want to hear more about.


Meet Hanzo. He’s a ninja. While he was training ‘out there’ the Pirate Monkey Zombies™ - stupid, ugly, smelly, rotten and disgusting creatures - kidnapped his family. Take control of his awesome blade and aid him in the quest to free them. You need just your finger to play. Draw a line to jump, dash, dodge and slash. Tap to run. Pinch the screen to summon powerful Ninjutsu Techniques - super-efficient against the 'rottents'.

Almightree: The Last Dreamer

Almightree mixes a few platforming and puzzle elements with a world that's pretty clearly inspired by isometric favorite Bastion. You run around a levitating world which is constantly in peril of crumbling out of the sky, using seedlings of a magical tree to progress and create stability. The 3D graphics are relatively simple, but incredibly effective at retaining the game's ethereal atmosphere.


The world is shattering and you are the only hope to restore the balance. A thrilling and challenging 3D puzzle platformer game. Find your way to awaken the Almightree while racing with calamity.Please note: The game is not compatible in ART mode. It was just a radiant day when the ground started to fall, houses and towers crumbled, and the world gone out of its order. You lose everything you have, everyone you love. Your only hope is the Almightree and its seedlings, mythical trees that believed have the power to keep the order of the world.

Swap Heroes 2

The original Swap Heroes game boiled down the core of the turn-based combat found in old JRPGs into a fast, mobile-friendly version of the concept. It was never released for Android, but the developer seems to have gone multi-platform with the sequel, adding in more units, attacks, and enemies as it comes to Android. Three bucks get you a casual RPG with no ads or in-app purchases.


Swap Heroes 2 is a casual turn-based strategy adventure. Form a group of valiant heroes and guide them in battle through a wide variety of quests and locations as you venture toward a final showdown with the feared Shadow Knight.

  • Easy to learn turn-based gameplay.
  • Form a party from 8 unique heroes.
  • Guide your party through 10 new locations.
  • Battle against over 30 types of challenging enemies.
  • Earn star points with victories that can be used to equip powerful upgrades.
  • Unlock a variety of levels, modes, and heroes as you complete quests.
  • Compete for high scores in the all new endless mode.
  • Google Play leaderboard and achievements included.

Teddy Floppy Ear: The Race

There's no shortage of go-kart games on Android, but not many of them can be paid for once and then played like an actual game. This entry in the kid-friendly Teddy Floppy Ear series does just that, offering kids a decent racing game that won't ask them to spend Mom and Dad's money on gems for an air filter upgrade. The game includes a wide variety of characters, karts, and cosmetic options.


People of Animalville got a karting fever and you must help one of them reach for the championship. Take the wheel, choose a kart, decide which character from 'Teddy Floppy Ear’ universe you want, and start the wild ride. Compete all day long on nightly and daily tracks that span around the beautiful and colourful countryside. Play in one of many modes including Time Attack and Racing Season.

Highrise Word Heroes

This game is ostensibly about saving people from an enormous falling skyscraper. Exactly how that relates to a spin on the classic "find the word" game isn't adequately explored, but fans of word puzzles probably won't mind. Letter blocks fall in Tetris fashion as you clear the board, lowering the various characters and allowing you to save them. The game is free to play with a single in-app purchase to remove advertisements.


The towering word-game that fits in your pocket. Following a sudden earthquake, Seb must escape a crumbling skyscraper. Along the way he will make some intriguing new friends, and together they might just unravel the sinister origins of the 'quake, assuming they can evade the mysterious stalker in close pursuit... Starting at the top and working down, the game's 90+ levels take place inside the skyscraper. The player creates words on a grid of letters and obstacles, clearing a path for Seb and friends to descend. Strategy is the key to success.

The Gatekeeper's Oath

Tin Man Games is back with another one of its bread-and-butter gamebook titles. This one is standard sword and sorcery fair livened up by the tabletop RPG-meets-Choose Your Own Adventure structure. Illustrations are particularly good in this release, and though The Gatekeeper's Oath is expensive for a mobile title at $6, it's par for the course for fans of these kinds of games.


Spellcaster: The Gatekeeper's Oath is an interactive fantasy novel set in Suidemor, where danger lurks around every corner. Solve puzzles and cast magic as you search for King Othirom to release him from the Forgotten Spell. Languishing behind the towering walls of his castle, King Othirom has been cast under the Forgotten Spell. The gates to the castle have been locked for thirteen years and the gatekeepers have long since left their posts and gone into hiding.


Daytona Rush

Invictus would probably appreciate it if you confused Daytona Rush with either the Daytona series (from Sega) or the Rush series (from Midway) of years past. Heck, perhaps this is the Daytona game that Sega would make these days. But no, it's not really a racing game at all, it's more like an endless runner with a car theme. Swipe left or right to glide down the track like you're weaving through urban traffic. Run, crash, upgrade, repeat. The graphics and presentation are very nice, but conventional racing fans won't find much to like.


Stock car racing has never been so much fun. NO In-App purchases and NO pop-up Ads

  • Switch lanes with a single tap or swipe.
  • Overtake opponents and avoid collisions.
  • Save fuel by drafting to reach the pitstop and refuel.
  • Level up in 5 series by completing missions.
  • Unlock faster high level cars and drive further.


Man Eats Fish

Man Eats Fish is a sort of low-tech business manager where a bold entrepreneur handles a massive distribution chain from the top down. Translation: the owner of a fish and chips shop actually goes out and catches his own fish. The game is fairly standard: sail, find fish, sell fish, upgrade your shop and your boat. It's a charming little mix of luck and skill with no ads or in-app purchases.


Own your own fish & chip shop in Man Eats Fish. Take your boat out onto the high seas to find and catch fish for your customers. Higher quality fish means good reviews for your shop, more customers, and more money. Catch many kinds of fish, from boring and bland to exciting and delicious. Upgrade your boat to explore further into the world and find bigger and better fish. Can you turn your little fish & chip shop into the pride of the seafood world?

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic

Pixel Heroes is the latest in the seemingly unstoppable fad of "retro" pixelated roguelikes. Pick a hero, build a party, kill a bunch of blocky bad guys, get loot, upgrade your skills, and try not to die. If you do bite the randomly-generated dust, you'll have to start again, since there's no such thing as an extra life in a roguelike. This game is pricey at $7, but features no ads or in-app purchases.


Enter the world of PIXEL HEROES and prepare yourself for a thrilling RPG/Roguelike experience like you have never seen before. Explore a randomized world full of hilarious events, deadly dungeons and the weirdest NPCs you will ever meet in a game. Choose three heroes for your party and take them on a journey that will be completely different each time you start a new game. Bath in a pool of procedurally generated loot and defeat the evil forces that threaten the township of Pixton.

Buzz Killem

Buzz Killem is a twitch platformer starring a gun-totting protagonist who seems more than a little familiar. Tight touch controls make the fast action manageable, and the stages and weapons are interesting enough to keep you going through the branching upgrade system. Fans of the "retro" aesthetic will be pleased, and while the paid game also includes in-app purchases, they're not overly egregious.


Brought to you by the creators of the hit game Bill Killem. Buzz Killem is the story of a retired War Veteran called back into action after an Alien welcoming party greets Earth. And he is the father of famed action star Bill Killem. Embark on missions of explosive proportions as you save America for the wrath of alien invaders. Visit usually peaceful and pleasant tourist spots like the Statue of Liberty and Grand Central Station and defend them from utter obliteration.

Jelly Jump

Jelly Jump is a jumping game (natch) with a unique gimmick: your character is a Jello cube. Jumps can only be performed in one direction, but if you mistime them and get squished, your cube gets chopped off to a certain extent, and you can't jump as high on the next stage. Make too many mistakes and you'll never make it to the next one. A single $2 IAP will remove advertising.


Little jellies need you more than ever before. They keep drowning over and over again. Only you can keep them safe... Jump higher, survive longer and never give up. Collect little jelly blobs and craft new jellies out of them. Challenge your friends in this ambitious game.

Peg + Cat: The Tree Problem

Peg + Cat is a show on American public broadcasting, mostly intended for pre-school kids and below. This game is a series of simple mini-games and puzzles similar to the ones faced by the show's titular characters. Unlike some of the other kid games in this roundup (cough, Planes, cough) it's a flat $3 purchase with no IAP, and no surprises from Junior on your credit card.


Tree alert. Cat is stuck in a tree and he needs your help to get down. Based on the Emmy Award-winning PBS KIDS series PEG + CAT, The Tree Problem offers a series of games designed to encourage children to engage in creative problem solving and practice early math skills.

•30 total levels – Cat sure has a knack for getting stuck in trees. Levels of increasing challenge motivate children to practice key early math concepts and skills.
•6 worlds – Grow plants on the farm, roll and stack snowballs at the South Pole, and arrange set pieces on Broadway. Each world presents new levels, offering children a variety of opportunities to solve the problem.
•Peg and Cat’s spirited and playful antics engage children in learning foundational math concepts like spatial reasoning and measurement, practicing persistence, and having a totally awesome time doing it.


If the "bouncing ball" from the old Disney sing-along videos had its own twitch game, it would look a lot like Bounce. Tap left or right to move around, smash the green line, navigate the various spinning and moving platforms and avoiding the space that opens up below. The game is free with a single $2 in-app purchase to get rid of advertising.


Bounce is officially here. Battle friends for the high score in this never-ending game of grabbing power-ups, taking down enemies and climbing to the top. Simply touch the left or right side of the screen to move your character and break the green lines to increase your score. May the person who breaks the most lines win.


Chrooma is a sliding puzzle game with some interesting twists. The object is to join the various dots together by color, with difficulty injected by the minimalist layout of the stages and the placement of the dots. 2048 and Threes fans should feel right at home, at least in the early stages. Chrooma is free with in-app purchases for additional levels, which can also be unlocked with perfect 3-star runs or a little social promotion.


Join the circles with the same colors, but pay attention all the circles will follow your finger. The rules are really simple, use portals, gates & thorns to reach the goal, open your mind and explore all the possible solutions to find out the only one that will give you 3 stars. THE GAME IS TOTALLY FREE WITH NO ADS. you can unlock levels packages by getting 3 stars in all level or just inviting 5 friends on facebook...

iBomber 3

The iBomber series doesn't seem to have innovated much after two sequels. It's hard to hold that against the developers: there's only so much you can do with such a simple idea. Number three gives players WW2 stages set in Europe, the Pacific Theater, and Norther Africa, and offers two different bombers to use... not that it makes much difference. If you appreciate the simple top-down action you'll like this addition to the series, and though it's free-to-play, the IAP pushes aren't as bad as they might otherwise be.


Get ready for action and bomb-dropping adventures, iBomber is here, let's go blow stuff up. It's time to take the battle to the enemy and win the war. Pilot B-17 and Lancaster bombers while searching out key enemy targets and forces on land and sea to destroy. iBomber 3 will immediately transport you into the thick of the action with multiple missions across the Pacific Ocean, Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa.


This Snake-style game tasks the player with running through the grid-based stages and eating cabbages. Whether you're playing as a real "lion" marching costume made so famous in Chinese parades, or as an actual mythical lion/dragon with a taste for cabbages, isn't made clear. It's colorful, simple, and free, with a couple of tiny in-app purchases for alternate costumes.


Happy Chinese New Year 2015. Nian is an twitch-action game based on the Chinese Lion Dance. Use the magical drum to maneuver the Nian through obstacles while collecting special items. Will this year bring you good luck and fortune? You’ll need both and lot more to make it though this game.

Major Magnet: Arcade

Major Magnet is a one-touch platforming game that's all about twitch and spectacle. The main character's unique magnets let him sling around the various hooks in the environment. While that's novel, it's the environments themselves that are more interesting: a mix of colorful 2D graphics and great music make for a nostalgic experience (without the low-hanging fruit of pixel graphics). Unfortunately it relies on "coins" to play (and push for in-app purchases) and annoying ads tend to auto-play videos before you get to the fun.


Feel the magnetic rush as you swing, toss, & boost Major Magnet to save the world. The award-winning Major Magnet makes his glorious debut on Android in this FREE follow-up to the APP STORE EDITOR’S CHOICE original.

❍ Addictive, Physics-based Gameplay Re-Vamped with an Arcade Twist.!
❍ 75 All-New Stages Across 3 Unique Worlds
❍ Connect to Facebook to Share Items and Compare Scores with your Friends
❍ Rich Hand-Animated Graphics
❍ Classic Arcade Soundtrack
❍ An Epic Story Adventure


This latest mobile game from Square Enix mixes the lane-based stages of Plants vs Zombies with the turn-based strategy of tactical RPGs. You command an army of units placed strategically across three lanes, advancing and killing opposing units where possible, with spells and special abilities throwing interesting twists into combat. Because it's a free-to-play Square game, and a multiplayer one at that, expect a stuffed chocobo full of in-app purchases.


Enter a war-torn world on the brink of extinction, embark on an epic adventure and fight your way to the top of the PvP leaderboards in HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS, the latest tactical RPG from SQUARE ENIX. Enjoy a battle system designed especially for mobile devices that's easy to learn but with deep strategic possibilities, quick-entry player-vs-player combat, and hundreds of unique characters to collect, grow and evolve. Challenge the world and ascend the rankings until you rule over all.

Frisbee(R) Forever 2

Is this an officially-licensed Frisbee game? Is the Frisbee company still a thing? Apparently the answer is "yes" to both of those questions. Various taps will guide your Frisbee along tight paths in colorful 3D stages, collecting coins and hitting marker rings on the way. Unlocks include fanciful Frisbee designs like a Captain America shield or a pizza. The game includes the usual in-app purchases for currency.


Experience the rollercoaster ride of your lifetime with one of the world's most beloved toys. Dive and glide along the edge of erupting volcanoes, fly majestically above snow covered China or admire your reflection in the river glance at full pace through the European countryside. Play more than 75 creative and individually designed tracks throughout three brand new worlds booming with life. Steer your favorite Frisbee® disc skillfully with unmatched tilt or touch controls.

Planes: Fire & Rescue

If you don't know about Planes, then congratulations on your lack of children. If you do, you know it as that official Disney knockoff of Cars made without Pixar. This "digital book" is essentially a retread of the story from the movie, with a few minigames sprinkled into the narrative for good measure. Unfortunately portions are locked away via an in-app purchase (a bad move for kid-focused games) and Play Store reviews cite serious stability issues.


Join Dusty in this adventurous retelling of the feature film, as he shifts gears from racing to join forces with a courageous team to battle a massive wildfire. Read-along (or enjoy the audio narration) with this interactive story, filled with tappables and fun-filled games and activities that keep you in the middle of the action. Whether you're fighting fires with Mayday, training with Dusty, or smokejumping with the team, you'll learn what it takes to become a real hero. The complete story is available for purchase within this high-flying adventure.


The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault

The Horus Heresy is a fairly typical mobile base builder game with a science fiction backdrop from the Warhammer 40K series. Fans of that particular universe will probably be happy to see familiar characters and units running around the top-down maps, but the game falls into all of the usual patterns of free-to-play mobile strategy titles. Prepare to grind like crazy or pay your way to the top of the multiplayer matches.


Choose your side in the intense civil war that erupted amongst the Emperor's Legions of Space Marines in the 31st Millennium. As a Captain of your troops, customize your army and engage in fierce tactical battles. Create a Chapter with your friends and challenge rivals around the world in Live Skirmish combat. The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault is the first ever video game in the wildly popular Horus Heresy setting of Warhammer 40,000.


The Blood & Glory series previously focused on the tap-and-swipe combat usually found in games like Infinity Blade, but this one is more of a conventional Diablo clone with a Greek mythology theme. Get a quest, raid a dungeon, kill everything that moves, rinse, and repeat. This one's from Glu, so expect a dragon's hoard worth of in-app purchases and/or more grinding than a blacksmith shop.


Become a legendary hero and save the ancient world from vengeful Gods in the newest immersive Action-RPG, Blood & Glory: Immortals. The rise of the Roman Republic has displeased the Gods. Zeus, Ares and Hades have sent their armies to destroy the new Republic and defend their dominion over humankind. It is up to three mortal heroes, inspired by the Muses and charged by the Senate, to stop them and battle the mighty gods themselves.

Pure Pool

Android Police coverage: [Rack 'Em Up] Super-Pretty Billiards Game Pure Pool Comes To Android, Exclusive To Tegra K1

When you think of cutting-edge video game graphics and groundbreaking physics, you probably don't think about pool. But developer VooFoo and NVIDIA would like you to, so they've released this pool simulator (yes, really) exclusively for Tegra K1-based hardware. That means a lot of you won't be able to play it, but those of you who do will appreciate the "DNA profile" feature. This builds an AI character based around your own play, so your friends can play "you" even if you're not available.


Experience a living, breathing, bustling Pool Hall from the convenience of your living room – all wrapped up in VooFoo Studios signature jaw-dropping visuals. Pure Pool also builds a DNA profile as you play creating an AI interpretation of yourself, your friends and your foes – which you can still play against, even when they’re not online. Whether you prefer to spend your time playing solo or weighing up against the competition, connect and prepare to be blown away by the next best thing to real life Pool.


This little bitty Google Cardboard game has you firing missiles to blast away asteroids from a tiny astronaut. It's no more or less complex than other Cardboard games, but it includes a little graphic that makes it look like you can see your cartoon astronaut's face in his helmet. Adorable.


The little Astronaut is back. This time as an exciting virtual reality 3D Experience for Google Cardboard. Jump into his spacesuit and defend him against the incoming Asteroids. Seek and destroy them by sending out your homing missiles.


Remember AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA, the skydiving game that relies on heavy music influences and a strong resistance to vertigo? This is the same game, but for Google Cardboard. Try not to lose your lunch.


Dive off of buildings in VR with Caaaaardboard., a custom-tailored version of Aaaaa. (Works with Google Cardboard.) Owlchemy Labs (creators of hit indie titles Snuggle Truck and Jack Lumber) brings Dejobaan Games' award-winning PC title to Android with custom-built VR support. Dive from a skyscraper. Spray paint buildings. Flip off protesters. AWESOME. Can be played seated or standing.

Titans of Space™ for Cardboard

Titans of Space is less of a game and more of a virtual tour of the solar system. It uses Google Cardboard to display images in virtual "scale," depending on where your virtual avatar is placed.


• Everything is toy-sized for easy comparison of scale -- all objects are shrunk down to 1 millionth of their actual size.

• The tour is carefully paired with a beautiful and dynamic soundtrack.

• All sizes are to scale (1:1000000), but distances between objects are not.

• Although the tour is on rails, you can enjoy full control over the pace and depth of the tour though a multitude of options.

• No form of input is necessary to experience the full tour, but a controller is recommended for comfort. The next best thing is to use a phone with NFC support with a Cardboard headset that has a magnetic switch.

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