Eat24 gives you the power to order a meal and watch it get delivered to your location with just a few taps of your thumb, similar to GrubHub. It has grown to support tens of thousands of restaurants spread over 1,500 cities. Now it's owned by Yelp.

In a blog post today, Yelp announced its acquisition without saying how much money exchanged hands. The Wall Street Journal reports that the price came to $134 million, with $75 million of that in cash and the rest in stock.


Yelp says it has been eyeing Eat24 like a piece of bacon since 2013, when the latter joined the Yelp Platform as a transaction partner. With Eat24 officially in its hands (teeth?), Yelp hopes to offer consumers a more seamless ordering experience. We will have to wait to find out how. For now, Eat24 remains available as a separate app in Google Play.