Those few Android developers and other fanatics who got a pricey Golden Ticket to Google I/O are the first to experience Android TV, thanks to the ADT-1 developer set-top boxes that were distributed at the show. They get to try out all the cool new Android TV apps months before everyone else. Except today - today, AOL allows those users to feel solidarity with everyone else, because there are new apps that they can't play with. For some reason.

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AOL published both AOL On and HuffPost Live for Android TV to the Play Store, marked as incompatible with everything including the ADT-1. The former is a general portal for AOL's streaming video properties, including a few social-minded original news shows and some bargain bin streaming movies. HuffPost Live is a catch-all for the omnibus of videos for the various Huffington Post news sites, owned by AOL. There's a Google TV version of the app as well. Based on the description and screenshots, both apps look like pretty standard video fare - nothing you couldn't get on, say, Roku or Chromecast.


Why these Android TV apps aren't actually compatible with Android TV, such as it is, is something of a mystery. It could just be a mistake on the part of the developers - this is an ecosystem in beta, after all. We're expecting the formal Android TV launch later this year, possibly around the same time that new devices and a shiny new version of Android are due.