September was an unusually good month for high-end Android games, especially those that are ported or simultaneously released on other platforms. The latest entry in the Anomaly series is sure to please tower defense fans, Mage Gauntlet will make action RPG players happy, the original Dragon Quest is available for those who appreciate the classics, and the much-loved Goat Simulator is there for... well, for gamers who like goats, I suppose. Here in no particular order are our picks for the best games of September, along some notable extras.


Anomaly Defenders

Android Police coverage: Anomaly Defenders Arrives On Android To Finish Out The Anomaly Series By Going Back To Its Tower Defense Roots

The Anomaly series is much-loved thanks to its reverse tower defense gameplay and stupendous production value. The latest entry turns things around, letting you play from the aliens' perspective in a more conventional tower defense setting. The usual genre standards are here: try to make the incoming forces walk a wobbly path in between as many upgradeable towers as possible. Anomaly Defenders is a reasonable $4 with no in-app purchases.


Anomaly Defenders is a fast-paced Tower Defense game where attacking human troops can damage and destroy your defenses. You have to react and counterattack enemies on the battlefield at all times. Each time you start a campaign, the unique tech-tree technologies can be tailored to your needs. Killing humans is easier due to 8 upgradable towers and special functions: repair your towers, make them go berserk, sacrifice them in explosions that are harmful to nasty humans, and use other tricks.

Goat Simulator

Android Police coverage: [MMMBBBAAA] Goat Simulator Arrives On Android In All Its Buggy, Insane, Physics-Defying Glory

The king of kook, the duke of deranged, the national champion of nonsensical, Goat Simulator is simultaneously a free-roaming absurdity of a game and a conceptual rebuke of the Boring Stuff Simulator 2014 genre. It became a surprise hit when it was released on PC, and the mobile edition includes the same goaty goodness. You play as a goat exploring and destroying a small town, opening up crazy combos and new skins. The Android version doesn't have the same scope or graphics of the PC version, but it's still crazy, stupid fun.


Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to YOU. You no longer have to fantasize about being a goat, your dreams have finally come true. Disclaimer: Goat Simulator is a completely stupid game and, to be honest, you should probably spend your money on something else, such as a hula hoop, a pile of bricks, or maybe pool your money together with your friends and buy a real goat.

  • You can be a goat
  • Get points for wrecking stuff - brag to your friends that you're the alpha goat
  • MILLIONS OF BUGS. We're only eliminating the crash-bugs, everything else is hilarious and we're keeping it
  • In-game physics that spazz out all the time
  • Seriously look at that goat's neck
  • You can be a goat


Android Police coverage: Stylish Stealth Platformer CounterSpy Mixes Metroid And Metal Gear Solid In A Cold War Caricature

CounterSpy is an intriguing little console port, a game that combines the 2D platforming elements of Metroid with the sneaky-sneaky gameplay of Metal Gear, all in a shiny 60s Cold War aesthetic. Though the main game takes place on the 2D plane, your character shifts into a 3rd-person perspective while in cover for some 2D shooting. The visuals are great and the various military industrial environments are procedurally-generated. This $5 title has no ads or in-app purchases.


Stop a crazed superpower from launching deadly nuclear missiles in this action stealth side-scrolling game set during the Cold War. As a budding Agent for C.O.U.N.T.E.R, jump into action, stealthily sabotage dastardly plans and deceptively maintain world peace. CounterSpy™ is packed with slick, stylized visuals that capture the spirit and feel of the era complementing equally smooth side‐scrolling cover‐based shooting gameplay.

Mage Gauntlet

Android Police coverage: Noodlecake Updates Wayward Souls With Controller Support, And Ports Its Predecessor Mage Gauntlet To Android

Mage Gauntlet comes from the same developer and publisher as Wayward Souls, despite being released earlier on iOS. After playing both quite a lot, I prefer the older game: it keeps the excellent controls and upgrade system from Souls, but with a world and story that's closer to a classic Zelda entry. The fact that it's much easier doesn't hurt. With an interesting tale and a big world, it's an easy recommendation at a discounted $2, even with a few sparse in-app purchases for super-powered "cheat" items.


Mage Gauntlet is a classic-style action-RPG, designed from the ground up for mobile. It's inspired primarily by 90's action RPGs for the Super Nintendo, such as Legend of Zelda: LTTP and Secret of Mana. We wanted to make a fast-paced RPG that doesn't waste your time with fetch quests. Fight and explore your way through a humorous storyline about eccentric wizards, powerful artifacts, and dangerous monsters. Find items to customize your character's strengths and weaknesses.

Spider-Man Unlimited

Android Police coverage: The New Cel-Shaded 'Spider-Man Unlimited' Endless Runner May Be A Gameloft Game, But Boy Is It Pretty

Gameloft's lack of creativity... uh, yet another licensed endless runner... sorry, it's hard to keep up my Gameloft cynicism because this game is freakin' gorgeous. The cel-shaded graphics in this Spider-Man endless runner make the characters and enemies pop off the screen, and dedicated Spidey fans will appreciate the comic book presentation and 4 different costumes from all over Marvel's various universes. Of course, it's still a lane-based endless runner with lots of IAP.


Swing into a hand-drawn, action-packed arcade adventure game that feels like it came straight from the Marvel comics. Unite every hero in the Spider-Verse against the ultimate threat. Recruit an army of Spider-Men to combat the new Sinister Six, who have opened a dimensional portal in New York to summon endless versions of themselves. The Sinister Six are moving from dimension to dimension, destroying each one. Now ours is fighting to survive.

The Nightmare Cooperative

Android Police coverage: The Nightmare Cooperative Is A $3.99 Roguelike Adventure That Isn't For The Faint Of Heart

Most roguelikes go for the standard high fantasy setting. Not The Nightmare Cooperative: this game leverages the inherent scare factor of permanent death with a much creepier feel. It's also got a few puzzle mechanics, because the titular monsters will all move at the same time across the grid-based playing field. Your party of terrified adventurers does likewise. This title comes from Lucky Frame, the same developer who created the unconventional Gentlemen and Bad Hotel.


Play The Nightmare Cooperative now - it's a strategic adventure where you lead a group of unlikely comrades through some rather difficult situations. Your village has fallen on hard times (due to reckless spending by the Village Council) and it’s up to you to bring back some gold. The Nightmare Cooperative is a puzzley roguelike. You control a group of characters, each with different special abilities. The trick? They all move together, as a group. Something of a cooperative, if you catch the drift.


Android Police coverage: Square Enix Brings The Original Dragon Quest To Android - Kill All The Slimes You Want For $2.99

The original Dragon Quest (or Dragon Warrior) came out way back in 1986. Maybe that's why the Android re-release is considerably cheaper than other Square Enix games, despite being equipped with a re-done vertical interface. The original DQ game has a lot of the hallmarks of the classic Japanese RPGs (because it helped create them): turn-based combat, an overworld map, and a complex story with a ton of characters. Look out for Square's generally poor support.


Originally released as Dragon Warrior, you can now experience the classic retro RPG experience that swept up millions of Japanese players back in the Eighties...and never let go. Become the descendant of the legendary hero Erdrick, and embark on an epic journey through the historic realm of Alefgard, tackling fearsome foes and perplexing puzzles on your way to the dread Dragonlord’s lair.

Honorable Mentions

We're entering the pre-Christmas season, which is the prime time for triple-A releases on PC and consoles. Whether or not that will follow for mobile games is a bit up in the air, but at least it means you'll have some alternatives if October turns out to be light in terms of Android releases. Goat Simulator should last you at least 80 hours, according to one reliable source.