Unified Remote gives your PC the TV treatment, letting you control it from afar with just the right blend of convenience and laziness that have turned us into the society that we are. Its developers have created a solid app, and they're not wasting any time making sure it looks up-to-date.

Version 3.1 preps Unified Remote with those touches of Material Design that should make it feel more at home on a device running Lollipop. Below you can see shots of the new menu button, a side panel that pulls out on top of the action bar, and a floating action button.

Screenshot_2014-11-19-23-09-35 Screenshot_2014-11-19-23-09-27 Screenshot_2014-11-19-23-09-02

In the last screenshot, you see Unified Remote's new Screen remote, which can show live video (albeit choppily) and function like a remote desktop. You tap on the mouse to click, and you can zoom using the + and - buttons (pinch-to-zoom doesn't work yet).

Screen, as the feature is called, requires server beta (version 3), which you can get from the developer's website. The available remotes master list resides on the server and gets synced to the clients once a connection is established. The feature won't work with any older versions of the Android app.

In short, you need to update both the client and server end of things for this to work. The widgets below can help with that.