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Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

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The Witcher Battle Arena

Android Police review: The Witcher Battle Arena Review: A Surprisingly Great Free-To-Play Experience

The Witcher is a series of high-production, old-fashioned action-RPGs for PC and consoles. This pint-sized mobile entry in the series is a MOBA, basically a top-down RTS-style combat game tuned for fast-paced multiplayer matches. The layout should be familiar to fans of League of Legends or DOTA, complete with a free-to-play structure based on leveling heroes. Check out Ryan Whitwam's full (and generally positive) review for an in-depth look.


The Witcher Battle Arena is a fast, fun and easy to learn MOBA set in a rich fantasy world. In Battle Arena two three-hero teams fight against each other, trying to capture and hold conquest points in short, intense and action-packed battles. Designed with mobile devices in mind, Battle Arena combines intuitive controls with skill-based strategies and fast-paced action. Rain fire from afar as a sorceress or cleave your enemies’ knees as a dwarf – all with the flick of a finger.

Heroes of Might & Magic III HD

Android Police coverage: Heroes Of Might And Magic III Lands On The Play Store: Tablet Tactics Costs $10

Heroes of Might and Magic III is a classic of turn-based strategy. Now you can replay it on your Android tablet (and only your tablet - no phones invited) for ten bucks. This HD edition includes overhauled 2D graphics, since modern tablets have considerably more resolution than CRTs circa 1999. The tablet version also has revamped touchscreen controls and "hot potato" local multiplayer, but unfortunately there's no online option.


The most popular Heroes® title of all time is back in HD. Do you remember all those sleepless nights spent fighting Black Dragons and Archangels, Demons and Necromancers? Were you a true fan of Heroes® of Might & Magic® III? We have great news for you. Fifteen years later, rediscover the epic tale of Queen Catherine Ironfist, as she re-embarks on her critically acclaimed quest to unite her ravaged homeland and re-conquer the kingdom of Erathia.


Android Police coverage: Dragon Quest V Raids The Play Store With A Party Full Of Monsters Demanding $14.99

Another week, another classic Square Enix mobile re-release, and another somewhat egregious price tag for a game that's over twenty years old. Oh well, at least now Android users have access to chapters one through five of the classic Japanese RPG series... lacking only number six and seven to get all the way up to eight. As usual Dragon Quest V has enhanced graphics and mobile controls, though Square still stubbornly refuses to support ART.


This grand adventure, unfolding over three generations, is now available to play in the palm of your hand. Take your place among a family of heroes, sharing in all the triumphs and tragedies of their storied lives. Enjoy three generations’ worth of adventure in one standalone package.
There will be a fee to download the game but download it once, and there’s nothing else to buy, and nothing else to download.

Odd Bot Out (Free)

Android Police coverage: Odd Bot Out Is An Adorable Little Platformer-Physics Puzzle Game Starring A Robot Reject

Odd Bot Out is a fairly standard physics/puzzle game, but a combination of simple mechanics and appealing design makes it more than the sum of its parts. You've got to guide a rejected robot through 100 levels of factory bowels, operating basic gadgets and sometimes building simple machines to make your way to the exit. This free edition includes the first ten levels - to get the rest you can buy the $2 full version or upgrade via an IAP.


Odd is not like the other robots. After failing a standardized test Odd ends up in the recycling bin. Help Odd escape the robot factory using building blocks, electricity, and physics. Each level in this contraption puzzle game presents a new challenge. Build a bridge across a (small) abyss. Hot-wire a rocket launch. And ride a robotic centipede, like you always wanted to.

Naughty Kitties

Android Police coverage: Naughty Kitties Arrives On Android To Shoot Aliens, Play With Balls Of String

Naughty Kitties is neither as innocent nor as dirty as you think it is (depending on which conclusion you jump to). The basic structure revolves around placing kittens (turrets) on their giant spaceship thingy to shoot down an invasion of... aliens? If the cats have their own planet, aren't they the aliens? Anyway, the cats get tired and you have to strategically replace them, until your ship is inevitably destroyed. Free with IAP for weapon and power upgrades.


Tired of traditional tower defense and endless running game? What about mingling them together? Naughty Kitties is the best answer, developed by Coconut Island, creators of Finger Balance and One Tap Hero. The Cat’s Planet is in danger.! Aliens attacked the homeland of cats. All the adults on the planet lie in the dust. Only some kittens are trying to flee away with spaceship. Your mission is to lead them to fight and break through the encirclement of the enemies and.

Anime Studio Story

Alright, Toriyama wannabes, this one's for you. Kairosoft has returned to its familiar business manager style, but this time you're assigned to manage a Japanese animation studio. Your primary creation is a single show, and the variables that you select (centered around the weird culture of anime and manga) determine how profitable and successful your show is. Like most Kairosoft games, this one is five bucks with no in-app purchases.


Produce your own hit anime starring a character of your making. Select a face, body, and presto. Your completed hero can then explode onto the scene of your show, wowing watchers to rule the rankings. Categories include "Dateability," "Popular with Kids," and more. As the animaestro, only you can bring status to your studio. Speaking of your studio, equip it with a library, motion capture room, and even a theater. Educate your staff in the anime way to craft a classic that will echo through the generations.


Ambition of the Slimes

If you've played a Dragon Quest game sometime in the last 20 years, you've probably slaughtered hundreds of tiny, weak slimes - they're the Goombas of the RPG world. But what happens when the slimes rise up and bring the fight to their fleshy oppressors? Half Final Fantasy Tactics and half Invasion of the Body Snatchers, this game has you taking over fantasy heroes with your party of slimes and conquering the world. It's the best game in the world for members of the Brain Slug Party. This one is free with a few in-app purchases for extra characters. Note: You'll need to set the language to English manually.


The world was on the brink of destruction. An evil race known as humans had appeared from out of nowhere, and had the world in the palm of their hand. Forests were burned, the skies and seas were polluted, and tyranny reigned supreme. At this rate, the end of days is not far off. And then, despite us having done nothing to earn their malice, they came to make war upon us. As we did not possess any significant fighting force, it was just a matter of time before we were annihilated.

Helicopter Sim

Rortos is basically the only developer pumping out quality simulation games for Android on a regular basis. This is their first take on helicopters, so if you've gotten tired of jets and battleships, give it a shot. This free version features the free flight mode and six missions, with in-app purchases available for about five times that much content. Want to get it all at once? The paid version has all the same content for $5. Dear Rortos: thank you for implementing in-app purchases the right way.


Join HELLFIRE SQUADRON and launch the attack on the most modern deadly threats. Guide with precision your multi-role helicopter, demolish the enemy defenses and let the raiders disembark in enemy bases. Tactics, flying skills and the right amount of ruthlessness in the attacks are critical to complete the long and engaging campaign against the mysterious secret organization. You are in command of the helicopter and in real time you will have to govern with care the powerful machine gun available on board, take the right countermeasures against enemy attacks and launch the devastating missiles on targets.

Son of Light

Son of Light is a fairly typical shoot-em-up in the old style: shoot everything that moves, avoid all the bullets, and generally pretend to be a tiny, two-dimensional Flash Gordon. (AAA-AAAH!) Son of Light is notable not just because of decent sprite-based graphics or an interesting 4-way customization engine, but because the developer is a model of restraint when it comes to in-app purchases. The game is free, one dollar removes the ads and gives you more money for upgrades, and the maximum IAP level is $3. Not bad.


Shoot the enemies and travel at the speed of light. Son of Light is an arcade video game of the Uncommon Games studios inspired by the great retro type "Shoot Them Up" and the mechanics of games such as "Runner". This « Shoot'em up » (shmup or STG) offers you to cross the universe at the speed of light. Your mission is to overcome in a row the 10 levels that will come to you while eradicating sneaky enemies and colossal bosses.


Skyward looks a lot like Monument Valley, and it's clear that the latter game is a huge inspiration on the former. But instead of slow-paced puzzles, this game focuses on twitch timing: one of the player's dots rotates around the other, and a single tap makes it "land," forcing the opposite dot to rotate. It's a simple premise that will be enjoyable for fans of Flappy Bird and similar games, with much better visuals and atmosphere. Free with no in-app purchases.


A great journey to the sky starts with a single step. Through dynamic escher-style labyrinths you will reach your inner peace in this endless one-tap-one-step game. Get higher scores to unlock new patterns and beat everyone in the leaderboard.


Mix the ancient gameplay of Breakout or Pong with the slightly less ancient gameplay of 16-bit platformers, and you'll get something like Blockadillo. Each level has fixed blocks that you'll have to smash with just some basic steering, but some include puzzles and physics elements to keep things interesting. Blockadillo is free with advertising, but a cheap $2 in-app purchase will grant access to extra levels.


Blockadillo is an arcade game where you smash colored blocks with a furious, color changing Armadillo. The catch: The Armadillo moves the whole time up and down by itself and you can only steer it left and right. Within the beautiful levels you will find deadly traps and lots of blocks with different abilities. Discover the remains of an ancient culture and use their old machines to cleverly solve the levels.

Steampunker - Tablet Edition

Steampunker is a fairly simple adventure game with an unhealthy fascination for Jules Verne. It has everything an insufferable steampunk fan could want: old-timey bicycles, improbable robots, anachronistic zeppelins, steam-powered rockets. The visuals are fantastic, but underneath is a typical adventure game with the usual inventory puzzles and mini-games. If you're looking for a visually-striking adventure game, this is it. Take note: this game is ONLY for tablets.


the Earth. The game contains a series of puzzles linked together into a traditional "point and click" adventure story. We meet Vincent in a harbor, then he boards a submarine, travels to an island, flies to the Moon in a rocket and finally fights the robots in their spaceship. In order to complete the mission Vincent has to explore the world and find objects needed to fix the vehicles and move in his unique steampunk style world. The brain teasers include fighting a steam leakage, solving maths puzzles and many more.

Chesslike: Adventures in Chess

Roguelikes are pretty easy to find these days, but this one uses the movement principles of chess as an interesting twist. You start out as a pawn - move one block at a time, attack diagonally - then find equipment and power-ups to transform into more powerful pieces, eventually getting all the way up to a queen. It's a novel take on a somewhat tired genre, and the level editor is a nice bonus. It doesn't hurt that the game has no ads or in-app purchases.


Chesslike takes the familiarity of chess and puts it into a fantastic new world of possibilities. This game is NOT chess. The rules have changed, and even a pawn can take up arms to become the new king. Dive into fun puzzle levels, or take some time and conquer an entire castle by assassinating the king. When you've had your fill, create your own levels to challenge your friends with the Level Editor.

RPG Clicker

I can't say that I've ever understood the appeal of "clicker" games. But if you want a new level of complexity in, uh, an incredibly simple premise, this one takes after 8-bit RPGs. Like most similar games it's almost entirely randomized, but successive clicking can get you new weapons, armor, and spells. It's got all the standard RPG tropes: dungeons, bosses, even a bit of leveling for your equipment. And clicking. Lots of clicking.


RPG Clicker is a fantasy RPG simplified to one finger touch. No more getting lost in boring dungeon, just tap your way through diverse terrain and menacing monsters. Find loot and rack up gold to buy the ultimate weapon. Research powerful spells and set the pixels on fire. Then, when your hero is ready, engage in epic boss fights where your hero’s strength and skill will be put to the test.

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