Version 1.2 of the IFTTT Android app has appeared on Google Play, and its developers have touched up the visuals a bit. We're not talking a big redesign here, but sometimes that's a good thing. Here the UI for tweaking recipes has changed ever so slightly. You can see the difference below.






Left: Old, Right: New.

The enhancements aren't just surface level. The team says it has improved recipe syncing as well. They've also added a plethora of new channels. The list includes: Bttn, Dailymotion, FollowUpcc, Garageio, Harmony, Homeboy,, ORBneXt, Printhug, Quip, Rachio Iro, ShopYourWay, Sina Weibo, Slice, Smappee, Stockimo, Todoist, TrackIf, Ubi, and Whistle. So if you're a regular user of any of these, have fun cooking up all sorts of new configurations.