If you don't use any language with a non-Latin alphabet, you've probably seen at least one of Google's alternative language keyboards and promptly dismissed it. But for a huge portion of Android's userbase, those things are essential tools for daily interaction. Today almost every one of Google's customized input/keyboard apps has been given a major update: Google Hindi Input, Google Japanese Input, Google Korean Input, Google Pinyin Input, and Google Zhuyin Input.

Screenshot_2014-11-05-20-09-06 Screenshot_2014-11-05-20-15-55

Old on the left, new on the right.

To be honest, none of us at Android Police have need for any of those, so we're not the best to comment on what's been changed or improved. But even with our limited experience, we know that users will appreciate the interface overhaul. These keyboards haven't just been updated to the Material Design standard, there are two themes for each, plus two of the older Holo color schemes for those who feel more comfortable with them. The general settings seem to have been expanded to meet (and in some places exceed) the standard set by Google's English keyboard.

Screenshot_2014-11-05-20-07-29 Screenshot_2014-11-05-20-07-34 Screenshot_2014-11-05-20-07-40

Compare the previous options for Hindi, above, with the new options, below. Hindi has apparently been upgraded with handwriting input, something that wasn't available in the Google app before (though other Google input apps did have the option).

Screenshot_2014-11-05-20-14-32 Screenshot_2014-11-05-20-14-46 Screenshot_2014-11-05-20-15-00

Screenshot_2014-11-05-20-15-08 Screenshot_2014-11-05-20-15-18 Screenshot_2014-11-05-20-15-24

There's even a "Show app icon" option so you don't clutter up your app drawer. Nice.


Settings for each input will vary based on the app and the language, but it's safe to say that all of them have been given a dramatic update. There is one notable exception: Google Cantonese Input. For some reason that app has been left in the dust. Other users can check the links to the Play Store below. APK Mirror also has copies in case the rollout is slow.

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