You probably know Squarespace as a paid what-you-see-is-what-you-get website creator, which is the main focus of the product. But the company has been working on a few mobile apps as of late, and today two of them are available on Android. Well, they were available before, but now you can use them without having to go through the somewhat convoluted Google+ beta community system. Meet Squarespace Blog and Squarespace Note.

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Blog is basically Squarespace's oh-so-pretty version of the official WordPress app. It lets you log into any Squarespace account or site to add textual posts or edit the ones you've already completed. You can also manage the comments on your site, for the inevitable spam attack that you'll get on Squarespace's relatively unregulated commenting system. (Or maybe they've fixed that in the 2+ years since I left the platform.) The app is free, and extremely, uh, white, and you'll need a paid or trial Squarespace account to use it.

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Note is more or less exactly what it sounds like: a notation app. Record a few sentences and maybe snap a photo, and it will be synced to Squarespace, Evernote, Dropbox, or Google Drive, or just send the notes to your email address. The interface is intentionally minimal: type and swipe up or down to sync, or swipe to the left to select your service. There's also a "night mode" dark theme available by shaking the device. Notes aren't actually saved locally, so you won't be able to retrieve previous entries without a data connection. Note is free and does not require a Squarespace account.

Squarespace has also released Metrics and Portfolio apps for iOS, but they don't seem to be coming any time soon. The old Squarespace app, which was basically a simpler version of Blog, is no longer available.