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Kingdom Rush Origins

Android Police coverage: Clear Your Schedule—Kingdom Rush Origins Is Now Available

Arguably the best-known tower defense game on mobile has another installment. Origins is - of course - a prequel, setting up the events in the next two Kingdom Rush games. But you don't care about that: you care that there are new towers, troop types, and environments. Some of the newer and more powerful units are truly impressive, while still fitting into the game's simplistic visual design. Kingdom Rush Origins is three bucks plus in-app purchases, but they're not as awful as they might have been.


Kingdom Rush Origins is the third installment of the award-winning Kingdom Rush saga, loved by millions and earning accolades from gamers and critics around the globe. Take a trip back to the beginning, before Vez’nan ever thought to threaten the kingdom with the gem of power, and experience even more of the lightning-fast, exceptionally captivating gameplay that made the franchise a cornerstone of essential tower defense games.





XCOM®: Enemy Within

Android Police coverage: XCOM: Enemy Within Adds New Units, Weapons, Stages, And Bad Guys In A Standalone Expansion

The original XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a respectable mobile port of the popular console/PC turn-based strategy game. Because expansion packs on mobile are tricky, Enemy Within is actually a stand-alone title, which includes the original alien-hunting story plus new enemies, story missions, units, weapons, and stages. If you've got a powerful device with plenty of free space, $13 to spare, and a taste for painstakingly detailed strategy, it's an easy recommendation.


XCOM®: Enemy Within is a standalone expansion to the 2012 strategy game of the year XCOM®: Enemy Unknown and it's now available on Google Play devices. Enemy Within features the core gameplay of Enemy Unknown plus more exciting content. Check out the new soldiers, abilities, enemies, maps, missions, and multiplayer mode for the fresh new strategy gaming experience.

The Banner Saga

Android Police coverage: The Banner Saga Arrives In The Play Store Priced At $9.99 [Update]

The Banner Saga is an indie strategy game set in a fantasy version of northern Europe. (Think halfway between Marvel's Thor movies and Lord of the Rings.) Originally released on PC, the mobile version preserves the turn-based tactical gameplay and the fantastic hand-drawn characters and environments. It's expensive at ten bucks, but there are no in-app purchases, and it's still half the price of the PC version. Guaranteed to be 100% free of Candy Crushing.


Embark on your own epic journey in this critically acclaimed tactical RPG, where your strategic choices directly affect your personal story, as well as the outcome of conflicts encountered during your struggle for survival in this Viking inspired tale.

  • A 2D fantasy realm inspired by Norse mythology – immerse yourself in beautifully hand drawn combat sequences and animations, accompanied by an evocative score from Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory.
  • Player choice that drives your own narrative – every decision you make in travel, conversation and combat has a meaningful effect on the outcome as your story unfolds.
  • Over 25 playable characters each with unique personalities – embark on your journey with a variety of characters from 7 different classes, each with unique abilities and upgrade options to fit your play style.

Turbo Dismount™

Android Police coverage: Turbo Dismount Revs Its Engine And Crashes Directly Into The Play Store

Turbo Dismount is essentially an entire game based around those hours you wasted in Grand Theft Auto III seeing how many cringe-inducing ways you could crash a sedan. The game's crazy levels and rag-doll physics make it a playground for destruction. It's a spiritual sequel to the oddly cathartic Stair Dismount. SHIELD Tablet owners get a few extra graphical flourishes, but it's not an exclusive. Turbo Dismount is free to try, with a $7 in-app purchase unlocking all levels.


The legendary crash simulator is now on Google Play. Perform death-defying motor stunts, crash into walls, create traffic pile-ups of epic scale - and share the fun. Turbo Dismount™ is a kinetic tragedy about Mr. Dismount and the cars who love him. It is the official sequel to the wildly popular and immensely successful personal impact simulator - Stair Dismount™.

Strike Suit Zero

Android Police coverage: PC Port Strike Suit Zero Lets You Fight Giant Robots IN SPAAACE... But Only On The SHIELD Tablet

Strike Suit Zero got its start as a PC game. It's a loose adaptation of the Gundam and Robotech school of anime: you control a gigantic robot that turns into a plane, shooting absolutely everything. This mobile version preserves the fast and precise play style, as well as the impressive graphics... which would be more impressive if it was available on anything except the SHIELD Tablet. Even other Tegra K1 devices are off limits.


In the year 2299, an interstellar war rages. Take control of the Strike Suit – a craft with the ability to transform into a hulking suit of space armor - in a bid to save Earth from destruction. Immerse yourself in massive fleet battles where your dogfighting skills will directly affect the fate of the cosmos.
Discover a colorful and vibrant universe, with an epic story spanning 17 unique missions. Engage intelligent enemy fighters and take on colossal capital ships, exploiting weak points in their super-structure to blow them apart piece by piece.

Far Cry® 4 Arena Master

Android Police coverage: Ubisoft's Far Cry 4 'Arena Master' Mobile Game Is Basically Pokemon, Plus Guns And Slavery

In Far Cry 4, you play a young man rampaging through a small Himalayan country, overthrowing a dictator and becoming the people's champion. In Far Cry 4 Arena Master... you're a poacher, animal fighter, and slave driver. Basically you send all manner of man and beast into a Roman-style arena, trying to kill the opposing unit. You'll have to "buy" and "trap" both people and animals. Interestingly, it's a free game with no in-app purchases, and you don't need a full copy of Far Cry 4 to play.


Become the arena master with Far Cry® 4 Arena Master, the official Far Cry®4 app. Collect animals and mercenary fighters for your own personal arena pen and send them to battle against other Far Cry®4 players for fame and fortune. Far Cry® 4 Arena Master can be linked directly to your Far Cry®4 game, allowing you to share your arena progress and send custom Far Cry® 4 arena challenges to your friends. Playing Far Cry® 4 arena can also unlock new fighters in the Far Cry® 4 Arena Master app.

Football Manager Handheld 2015

Android Police coverage: SEGA's Football Manager Handheld 2015 Is Out—Ten Bucks Plus In-App Purchases

These football (soccer) management games are baffling to me, and there seem to be a billion of them, each with a yearly update. If you're a fan of this particular series, here's your yearly refresh, with a ten dollar price tag plus in-app purchases. And it doesn't even have a scowling French guy.


Football Manager Handheld 2015 is the latest release in the best-selling, award-winning series on mobile and tablet devices which allows you to live out the dream of managing your favourite real-life club. You're in the hot-seat, you make the decisions on transfers, tactics and you take charge from the touchline on match days. Do you have what it takes to become a legend in the high pressure, high emotion world of football management?

Tales From Deep Space

Android Police coverage: Amazon Game Studios' 'Tales From Deep Space' Blasts Off Towards A Fire Device Near You

Tales From Space is pretty basic as far as platformers go - look around for some interesting stuff until you can't go anywhere else, then use the interesting stuff to open up new places. But the quirky sci-fi setting will turn a few heads, at least if they use Amazon Kindle Fire tablets. The game is seven bucks, but if you've got a Kindle Fire HDX or one of the new models from this year, you also get multiplayer.


Tales From Deep Space is a comedic mis-adventure set on Big Moon, the most eccentric space station in the galaxy. Players help E, a traveling salesman, and his loyal luggage drone CASI escape when Big Moon is thrown into lockdown. E and CASI must work together to fight dangerous battles, solve fiendish puzzles and unravel the nefarious plot behind the mysterious "Meek" uprising.


B1gl4 kVQjSB1lteYsPLlSB1RT8FpB0YS

Amazon Appstore: Tales From Deep Space

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

In Five Nights At Freddy's, you played a terrified night clerk at a Chuck E. Cheese's haunted by murderous fluffy robots. In the sequel, you.. well, you do pretty much the same thing, but new surveillance tools, rooms, disguises, and enemies make things a little more interesting. The game is still essentially one long jump scare, but if that's your thing, have at it. The full game is a reasonable $3, but there's also a free demo.


As the new security guard working nights, your job is to monitor cameras and make sure nothing goes wrong after-hours. The previous guard has complained about the characters trying to get into the office (he has since been moved to day-shift). So to make your job easier, you've been provided with your very own empty Freddy Fazbear head, which should fool the animatronic characters into leaving you alone if they should accidentally enter your office.

Jet Car Stunts 2

The original Jet Car Stunts was popular for its sandbox style and insane physics, and you'll get more of both here. Between the speed on the ground and the almost floating physics in the air, this version is just as much a kooky flight simulator as a driving challenge. Jet Car Stunts 2 is free to play, but you'll need to cough up five bucks for the level editor. At least it has level sharing and support for external controllers.


Sequel to the award winning Jet Car Stunts. WARNING: This game will challenge you.

  • Crazy stunt driving on outlandish courses.
  • Insane jumps.
  • Ludicrous speeds.
  • Manic car handling.
  • Outrageous jet physics.
  • 120 levels, 3 difficulties each. (The First 10 are free)
  • 7 cars with varied handling.
  • 4 Game modes. Level creation and sharing (Purchase required for saving and sharing)
  • Global leaderboards with replays.
  • Friend challenges.
  • Controller support

BattleLore: Command

That's more like it. BattleLore Command is based on a strategy board game that uses the familiar hexagonal layout. This digital adaptation of the fantasy world lets the armies and terrain come to life, fleshing out the backstory and allowing for play without an hour of setup. The game is a bit pricey at ten bucks, but there are no in-app purchases, and it includes both single-player campaigns and local multiplayer.


Command valiant warriors and vicious demons in BattleLore: Command, based on the board game BattleLore Second Edition. Lead the noble Daqan army as they fearlessly defend their homeland from the invading hordes of the Uthuk Y’llan– demon-blooded barbarians spreading chaos and destruction wherever they go. Or, lead the Uthuk Y’llan and channel their fury into military supremacy. Whether you’re a proven commander or have never before fought a battle, BattleLore: Command provides a suspenseful and challenging tactical combat experience.

The Blocks Cometh

Imagine trying to play a level of Mario that happened to be occurring inside a game of Tetris. The Blocks Cometh is basically that: your hero jumps around a vertical stage where crates continually fall, using precision jumps off of walls falling in mid-air to avoid a crushing death. There's a gun as well, but you won't make it far without precision platforming skills. Some familiar Noodlecake heroes make a cameo, and the tongue-in-cheek "Gamebot mode" (a $1 cosmetic add-on) is perfect.


The world is being destroyed. Help Blockman and his friends to survive as long as you can. Run, jump, and shoot and climb to top your highest score in this endless vertical climber. The Blocks Cometh is a game about dodging and climbing an endless series of falling blocks. Featuring guest characters like Mr.Destructoid, the one and only Jim Sterling and The Agent from League of Evil. Plus so much More.

The Last Door: Collector's Ed

For some reason, the combination of adventure game standards and low-resolution "retro" graphics seems appealing. This indie game has had some moderate success on Steam, where it was released for PC users in the summer. The Android version is basically the same thing: a point-and-click inventory puzzle sitting on top of a creepy Lovecraftian story. You can play the first chapter for free, then unlock the rest of the game for four bucks.


Feel what it's truly like to be alone in the dark with this low-res, high-suspense point-and-click horror adventure, winner of multiple Best Games of the Year awards. Set in Victorian England, when Jeremiah Devitt receives a letter from his old schoolmate Anthony Beechworth with a hidden, cryptic message, he knows something is wrong. His journey to an abandoned manor is only the beginning as he starts to remember a long-buried secret from his youth, discovering things man was not meant to know, and opening doors that should have remained closed…



This is a game called TwoDots. It stars two dots. Well, sort of: in point of fact, it's a puzzle game that combines elements of Bejeweled and Connect Four. Match up adjacent dots of the same color in any direction, and all the similar dots touching will be cleared. There's a basic story behind all of it in a Sesame Street kind of way, plus power-ups as you advance. Free to play, with in-app purchases and a bunch of social pushes (plus multiplayer hidden in there somewhere).


Join two brave dots as they traverse the arctic tundra, navigate fiery jungles, and plunge the ocean depths in the #1 hit game in over 70 countries.

• CONNECT one dot to another, sink anchors, make a line, create bombs, fight fire, and much more in this fun free puzzle game
• ADVENTURE through 135 fun and addicting levels
• ADORABLE fun, and thoughtful game design in this beautiful game about connecting
• ENJOY beautiful minimalistic design with relaxing game music and fun sound fx
• PLAY at your own pace to figure out the perfect move without having to worry about the old time clock
• CHALLENGE your friends to a TwoDots match on Facebook, beat their scores, and earn medals
• MAKE a line or a square, not a circle, to connect every dot of a single color

Twisty Planets

Twisty Planets is halfway betweoh my God the little cube guy has a Tron costume! Ahem. Excuse me. It's halfway between a sliding puzzle and a Rubik's cube. Help the Qub get around the stage using gravity and various tools, grabbing stars along the way if you want the best score. Levels unlock with play, or you can watch ads or pay to get them early.


Welcome to Twisty Planets - a 3D Puzzle Game unlike any other. Help little fella Qub escape the twisty planets, find stars to open portal and escape. Navigate springboards, moving platforms, teleports and reconfigurable planets to find the way out of the 3D planets. Watch out for the edges and don’t fall off. Can you find a way off the planets and into the next galaxy?

The Shadow Sun

There's a reason most of the RPGs on mobile platforms are top-down: full 3D with complex controls is hard on a small screen. But The Shadow Sun is trying it, in a presentation that owes a lot to The Witcher. The description says that the main campaign lasts ten hours, which is decent for a high-powered game that costs five bucks. Extra quests are available as in-app purchases.


The ultimate Western action RPG has arrived on Android. Embark on an epic dark fantasy in the grand tradition of great, story-driven RPGs from PC and console, created by veterans of the Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate, and The Witcher franchises. With The Shadow Sun, Ossian Studios brings together all its expertise from working with Dungeons & Dragons and The Witcher in order to create a deep, story-driven RPG experience for Android.


Rob-o-tap is an endless runner of sorts - the only object is to avoid the obstacles. You can do this either by moving your tiny robot friend across three lanes or by rotating the various gizmos in the playing field. The 3D graphics are appealing, and the game should be easy enough for anyone to play, at least at the beginning. A single $1 in-app purchase can get you extra credits for power-ups, but that's it.


Save the tiny little robots during their journey by getting rid of the obstacles in front of them. It's ONE TAP ONLY to change their world. Enter the hazardous corridors and disarm traps to keep your robots alive as long as you can. This malevolent environment is full of tricky traps to avoid. Grind for the extra robots to get further, unlock them to progress faster and beat your previous records and beat your friends' records.

Flyhunter Origins

Frogs are spaceships, and they desperately need flies. For some reason. The kooky story behind this simple platformer really isn't important, since it's just an excuse to hop around enormous levels like a backyard or a swamp. The game is charming in a ToeJam and Earl kinda way, and though it says it's designed only for the Tegra 4, the Play Store listing actually allows it to be installed on most other current devices. You can gamble three bucks (no in-app purchases) to find out if it's bluffing.


Meet Zak - a bumbling alien spaceship Janitor and wannabe Flyhunter. Zak is a “Zursk”- one of three alien species from Burgarol 3. He works on board the Flyhunter Crew’s legendary spaceship; ‘The Frog’ but deep down he longs for an exciting adventure of his own. Somewhere in Earth’s orbit while the heroic Flyhunters are deep in cryo sleep, The Frog’s cargo of super-important insects from the latest hunt is mysteriously jettisoned into Space, crash-landing back on planet Earth.

Sleep Attack TD

There are so many tower defense titles out there that anything offering a fresh perspective deserves to be highlighted. Sleep Attack certainly qualifies: instead of the usual grid or line-based field of play, you set your towers in a circle, which spins like a Lazy Susan to open and close lanes for critters to get to the center's defense. An interesting monster premise and art make it worth a look as well, it's only a shame that the game is both paid and has in-app currency purchases.


Enjoy an amazing new TWIST in Tower Defense. You control the layout of the battlefield, and you decide the paths your enemies follow. Build and place powerful turrets to attack invading enemies. Then rotate the battlefield to force foes down your preferred path of destruction. Be careful though, there are always multiple routes to control. Combine tactical planning with strategic tower upgrades to slow, divert and damage your enemies.

Narborion Saga

Fans of the odd game-book genre now have an option other than Tin Man Games! Narborion Saga is an original fantasy story that runs on your decisions, with RPG leveling and battle elements thrown in for crucial plot points, plus a few mini-games for the heckuvit... and in-app purchases for currency. So, pay for the best ending, I guess?


The Narborion Saga interactive gamebook series will take you to a world of epic high fantasy. Read the chapters, let the story unfold in your mind's eye and influence the epic saga. This role-playing game will put you in the role of a young page serving the Royal Champion, who embarks on his first quest to assist the Lady Carluna, Princess of the Kingdom on her attempt to restore a Goddess to full power.

Endless Doves

Flappy Bird + Game Boy graphics = Endless Doves. This is actually a sequel to 8-Bit Doves, keeping the same basic gameplay and spirit with a more open-ended structure. Unlike Flappy Bird, there are some objectives: you'll have to try and find the doves scattered through the level, which then follow you around. The graphics are charming, and there is a surprising variety of birds you can use. A single $1.61 in-app purchase removes advertising.


Endless Doves – Collect Doves, Don't Crash. He dreams of flying...Who is he? Why does he crash? How does he fly? That doesn't matter. What does matter is obsessive bird collecting. Collect those birds and beat the scores of friends and people you don't even know. Brag on the usual usual social network hangouts then collect even more birds and do it all over again.

Tilt 2 Live Gauntlet’s Revenge

This game has a setup that's similar to bullet-hell shooters, only without the bullets and with tilt controls only. You move your cursor-thingy through the scrolling level, grabbing power-ups and avoiding the deadlier obstacles. It's a simple enough premise, but you'd better hope your phone or tablet's sensors are accurate.


It's a Tilt to Live like no other: a collection of brutal tilt obstacle courses. Take control of an unlimited supply of expendable arrow-people, destroying a ton of them on your quest to reach the finish line. Tackle three super-challenging gauntlets in any order you want, using our famously responsive Tilt to Live controls. Do you have what it takes to unlock the final boss gauntlet, and at last confront the infamous Dot King? If not, maybe try it on easy mode.

Medford City Asylum (Full)

Does anything good ever happen at an "asylum?" No, it doesn't - that's why they're all called "mental hospitals" now. Despite knowing this, the investigator in Medford City Asylum decides to check the place out for an insurance appraisal instead of writing, "Screw you I'm not going in" on her clipboard, setting up a creepy horror-themed adventure game. Expect lots of puzzles, dead drops, and creepy sound effects.


Alison Ester has been asked to work on the renovation site of a former asylum. She must find what forced workers to stop the renovation. They're frightened by this "haunted" place. She didn't know there would be an even more frightening discovery . . . Alison Ester, insurance investigator, is responsible for leading the investigation in a dilapidated asylum with a grave and mysterious past. Explore the ruins of the building in search of information. Make your way through the debris. Move forward in the asylum's basements, and discover disturbing locals.

Deadly Puzzles

Hidden object games aren't my cup of tea, but if you like the blend, give Deadly Puzzles a try. It's got the usual "spot the badger" gameplay, but the hand-drawn art and overarching story about the hunt for a serial killer are interesting. It's free to download and try, but the full game will cost you five bucks via a single in-app purchase.


Deadly Puzzles: Toymaker is an adventure game that blends together elements of both psychological and crime thrillers, aimed at fans of hidden object games. A quiet town is shaken by a series of murders. The victims are all young women and the killer remains at large. The local media nicknames the murderer the “Toymaker”, in reference to his grim calling card: the bizarre toys he leaves at the scene of the crime.


Satis-Factory is a board game at heart, halfway between Risk and Plague Inc. Aliens are incubating a plague in mankind - you have to stop the invaders and the disease, and you can recruit your friends for some co-op action. Interestingly, the developer has implemented Chromecast functionality for sending your game to your TV. A $2 in-app purchase removes ads.


An alien entity appeared in orbit. Scientists quickly learned it is using the human population to incubate a toxic compound they call Satis. Attacks against the entity have failed, however a global effort is underway to develop an alien-ending Weapon. Meanwhile, focused endeavors have been able to slow or sometimes stop Satis generation within individual population centers.


If Fruit Ninja was made into a more conventional fighting game, it might look a lot like the oddly-titled Obslashin. There's no direct control of your fuzzy fighter, you just tap the area of the screen where you want it to slash next. Upgrades to your weapons, spells, and equipment keep the simple structure going in a sort of quasi-roguelike way. Free with in-app purchases for currency.


Hack away at endless enemy hordes in Obslashin', the compulsive combat clicker. Slash through bosses, crash through barrels, and loot everything you can as you delve into the deepest dungeons. Upgrade your arsenal and level-up to make it further than any hero before.

  • Compulsive Combat - Fast, fresh, and incredibly satisfying. Watch the kill-count mount as you tear through millions of mobs.
  • Endless Gameplay - Every level promises more danger...and better rewards. See how deep you can go and how much you can discover.
  • Boss Battles - Prepare your hero for some truly harrowing, old-school boss-battles, each with their own deadly special abilities.

One More Line

OK, this one is really hard to describe: you control a rainbow cursor that can only change direction with a grappling hook and blows up if it hits a dot. (Just watch the video, please.) People who love fast-paced and frustrating titles should get a kick out of One More Line - it's challenging without being impossible.


ONE MORE LINE is a highly addictive, one button, space disco, skill timing game.

0h h1

This seems like the sort of game that Vulcans would enjoy. Tap a block to change its color from red to blue. Fill up the grid with tiles, making sure that in each horizontal and vertical row there are no runs of three adjacent red or blue squares. That's fairly easy in the smaller grids, but blast it up to a 10x10 playing field and things get tricky. 0h h1 is free with no in-app purchases.


0h h1 is a little logic game that follows three simple rules:

  • Three red tiles or three blue tiles next to each other in a row or column isn't allowed
  • A full row or column must have as many blue tiles as it has red ones.
  • No two rows are the same. No two columns either.

Simply tap a tile to make it red or blue and complete the grid.

Notebook Wars Saga

Imagine a top-down bullet-hell shooter that plays out on a fifth-grader's Algebra One note paper, and you've got Notebook Wars saga. This is an adaptation of a browser game, and a little less than two bucks gets you the full experience with no in-app purchases.


Notebook Wars Saga is taking the term “Shock and Awe” and turning it into “Shock and Draw” in a major way. This amazing notebook scrolling war game turns one kid’s notebook into the battlefield whereby all future wars will be fought. The brilliant creative team and professional developer of Notebook Wars Saga offer you HUGE LEVELS, amazing hand drawn graphics, fantastic game play, and awesome effects all in one phenomenal notebook shooter game that you won’t want to put down.

Pixel Band

What if Guitar Hero was made in 1991? It would look (and sound) something like Pixel Band. There's not much to it: just tap the correct button in time to the music, and score higher to unlock various novelty bands. A $1 in-app purchase will remove the ads, otherwise the game is free.


This Halloween, Imperious Interactive presents to you, PIXEL BAND. Jam to some amazing music with the best bands in this classic high scoring arcade game. Pixel Band is a classic arcade style, fun filled, fast paced exciting free casual high scoring game. Easy to learn, but tough to master.

  • Classic pixel art
  • Play as much as you want for free.
  • Unlock your favorite bands and jam to unique music tracks.
  • Play exciting music in different venues every time you play the game.
  • Master your skills and fight for the top ranks among the elites in the world.
  • Google play services integrated so that you can stay connected every game.

Ironkill: Robot Fighting Game

Real robots vacuum our floors, build our cars, and dispose of bombs. But fictional robots live only to destroy (which I guess is kinda coming true, with military drones?), and it's more fun when they do it to other robots. This is a really simple fighting game with some interesting anime-style character designs and decent 3D graphics. Beware of gratuitous midriff and in-app purchases.


Build. Fight. Destroy. Ironkill is a Robot-versus-Robot fighting game that puts the player in control of a mechanical warrior fighting to become the unchallenged champion of the Ironkill leagues. In this world of warriors, only a talented contender can move from continent to continent, with a roster of robots; always building, modifying and improving to defeat all competition. Featuring Facebook social connectivity, the gamers will be able to race against their friends on the Ironkill World Map.

Snake Defender

What if Snake was an RPG? Then it wouldn't be Snake... but it would be this oddity of a title, which attempts to give the simple game a little bit of sci-fi trimming. Your Snake can shoot lasers at bad guys in a twin-stick shooter style (though the shooting itself is automated), and advancing through levels and planets will get you points for various upgrades.


Remember childhood game - snake? Now imagine that it turned into a RPG, with enemies and the goal to aim for. And it is now on your device. Snake Defender - a unique implementation of the snake for Android in a completely new format. You will enjoy a long campaign in 10 missions, different types of enemies, 3 game modes (Career, classic mode, endless mode with enemies) and rpg-elements.



The journey of Alvin: road-app

The Journey of Alvin is a game (sort of) designed specifically for pre-school age kids. There's a basic story about a road trip on a tractor, but most of it's just a framing device for a bunch of barely-interactive vignettes. It looks like fun for kids with a lot of low-level content, but there's not much there for adults.


An interactive story with which you can accompany Alvin, riding his old mower, willing to travel 400 miles to be reunited with his brother. We believed that many of the values in the original story –the long journey an old man on his old riding mower in order to visit his brother– could be present in our history and that could be told to a child.


Etherlords is your standard creature collector with a dual focus on PVP multiplayer and creating your own stages. The lightning-fast three-on-three fights are engaging, but you can bet that it ultimately boils down to either who has the rock-paper-scissors type advantage or who's at a higher level. And a PVP-focused game doesn't mix well with a free-to-play model dialed up to the max.


Incredibly addictive gameplay, absolutely breathtaking experience, epic 3D battles and totally awesome creatures - get ready to go. Collect and fuse creatures and fight for your world or conquer others’. Create entire worlds and feed them to your creatures. Entire worlds are dying after the Cataclysm. Discover their secrets to learn the truth about what really had happened. Beat your opponent in just 60 sec - faster than making a cup of coffee.


Darkness Reborn

At first glance Darkness Reborn looks like your typical top-down dungeon crawler, but the developers seem to have put a lot of working to making it fast-paced, like a more recent console action game. The graphics and dark fantasy style aren't bad either, and you can team up with two others for dungeon raiding or VS battles. Too bad it's published by Gamevil, which never met a mobile game that wasn't improved by a $99.99 in-app purchase.


Shatter the darkness. A world swallowed by chaos and pandemonium. A knight cursed by a dragon's evil. Become a warrior and face the wrath of the Cursed Knight. Journey into the darkness, band together with friends, and conquer the Rift Bosses. Create the ultimate warrior, dominate dynamic PvP battles, and compete against other guilds.

• Defeat other players in live 3 v 3 combat and climb the ranks
• Team up with friends and raid the World Boss in parties of up to 6
• Delve into dungeons together with your allies
• Customize your hero with thousands of items
• Challenge yourself with hundreds of achievements
• Instantly boost your power and speed with RAGE.

WTF Game(s) Of The Week




CaniBalls >>> a little WTF game that does not take itself too seriously .!. Stay alive by dodging balls and bite them for more points .!.

- A ridiculously small game;
- A quirky humor;
- Do you really need more ;)

- A game with no future ;)

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