That cool little HDMI stick that Google released more than a year ago got more useful and more awesome when the Cast API became available for developers. And while there are now hundreds of apps with Chromecast support on the Play Store, Google keeps a small curated list of some of them, kind of like a featured selection. Every now and then new entrants are let into this special club, and the latest addition is a trio of interesting apps: musiXmatch, Lyve, and Fitnet.


musiXmatch is the lyrics buddy to every song you listen to on your phone. Whether you're playing the songs through the app itself or through Play Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, rdio, or Deezer, musiXmatch will go grab the corresponding lyrics and float them on top of your screen, then scroll them in time with the music. With Chromecast integration, you get to enjoy your jams through the TV while also reading the words, just in case you forgot the second verse of Rebecca Black's Friday, God forbid.

Lyve is a cross-platform photo storage and viewing solution. After installing it on all your devices, Lyve will act as a center hub of your digital memories, organizing your photos by date instead of by device. Besides Android, Lyve has clients for Mac, Windows, iOS, and is available on the Amazon Appstore. As you expect, the Chromecast feature addition lets you display your photos on the big TV screen instead of just your computer, phone, or tablet.

And the last app, Fitnet, is probably the most intriguing of the bunch. It's a fitness service with video workouts and camera scoring, providing you with weekly plans for various types of exercise (Yoga, Taiji, cardio, etc) and using some biometric sensor magic to compare your performance with the trainer on the screen. Thanks to the Chromecast integration, you don't have to stare at a tiny display to follow along, you can watch the videos on the TV. Think of it as Jane Fonda for the digital age.

Whether you want to use the Chromecast to stare at your photos, sing and dance, or whip your body into shape, you can grab the apps you need from the widgets below.

Source: @GoogleChrome