TiVo customers are accustomed to convenience. That's the fundamental premise behind recording TV shows for later, after all. Sure, it sucks to miss a show because it came on during a time when you were busy, but that's more of an annoyance than a problem. The latest version of the Android app addresses a similar annoyance--being restricted to whichever room the big screen is in. After quite a wait, customers are now free to stream TiVo content and live TV directly to their mobile devices.


The app lets users switch back and forth between the TV and a phone with a single button press. It also works on tablets, with the company depreciating its previous separate app to consolidate support for both form factors into one. The functionality is enhanced by the option to pull up more information on whatever's currently playing. To make things even more convenient, the app works away from home. This is what luxury feels like.

Source: TiVo blog