Push Tasker is an extension that takes two of the most Android-y apps out there and teaches them how to build a better relationship. The first half of the name refers to Pushbullet, a particularly stellar way to get stuff from one device to another. The second half deals with Tasker, the tool of choice for Android users who want to automate all the things. The two already know how to interact with one another, but this plugin turns things up a notch.

With Push Tasker, you can have Tasker send notes, links, and lists automatically. It can also intercept notifications (root-only) or reply on its own. Like anything Tasker-related, the learning curve is a bit steep, and while the provided video shows things in action, it's not exactly clear if you're not accustomed to Tasker's quirks.

Nevertheless, if you're already familiar with Tasker, then Push Tasker shouldn't come off as particularly confusing. You can find links to all of the necessary apps underneath the screenshots below.