Beep. You're so popular, you got another new message. Buzz. I just found some stories for you to read about the latest -gate everyone is talking about. Beep. Your friends think your latest Instagram selfie is dashin', I told you that Valencia filter cleaned out your face nicely. Buzz. Beep. Buzz. If you don't mind this notification overload and want to see more of them, everywhere on your phone, then NotifWidget is for you.

After granting it access to your notifications, NotifWidget allows you to place a widget on your homescreen, lockscreen, or Daydream, with all of your latest alerts. You know, just in case dropping down that top bar is too much work for your finger. Alright, I'll tone down the cynicism. There should be real uses for an app like this, especially when you want to see whether the latest beep you heard deserves your attention right away or not. After all, I use an LG G Watch for that same purpose.

Back to NotifWidget, you'll be able to customize the way the widget looks on your lockscreen and homescreen (not on Daydream though, from what I could see). There are various options for displaying the clock, changing the background color, and a few notification-specific features like adding the "Clear All" button and allowing expanded notifications. When that last one is enabled, all actionable notifications will appear expanded by default and you'll be able to tap any button to execute its corresponding action. I tested it with a few music players, Gmail, and a work tracking app I use called At Work. As for dismissing a notification, a tap on its left side icon should take care of that.

NotifWidget comes to us courtesy of Christian Göllner, the same man behind the flashing tool for root users Flashify and the beautiful cloud storage utility Unclouded. It costs $1.26 in the Play Store, and although a few users are reporting some crashes, Christian has been quick to publish updates to the app.