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Featured App

Expense IQ - Expense Manager

This week's roundup is brought to you by Expense IQ - Expense Manager from Handy Apps. This amazingly complete expense tracking system has a solid and colorful UI, and just about every possible checkbook, alert, and tracking feature you could want. Everything you input can be saved and exported for personal backup and expense reports, and all your data is synced via Dropbox, making Expense IQ a snap to use across multiple phones or tablets. Bill alerts, a PIN lock, and even a homescreen widget are all included in this app's bag of additional goodies. The basic version is free, but to get access to advanced functions you'll need to pay for the full $6.99 version via in-app purchase.


Expense IQ is the long awaited successor to EasyMoney - the number one money manager app that combines an expense manager, a bill reminder, a checkbook register and a budget planner. Expense IQ – Expense Manager provides a rich, detailed window into your personal finances and daily money management needs. Track and manage daily expenses quickly & easily. Business expenses, personal expenses, travel expenses etc can all be managed rapidly using Expense IQ’s simple and intuitive user interface. Interactive reports & graphs let you analyze income, expenses, cash flow and balance over various date ranges and accounts.



Android Police coverage: Google+ Auto-Refresher From Erwin Goslawski, The Author Of RepetiTouch, Available Early Through APKMirror.com [APK Download]

Refresher+ does just one thing: it automatically refreshes the main feed of the Google+ app (which, for some reason, doesn't refresh itself when you open it). The app will wait for you to stop interacting with G+ before refreshing so it doesn't get in the way, and the refresh interval is customizable. Refresher+ doesn't intercept any data, so you don't have to worry about privacy or security.


Tired of refreshing your Google+™ stream by hand? This app is the solution. Launch, setup and forget. From now on, the stream in your Google+ app will be refreshed automatically.

  • Configurable refresh interval
  • Detect when you use the Google+ app and pause refreshing for a configurable period (cooldown)
  • Auto-start
  • Keep screen on while running and the Google+ app shows a stream
  • Battery-friendly

Opera Mini beta web browser

Android Police coverage: Opera Mini Browser Gets Its Own Beta Version With A Shiny New Interface

Opera Mini has been around for a long, long time - longer than Android, in fact. This brand-new beta build is where the developers will try out new stuff before graduating it to the primary Android app, starting with a shiny new interface. The new UI is definitely more modern than the somewhat outdated full version, though it's following Opera's design principles, not Google's. The beta version is noticeably faster, but does have some odd rendering errors.


Download Opera Mini beta for Android. With Opera Mini beta, you can save data while browsing the internet and get to your favorite content faster. Opera Mini beta is the best browser for phones and tablets running Android 2.3 and later. It's fast, free and beautifully designed. Use up to 90% less of your mobile data compared to other web browsers. Get faster access to the internet, while getting more out of your data plan.

Home Design 3D - FREE

Android Police coverage: Plan And Organize Every Inch Of Your House With Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is exactly what it sounds like: a 3D-enabled interior decorating app. You can use it to draw out and customize floorplans, populate them with basic placeholder furniture, and set dimensions, then check out how everything looks in the 3D view. These kinds of programs have gotten very popular on the PC - I used something similar to lay out my new apartment. The free version won't block any tools, but you'll have to pay $6.99 via in-app purchase to save any plans.


For the first time for Android users, you will have access to a powerful app that allows you to create, design and customize all your plans and ideas. Discover the free version of the reference application Home Design 3D. In this version, you can test the features of the application and explore its possibilities. This version can be used without limit. But be careful, projects can not be saved in this version. However, projects created can be saved by obtaining the full version directly from this one.

Divide Productivity Preview

Android Police review: Google Releases Invite-Only 'Divide Productivity Preview' Suite For Security-Minded Corporate Users

Divide is a Google acquisition that probably flew under the radar for most users, but the Divide Productivity Preview is the first fruit of that purchase. It's essentially a Google-fied version of Outlook, integrated with both your corporate network and Google's own app ecosystem. If you'd like to try it out, you have to be part of the Android IT Preview Program... and if you don't know what that is, you probably don't care.


Divide Productivity Preview provides a complete set of apps for business email, calendar, contacts, tasks, downloads to get your job done with speed, simplicity and security. With your IT manager’s support, Divide Productivity Preview is your gateway to your existing corporate Exchange/ActiveSync or Notes-compatible infrastructure.

• Mail: S/MIME, HTML, gestures, flag messages for follow-up, out of office
• Calendar: Create/edit meetings, accept/decline invitations, highlight VIP calendar alerts
• Contacts: Corporate directory lookup, mark contacts as VIPs, export to personal address book
• Tasks: Set, view, edit, sort, delete tasks
• Downloads: Save, view and share attachments

Target Healthful™

Android Police coverage: Target Releases Obnoxiously Named But Cool Healthful App To Manage Your Target Pharmacy Prescriptions

If you use a Target supermarket as your pharmacy (some of them have little pharmacist's offices next to the towels), you can use this app to see a list of your prescriptions and when they need refilling. Also, the app is called "Target Healthful," which is bizarrely annoying, at least to David. (Who, it has to be said, is easily annoyed.) The app also includes transfers to other Target locations and a map of the nearest stores with pharmacies inside.


It's easy and convenient for you to manage your Target Pharmacy needs including prescription refills, tracking refill status, convenient one-click prescription transfer, finding your nearest Target Pharmacy, and setting up notifications/reminders to take your medications. The TARGET HEALTHFUL™ app. will also allow you sign up and track your Pharmacy Rewards credits. It’s just another way we make feeling better, better. We’ll be rolling out more features for this app. shortly, so stay tuned.


Next Glass

Next Glass is basically Netflix recommendations for boozers. I don't mean that in a bad way - there are so many varieties of beer and wine, and my own beer preferences are so specific, that I can probably use it the next time I'm tempted to try something besides 1554. According to the app description, Next Glass uses a chemistry-based set of algorithms to match beer and wine to your particular tastes. It also has nutritional and alcohol content information and (of course) direct sharing to Instagram.


Get personalized beer and wine recommendations that use science and technology to predict how much you’ll enjoy any bottle. We all have unique taste preferences, and by using objective chemical data to provide personal recommendations, Next Glass guarantees you’ll never drink a bad bottle again. Rate bottles, build your unique taste profile, share scores, and explore beer and wine with confidence.

Baby Dreambox

There are more than a few "white noise" sleep aid apps available on the Play Store, but this is the only one I've ever seen specifically for babies. Of course, it makes sense - the little demon-spawn often need help getting to sleep, and you can only sing "rockabye" so long. Baby Dreambox includes 20 different sound and lullaby options, or you can record your own. The app can actually detect when your baby wakes up and begin auto-playing again.


Baby Dreambox makes your baby sleep like an angel. More than 20 handpicked relaxing sounds and lullabies soothes your child, a smart timer stops playback when your little one starts dreaming and you can even record your own songs or fairytales.

• More than 20 high quality soothing sounds and melodies - Choose between classic lullabies, nature, household or travelling sounds and colored noises of various frequencies.
• Smart timer and monitor that listens to your baby and plays only, when your baby is awake
• Regular timer enabling you to stop playback after predefined time.
• Record your own song, lullaby or fairytale and your baby can fall asleep listening to it every night
• Support background mode

Roaming Hunger Food Trucks

Food trucks are awesome for quick work lunches, but unfortunately, they tend to move around. (You know. Because they're trucks.) Participating vendors will show their constant location in Roaming Hunger, which also lets you save your favorites and check out the menus of those you don't know by heart. Some trucks will even give discounts through the app.


Find out where your next meal is parked with Roaming Hunger, your live compass for chowing down on the best gourmet food trucks, food trailers and food carts. Locate and explore the world of food trucks and carts with this interactive app and track the over 6,000 mobile vendors serving everything from Korean BBQ tacos to chocolate caramel crème brûlée on our live food truck map.

Tilt Scroll Root

Tilt Scroll [Root] lets you scroll through pages or lists via tilting. Also, it needs root. The app has a lot of options and flexible ways to enable or disable the service, but I have to say, I don't think it actually solves any problems - why would you want to waive around your phone to advance something that you're actively reading? More options are enabled with a $1.79 in-app purchase.


Tilt-Scroll is a revolutionary application for rooted android devices, which adds a system-wide Tilt-to-scroll feature to your phone or tablet, so it works with any application on your device. Tilt-Scroll allows you to make the screen go upwards or downwards or sidewards just by tilting your smartphone. You don't need to wait for your preferred application to implement tilt scrolling feature; All you need is "Tilt Scroll", so get it now.

Lumific - Photo Gallery

Lumific is the latest in a long line of "automatic" photo editors. It applies a series of enhancements and corrective filters onto each photo, picks the "best" one out of a group of similar shots, and lets you swipe through a large amount of photos to organize them. The app is still in beta, so future releases should be more stable and have more features, including video support.


Your Photos, Beautifully Edited and Organized. Automatically sorts and edits all your photos. Let Lumific do the work for you. Your new free intelligent photo gallery — No ads ever.

  • Automatically picks the best photo from similar photos.
  • Automatically enhances, straightens and crops all photos.
  • Simple swipe gestures to highlight and edit albums.
  • See all your highlighted albums in a single view.
  • Hide individual photos from view.
  • Supports Animated GIFs.

Project Squared

Here's another collaborative work app. If your office (or website) is on Cisco's Project Squared, you probably need this app. If it isn't, you probably don't.


Project Squared is the place teams work together, where their work lives, and how they stay connected to it all. It’s like a virtual conference room, created for all your teams with everything everyone needs to do their best work, together. Rooms for everyone. Work more efficiently, keep constantly connected with your team, share content from anywhere on any device.

Manufacturer and Tie-In Apps

Milk Video™

Android Police coverage: Samsung Launches Milk Video, The Tastiest New Media-Streaming App In Your Galaxy (Device)

If you have a recent Samsung device, you have access to the manufacturer's proprietary Milk Music service. Now they've added a video app on top of it, which is... well, it's basically the same kind of super-popular stuff you're likely to see on your existing social networks anyway. Users can "follow" outlets like Vevo and Funny Or Die. There's a bit of a social network built in as well. Do you need it? Probably not. Are you missing anything if you don't have it? Not if you know how to use Twitter and Google.


Milk Video™ lets you discover and share the most talked about videos, in a beautiful, streamlined experience. The elegant, simple design makes discovery faster than ever. We’re cutting through the endless sea of online video to deliver the freshest, most interesting videos on the web. And with quick, intuitive browsing and curated categories and feeds, Milk Video™ helps you find the videos that are trending now.

Milk Video™ is available in the US only and exclusive to Samsung Galaxy users, on the following devices:

Galaxy S® 4
Galaxy S® 4 mini
Galaxy S® 5
Galaxy Note® II
Galaxy Note® 3
Galaxy Note® 4
Galaxy Note® Edge
Galaxy Mega™


The LG GizmoPal is basically an ankle tracking bracelet, but for children, and it doesn't lock onto their ankles. (You need an attachment accessory for that.) This app lets you see the live location of your kid and call them on the gadget's single-number phone. The management app lets you select which two numbers can be called from the GizmoPal, or even remotely set it to silent. Right now the GizmoPal is only available from Verizon in the US, and the $80 gadget requires a $5 a month subscription.


GizmoPal app controls the GizmoPal band, a wearable phone made for children. This app allows you to:

  • Call your child
  • Receive calls from your child
  • Find your child
  • Keep your child’s information safe
  • Manage your child’s GizmoPal band

Paul McCartney

This is a live performance of "Live And Let Die" for Google's Cardboard virtual reality system. So it's only for huge Paul McCartney fans, who also use Android, who also have a homemade VR headset. That's what you call a limited audience.


Experience musical legend and visionary Sir Paul McCartney performing "Live and Let Die" in 360 degrees, with stereo 3D and immersive audio in Jaunt's first publicly released cinematic VR experience. Requires a recent 5" or 6" phone and a Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer.

Live Wallpapers

Minima Live Wallpaper

Minima Live Wallpaper brings an endless range of shifting shapes and colors to your homescreen.

  • Goes great with the slick Material Design elements of the newest Android OS version, Lollipop.
  • Shapes tilt and shift in 3D parallax motion as you move and scroll your device.
  • 10 hand-crafted themes, over 60 in the Pro version.
  • Change colors to suit your taste.
  • Edit the built-in themes or create your own. (Pro version)
  • Let the Randomizer bring you a new theme once a day or even once a minute. (Pro version)

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